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Gingerbread cake with sour cream

Sometimes it happens that there is nothing at home for tea, and I really want sweets. Here, recipes for various cakes will come to the rescue, but there is not always time to bake and assemble desserts.

Therefore, we will present to the hostesses a cake of gingerbread with sour cream, according to a simple recipe, in which there is no need to use the oven. Suffice it to stand dessert for some time in the refrigerator and the delicacy is ready.

There are several options for making such a delicacy, one cake includes sour cream and bananas in its recipe, the other may contain peaches, pineapples or fresh strawberries. If desired, a delicacy can be supplemented with walnuts and coconut chips, chocolate glaze is often used as decoration. The basis is always taken soft and fresh gingerbread, but they can be different, for example, regular, chocolate or vanilla.

Below are the options for making such a dessert according to several recipes.

Chocolate gingerbread dessert


  • powdered sugar — 0.5 cups;
  • fat sour cream — 530 ml;
  • soft chocolate gingerbread — 510 grams;
  • bitter chocolate — 1 tile;
  • large bananas — 2 pieces;
  • walnuts — 65 grams;
  • cocoa powder — 35 grams.

Cooking dessert:

First, we start preparing gingerbread for a cake made from gingerbread with sour cream and banana, according to the recipe presented. To do this, the product is cut into two parts, some hostesses prefer to simply cut off the tops of gingerbread to get a smooth round billet.

Also pre-cleaned bananas and cut them with thick rings.

Now peeled walnuts are taken, they are dried a little in the pan, and then crushed with a rolling pin, but you should not make a crumb out of nuts. The icing sugar is mixed in a bowl with fat sour cream, it is better to use a fatty product, to make the cream whisk better, and then the souffle will solidify well.

The process of forming the cake:

We need a container for making a cake, it is covered with cling film so that the cream does not leak out. Also, the film is necessary to make it easier to get a treat from the container. Prepared slices of gingerbread dipped alternately in the ready sour cream.

Next, the blank is sent to the form, and the gingerbread is laid so that there are no empty spaces between them. If necessary, the pieces simply break open and fill the voids with them.

On gingerbread products with cream the layer from bananas keeps within, further it is necessary to repeat procedure with gingerbread pieces.

Thus, we collect the cake until all the gingerbread has run out, the last layer should consist of gingerbread circles.

When bananas are laid out before the last gingerbread layer, they are sprinkled with crushed nuts. If in the family this product is very much loved, then their number doubles.

Ready cake put on all night in the fridge, but if time is short, then a couple of hours is enough. As soon as sour cream souffle will harden well, you can remove the cake from the gingerbread with sour cream, according to the specified recipe from the photo, from the refrigerator chamber.

Top dessert sprinkled with cocoa powder first, and rubbed on top of dark chocolate.

Gingerbread cake with strawberries


  • dark cakes — 610 grams;
  • sour cream fat from 25% — 545 ml;
  • vanilla powder — 1 pack;
  • ripe strawberries — 310 grams;
  • granulated sugar — 140 grams.


Before describing the process of making this dessert, it is worthwhile to dwell on such an ingredient as granulated sugar. Not many people like to use this product in sweet desserts, so it can be easily replaced with honey.

It is worth noting that honey is sweeter, therefore it is necessary to put less.

Now you can take gingerbread products, they are cut into three parts along to get three round billet. Such blanks are cleaned to the side, and in the meantime they are engaged in strawberries.

The berries are washed, and then remove the tails and cut into halves. You can leave a few fruits to decorate the dessert.

Preparation of cream:

Preparing the cream, for this sugar or honey mixed with sour cream, you can only use a thick and fatty product. The ingredients are whipped with a whisk, and then a pack of vanilla powder is added to them.

All mixed and begin preparing the form.

Gingerbread cake with sour cream according to the recipe from the video is collected in the form or directly on a large plate. If the form is used, it is pre-covered with cling film. First, a layer of gingerbread is placed in the shape, on top of all smeared with a thick creamy mass of sour cream and covered with strawberry slices.

Then the layers are repeated until the gingerbread pieces are the last. All watered with the remnants of the cream and cleaned in the refrigerator chamber.

The finished dessert is removed from the refrigerator compartment after a couple of hours, pieces of berries are laid out on the surface of the cake, and the cake is poured with melted chocolate. Serve a treat for tea or cocoa.

Oat gingerbread cake with kiwi and bananas


  • oat gingerbread — 455 grams;
  • granulated sugar — 3 large spoons;
  • Kiwi and banana — 3 pieces each;
  • fat sour cream — 515 ml;
  • walnuts — 65 grams.


  1. The first step is preparing the gingerbread, they are cut into two halves. It is necessary to use only fresh products. It is also worth peeling kiwi and bananas, and then cut them into circles.
  2. You can make a cream, for this sugar is whipped with sour cream to the thickness, thus we get sour cream for cake impregnation. It should be noted that the cream should not be too sweet, as the gingerbread has sugar. If you overdo it with sugar, then the dessert will come out too sweet. For molding the cake is better to take the form, but if it is not, then a regular saucepan pa a couple of liters.
  3. At the very bottom they begin to lay out the pieces of gingerbread, which they had previously put in sour cream. Each gingerbread layer alternates with slices of kiwi and banana. On the surface you can put a plate and put the goods. After a couple of hours, the dessert will be ready, decorated with melted chocolate or icing, as well as fresh berries and pieces of fruit.

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