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Forshmak from herring: a classic Odessa-style recipe and a Jewish version, popular versions of carrot and melted cheese snacks reviews

What comes to mind first when mentioning Jewish cuisine? Of course, forshmak!

It is impossible to resist a fragrant and tasty herring snack. And it is nourishing and helpful.

Repeat the classic forshmak recipe from herring or a popular interpretation of the dish, and guests will be delighted.

Translated from German, «forshmak» means «snack». This dish is served at the beginning of the feast.

It is intended not so much to saturate the guests as to tease their appetite. Jews «borrowed» Forshmak from East Prussian cuisine. Initially, the Swedes served the dish under this name hot.

The main ingredient in the Swedish version were either herring or meat.

Chopped main ingredient baked with potatoes, onions, pepper and sour cream. But it was the Jews who invented the Forshmak, which is known throughout the world — a cold snack made of salted herring.

The fact that forshmak tasty snack, they know many. But the benefits of food often silent.

Include snack in your diet is for those who monitor health. Swedes consider herring a tasty medicine. They are sure that if you eat this fish daily, there will be no health problems.

What is so useful herring, tell the table.

Table — Useful substances in the composition of herring

Substance Action on the body
Selenium — Powerful antioxidant;
— slows down the aging process;
— reduces the concentration of oxidation products in the blood
Vitamin D — Strengthens bones;
— improves kidney function
Iodine — Stimulates brain activity;
— increases the elasticity of the walls of blood vessels;
— prevents the development of endocrine diseases;
— helps to deal with stress
Phosphorus — Strengthens bones;
— responsible for dental health;
— improves memory;
— supports the work of nerve cells
Omega-3 — Beneficial effect on the heart;
— prevents the development of atherosclerosis;
— has a positive effect on the reproductive system;
— improves the functioning of the nervous system;
— prevents the development of dermatitis;
— «cares» for joints

How to cook forshmak from herring to make it really tasty? You need to know some tricks, and then a home-made snack can compete with a restaurant.

  • Selection of fish. Herring of medium salting is ideal for a forshmak. If you decide to make forshmak from herring at home, you should choose a fat carcass. Experienced chefs say that the snack will make it tastier. Herring must be free of odors and «rust».
  • The proportions of the ingredients. To make the appetizer tasty, you need to add the ingredients of the dish in the right proportions. The ideal is the option when the herring is the third part of the total weight of the snack. Otherwise only herring taste will be felt.
  • Balance of taste. When adding vinegar, lemon juice, sugar to the snack, it is important not to disturb the taste harmony. Forshmak should not be sweetish, «sour» is allowed, but only barely perceptible. Salt is usually not used, because the basis of the snack is salted fish.
  • The right consistency. Snack should not be spread. The perfect consistency is thick pasta or pate. To achieve the correct texture, the ingredients are interrupted in a blender or scrolled through a meat grinder. If you do not like oily “smooth” textures, then the herring can be cut into small cubes, and the rest of the components pass through a meat grinder.

Classic forshmak recipe from herring: 2 options

Forshmak is the calling card of Jewish cuisine. But the dish is also traditional for Odessa residents. An extensive Jewish community has always lived in Odessa, which has brought its flavor to the local cuisine.

Two prescription forshmak, Jewish and Odessa, are considered to be classic. They are distinguished by additional ingredients, but there is only one basis — salted herring, onions, and butter.

Try to cook both options to understand where they cook tastier — in Israel or in Odessa.

Description. The Jewish recipe for the shred of the herring involves the use of a minimum of additional ingredients. It is believed that they can kill the fish taste of the dish.

Stale bread is surely added to the appetizer, for it is because Forshmak was cooked even when the dish was called “food of the poor.” The Hebrew snack is lush and airy due to the use of soda. It needs to be taken literally a pinch.

It is important that the soda is not felt in the snack. Stir the dish better «in the old manner» — a wooden spoon.

  • salted herring — one;
  • stale loaf — three pieces without a crust;
  • onions — one large head;
  • butter — 300 g;
  • refined sunflower oil — five tablespoons;
  • vinegar — by the eye;
  • Soda — at the tip of the knife.
  1. Clean the fish, remove the bones, cut the fillets into large pieces.
  2. Cut the peeled onion into several pieces.
  3. Sprinkle the pulp with a small amount of vinegar — no more than two tablespoons.
  4. Scroll the fish, bread and onions in the meat grinder twice.
  5. Mix the resulting mixture with butter. It must stand at room temperature in order to soften.
  6. Add some vegetable oil. Stir until smooth, then pour in the remaining amount of sunflower oil and mix thoroughly.
  7. Pour in a pinch of soda. Beat with a spoon until the appetizer has an airy consistency.

Description. The secret of delicious forshmak in Odessa lies in the addition of sour apples and eggs. These ingredients are responsible for the delicate taste of the snack and its airiness.

An apple must be taken sourly: the Antonovka and Simirenko varieties are excellent. In Odessa, they consider: forshmak, in order to want to “lick fingers”, can be obtained only from fat herring.

  • large herring — one;
  • bow — one head;
  • apple sour — one large;
  • boiled eggs — two;
  • lemon juice — a tablespoon;
  • butter — 80 g;
  • black pepper — at will.
  1. Divide the fish into fillets, remove the bones and skin. Cut the fillet into pieces.
  2. Cut out the apple core, remove the skin. Cut the prepared fruit into large cubes. Sprinkle apple slices with lemon juice, otherwise they will darken and spoil the color of the snack.
  3. Cut the onion into cubes.
  4. Fold the blanks into a blender. Smash to pate consistency.
  5. Add the softened butter to the cooked mass. It should pre-stand at room temperature.
  6. Separate the yolks from the proteins. Add squirrels to the dish.
  7. Kill the snack with a blender. Optionally, you can add black pepper.
  8. Put the forshmak in a container with a lid, put it in the fridge overnight. In the morning you can regale yourself.

Forshmak is a frequent “guest” of the holiday menu. Hostesses especially appreciate the snacks, which require a minimum of ingredients, are prepared quickly and tasty so that they fly off the table at lightning speed. Forshmak just such an appetizer.

Naturally, every housewife has his own cooking secret. Having tried the classic version of the forshmak, prepare one of its popular variations — it is no less tasty.

Description. If you do not like the fact that a Jewish snack in its classic version turns out to be faded in appearance, then you can cook forshmak from herring with carrots and melted cheese for the festive table.

The snack is bright, due to the addition of carrots. Cheese «responsible» for the delicate taste.

It is necessary to take processed cheese with a milky taste, without any additives: ham, mushroom and other options that can be found on the shelves in supermarkets are not suitable.

  • large herring — one;
  • butter — half a pack;
  • boiled carrot — one big;
  • melted cheese — two cubes;
  • Dill — at will.
  1. Clean herring, mill, remove bones. Cut the herring into medium cubes.
  2. Slice the carrots and melted cheese into large chunks.
  3. Chop the greens.
  4. Fold the prepared ingredients into the blender bowl. Add softened butter.
  5. Smash through the components with a dip blender to a pasty consistency.

Description. Forshmak with potatoes turns nourishing. The dish is prepared without butter, thereby retreating from the classics.

Instead, take a vegetable — olive or sunflower. Vinegar can be replaced with lemon juice.

  • salted herring — one;
  • boiled potatoes — three tubers;
  • hard boiled eggs — two;
  • onions — one large onion;
  • dill — a small bunch;
  • vegetable oil — four tablespoons;
  • Vinegar — a teaspoon.
  1. Clean the fish from skin and bones. Cut into large chunks.
  2. Peel potatoes, eggs, onions. These ingredients also cut large.
  3. Pass the prepared ingredients through a meat grinder. Use a fine grate.
  4. Add to the resulting paste vegetable oil, vinegar, finely chopped greens. Mix thoroughly.

Description. Cooking forshmak of herring, salmon and caviar mistress engaged exclusively on holidays. This is not an everyday dish, because delicacy ingredients are used.

Such Forshmak can be prepared, for example, for a New Year’s feast: guests “gasp” from a truly royal snack. Due to the eggs, the consistency of the forshmak turns out to be unusual.

  • herring — 800 g;
  • salted salmon — 300 g;
  • butter — 500 g;
  • hard cheese — 400 g;
  • red caviar — 100 g;
  • lemon juice to taste;
  • mustard — a tablespoon;
  • dill, parsley — on a bunch.
  1. Remove the skin from the herring, make two fillets, remove the bones.
  2. Slice the herring and salmon into large chunks.
  3. Combine the fish, grated cheese and mustard. Twist the mass through a meat grinder (choose a grid with small holes).
  4. Oil, stood a couple of hours at room temperature, grind to the consistency of sour cream.
  5. Chop the greens finely.
  6. Combine fish paste, butter, herbs, caviar. Add lemon juice to taste. Mix thoroughly.

Description. This recipe for snacks was suggested by the host of the Lunch of Celibacy program, Ilya Lazerson.

The main feature of the dish is the absence of butter. Forshmak from Lazerson is obtained gentle.

Culinary also offers a special way of serving snacks.

  • a herring is one big;
  • an apple (necessarily sour) is one;
  • bow — one head;
  • three hard-boiled eggs;
  • sour cream — by the eye;
  • long loaf — three slices;
  • «Borodino» bread — on toast.
  1. Cut off slices of loaf peel. Soak the crumb in a little water.
  2. Divide the fish, remove the skin, remove the bones. Cut the fillet into pieces.
  3. Peel the apple, free the onion from the husk. Cut these ingredients into large pieces.
  4. Squeeze the soaked loaf, send it to the blender bowl. Herring, apple, onion, egg whites are also here. Kill the mass to a pasty state.
  5. Make croutons of black bread Slices need to be fried in a dry frying pan.
  6. Spread forshmak on croutons, on top snacks — sour cream (about a teaspoon for each piece). Sprinkle with grated yolks and serve.

Even a novice cook will be able to make a forshmak from herring. Traditional serving is simple — on toast, croutons or fresh bread. You can serve a snack in a salad bowl, and next to put a basket with different types of bread: so guests will have a choice.

Remember that you can experiment not only in the process of cooking, but also during the presentation. Forshmak can be served with a side dish, stuffed with them «baskets» of shortcrust dough or half of egg white, wrap in pancakes.

And Makarevich and Yarmolnik in gusto did this: 2 mololennye herds, 5 boiled eggs, onions, a big, sour apple without skin, butter. All in a meat grinder and then another bolender whipped. I do just like everyone.

And to do in the evening and in the fridge, and in the morning you can with vodka, so they said in gusto.

We have minced meat the favorite dish of the family. I cook like this: herring 05-06 kg. You clear from the bones, from the spinal and large.

From small as a fur coat is not necessary to clean. Next, you need 5 eggs, 1 small onion, 100g of butter.

Herring with eggs and onions you twist in a meat grinder, add the softened butter, knead well. Everything, forshmak is ready — especially good with pancakes

Once, in some book, by the way, it was fiction, I read the recipe, I tried it — it turned out quite tasty and unusual (for our stomachs): boiled meat and potatoes through a meat grinder, there you can grind unsalted herring and mix everything with thick sour cream. The resulting «dough» dumped on a frying pan, greased with butter, make cuts with a knife and send to the oven and bake.

I kept 20 or 30 minutes. I don’t know, of course, whether this “pate” can be called forshmak, but I console myself that he has many variations!

My grandmother made fish in a forshmak not twisting, but chopping a boiled egg and green onions in small pieces. Grandma is not Jewish, but it was delicious. IMHO fish felt pieces tastier than ground into minced meat.

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