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French macaroni cookies: recipes with photos in the oven

Refined and incredibly tasty French macaroon according to the classic recipe is prepared on the basis of almond flour. On the territory where they were invented, macaroons are sold everywhere.

And the most delicious desserts can be tasted in the Laduree pastry shop.

But if you want to try the sweet cookies with unusual fillings, you should go to Pierre Hermeté’s Picasso of Confectionery, who is not just called a taste wizard and the best in his business. Every year, he invents new combinations for pasta with hints of grapefruit and cloves, anise and saffron, lime and cucumber.

Masterpiece desserts with spices, flower aromas, fruit and fruit annually replenish new collections of the most delicious and tender dessert. It is thanks to the work of Erme everyone can try something new and unusual.

French macaroni cookies with vanilla

French pasta is called that way, and not somehow otherwise. But they are often referred to as Makarons, Makarun or Macaroni, which is an erroneous name.

Unique cookies do not require special pastry skills and can be made at home. The classic recipe involves the use of two variants of powder in the same proportions. You can choose the filling from any cream, but chocolate ganache is considered the easiest to prepare.

Also, if desired, macaroni can be smeared with any favorite jam or even condensed milk, and coconut chips or even chocolate pieces can be mixed into the dough.

Ingredients for the dough:

  • powdered sugar — 250 g;
  • almond powder (flour) — 250 g;
  • egg whites — 90 g + 90 g;
  • cane sugar — 250 g;
  • filtered water — 75 ml.

Ingredients for light ganache:

  • high fat cream (33-35%) — 75 ml;
  • white chocolate — 150 g;
  • butter — 1 tsp

Ingredients for dark ganache:

  • cream of high fat content — 75 ml;
  • dark chocolate bitter — 100 g;
  • butter — 1 tsp


We sift both powders through a fine sieve to obtain a free-flowing bulk material. It is especially important to make it with almond flour, so that the French pastry “Macaroni” should be smoother and more tender.

Weighing bulk products is best already in sifted form for greater accuracy.

Mix the ingredients together, and then add half of the egg white, leaving the rest to whisk. Stir until a smooth sugar-almond paste is obtained.

We turn to the preparation of Italian meringue. To do this, dilute the sugar with filtered cold water and set on moderate heat.

Regularly interfere with the spatula, not allowing to stick to the container.

When the syrup starts to gurgle, we begin to beat the rest of the cooled proteins at a slow speed, and after a couple of minutes we switch the mixer to fast mode.

Remove the dishes from the heat and introduce the syrup in a thin stream to the squirrels without stopping the beating process. In this case, the speed must be transferred to the average one, allowing the mass to slightly increase in volume and completely turn white.

It is necessary to turn off the equipment and allow the meringue to cool. Then turn on the mixer again and beat in a thick foam until bird’s beaks.

When the protein will freeze on the fingers in this form, you can stop the process of beating.

The resulting mass is introduced into the almond paste in three stages. Stir quickly, but gently and slowly.

The result will be an unusual volatile air mixture.

We shift it into a pastry bag with a round nozzle and squeeze the half of the macaroni french pastry on a baking tray. We try to make them the same and leave space between them. We make a deposit on silicone or any other baking mat.

You can use ordinary thick parchment paper.

Then several times strictly vertically we toss the baking sheet three centimeters above the working surface and put it on the table. This will help to leave excess air bubbles and make the dessert surface smoother.

Leave the billet alone for 15-30 minutes and preheat the oven to 150 degrees. During this time, the French pastry «Macaroni» should grab a little and will not stick to it when pressed with a finger.

We send dessert to the oven, close the door and lower the temperature to 140 degrees. Bake them should be no more than 10 minutes.

In the sixth minute, the baking tray should be removed and turned over so that all halves are baked evenly.

When ready, you should immediately pull the mat with the dessert onto the work surface from the pan so that they begin to cool at room temperature.

At this time, you can do cooking ganache. It is prepared on the same principle for two choices of chocolate.

To do this, warm the cream over moderate heat and remove from heat. Add the chocolate divided into small squares into them, and knead with a whisk or spatula until completely dissolved.

Enter the butter and stir until dissolved.

Pour the homogeneous mixture into a separate dish. It can be made in any color using your favorite syrup or food coloring.

To dark brown ganache was especially fragrant, you can add a little favorite liqueur or brandy.

When the filling has cooled down a bit, we put it in a pastry bag and squeeze it onto the French Macaroons in a small amount and strictly in the middle. Then we cover the second half and press down slightly to evenly distribute the cream.

Do the same with the second version of the filling. Finished products are best kept in a refrigerator in tightly closed plastic or cardboard packaging.

Almond flour at home

When you really want to cook a unique French dessert «Pasta» with a variety of fillings and dyes, but the flour is not obtained, you can cook it at home. Of course, it will be significantly inferior to the purchase, but the taste of an elegant delicacy will not make it worse.



  1. Almonds dipped in hot water for literally one minute, and then discarded in a colander.
  2. Steamed skin will easily lag behind nuts, so they will be very easy to peel. To do this, slightly press it and the almond will jump out.
  3. If necessary, soak nuts with a towel to get rid of excess moisture. Then send in the oven, heated to 80 degrees. Almonds will be dried for about half an hour. In the process you need to mix it so that it warms up evenly. This should be done every 7-10 minutes.
  4. Ready almonds poured into a combine with sharp blades, which are close to the bottom. Otherwise, you will have to regularly stop the equipment and mix with a spatula to grind everything evenly.
  5. Turn the harvester or blender on and off every 5-10 seconds until the nuts turn into crumb. The main thing in this business is not to overdo it. In the almond flour from which the French Macaroni is to be made, small uncrushed pieces should be present. Otherwise, the almonds will begin to give butter, and therefore can spoil the wonderful cakes with bitterness.
  6. Sift the resulting powder, and send the rest to the combine and grind it again according to the previous scheme. Then again pass through a sieve. Do this until the minimum amount of crumb remains. At this stage it is necessary to stop. Almond flour is ready.

Macaroni without almond flour

If the almond is not a favorite nut, and you do not want to give up the delicious dessert, you can make a delicacy from other flour options. French pasta in a simple recipe without almond flour prepared by the hostess around the world, preferring other, no less tasty ways.

The filling and kneading method remain the same, but the underlying ingredient changes.


  • nut flour — 200 g;
  • powdered sugar — 200 g;
  • cold water — 80 ml;
  • chicken protein -150 g;
  • cane sugar — 200 g


Walnuts are dried in the oven at the minimum temperature. Then we clean them from the peel, which will easily move away after baking.

We grind the main ingredient in a blender or combine into a crumb as well as in the recipe of almond flour. Weighing of the finished product is made after sieving, as in the process of cooking any nuts lose weight.

In the finished flour, sift powder and mix everything thoroughly. Then beat half of the protein and bring the dough to homogeneity.

Cook the syrup from sugar and cold water. While it cools, beat the protein, and then inject the slightly cooled sweet mass into it.

When the meringue begins to form stable peaks, turn off the mixer and introduce it to the dough in small portions, kneading the dough.

Macaroons are baked on the same principle, which is specified in the classic recipe. Optionally add any dye and flavor.

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