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Girls birthday cake

Cakes for girls on their birthday can be completely different, they are made from meringue, marshmallow, ordinary sponge cakes, decorated with chocolate pieces, pieces of berries and fruit, use mastic or frosting. We will describe an interesting way of making dessert, which can be served on a festive table, this cake will be great and very beautiful.

When we present children’s holiday cakes, a picture of high desserts decorated with various figures involuntarily is drawn before our eyes. If the dessert is baked for a girl, then it is performed in the form of a princess or castle, decorated with unusual figurines made of mastic, and also use only the brightest shades of cream.

Below we look at how to cook the most simple dessert, without applying mastic.

Beautiful cake for the holiday table


  • good quality margarine — 195 grams;
  • fat cream for cream — 550 grams;
  • any sour cream in the dough — 3 spoons;
  • small meringues (sold in stores) — 20 pieces;
  • sugar in the dough — 1.5 cups;
  • good butter — 1 spoon;
  • granulated sugar in cream — 2 glasses;
  • chicken eggs — 3 pieces;
  • flour of the 1st grade — 6-8 spoons;
  • baking powder — 2 sachets;
  • any fresh berries are different — 230 grams.

Dough preparation:

  1. Before you prepare a cake for children’s birthday photo for girls, you need to knead the dough from which the cake layers will be baked. For this, margarine is first taken, it is softened and mixed with sugar. It is very important to grind these products so that they form a single mass.
  2. Chicken eggs are added and mixed again. In addition to the composition pour sour cream, pour baking powder and the required amount of flour. After mixing, you should get a rather steep dough, which is perfectly wrinkled with your hands.
  3. This cake can be prepared from both biscuit and sand cakes, in this case it is the second option that is used. The finished dough is divided into seven equal pieces, and then roll the blanks of the same shape, and bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes.
  4. Prepared cakes are placed on a dish and allowed to cool for a while. When the base is cooled, it is cut exactly on a platter, so that the finished cake is perfectly even in shape.

Preparation of cream:

  1. Any children’s birthday cakes for girls (photos) without mastic will be delicious, if properly soaked them with cream. The selection of sour cream will play a very important role here. It is best to use sour cream with a fat content of twenty percent.
  2. More than half a kilogram of the product is mixed with two cups of granulated sugar, and then the mass is whipped with a mixer until it becomes luxuriant. If you wish, you can pour a few grams of vanilla powder into the finished cream.

Form the dessert:

  1. To shape the dessert, it is necessary to prepare in advance a large flat dish, which will put the cake. First put the first round base, it is smeared with a layer of sweet cream, and then put a second layer of short pastry. Thus, the cake is harvested until all the cakes and cream are gone. The result is a fairly high holiday dessert.
  2. Now we need a small meringue, with its help make out the cake on the edge, if you want, you can buy more of this decoration, and use it to decorate the sides of the dessert. Spread different types of berries upstairs, it is best to use a combination of raspberries, strawberries and blueberries.
  3. As soon as the cake is ready, it is sent to the refrigerator chamber so that the sand cakes are well soaked with sour cream. Next, the delicacy is cut into portions and served to the table.

Beautiful cake with mastic decoration

Mastic is a very easy to use and beautiful material with which you can decorate a cake. Cooking mastic is not at all difficult, and the dessert, decorated with this material, looks beautiful and festive. From mastic make beautiful figures, jewelry and inscriptions.

You can consider the options for beautiful birthday cakes for girls in the photo, many of them have bright decorations of mastic.


  • chicken egg — 4 pieces;
  • Marshmallow Marshmallow — 325 grams;
  • powder from sugar — 245 grams;
  • butter good butter — 195 grams;
  • granulated sugar — 245 grams;
  • lemon juice — 1 spoon;
  • Flour 1 grade — 260 grams;
  • condensed milk — 1 can;
  • baking powder — 1 pack;
  • liquid food dyes — as needed.

Knead the dough and bake cakes:

  1. First we need the yolks of eggs, they are mixed with sugar, and then they are combined with whipped whites to make a fluffy mass. Add baking powder and flour to this mass, and then knead a homogeneous dough of medium thickness.
  2. After the dough is mixed, you can start baking the usual classic dessert. To do this, take a deep baking dish, grease with butter and pour ready mass into the container. Baking is done in the oven at a temperature of 180 degrees. Takes a process of at least 45 minutes. During this time, the biscuit will increase in size and become fluffy. The finished base is cooled on a lattice.

Cooking cream:

  1. For a cake that will be decorated with mastic, it is better to use butter cream. It is very simple to prepare such a basis; they put condensed milk and a pack of butter in a bowl.
  2. You can use only high quality oil. Products beat up to a uniform consistence. After that, you can immediately grease cakes with this cream, as well as smear the sides and top of the dessert.

Making mastic:

  1. Mastic from marshmallow is prepared in a few minutes, for this purpose marshmallow is taken and transferred to a bowl, lemon juice is also poured there. The resulting mixture is sent to the microwave, and then start the device for 25 seconds. The treat increases in size by three times.
  2. The marshmallow mass is taken out and the dye is dropped there. The ingredients are mixed, gradually adding sugar powder to them. The result is a rather steep consistency that is easy to mold. This cake is covered with mastic, you can also make figures or three-dimensional letters out of it.

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