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Fish cake without baking with sour cream and banana — a recipe with photos

Every person is familiar with a variety of crackers made in the form of fish. These are quite tasty and satisfying cookies, which for all are relatively inexpensive. Not many people know that you can make a cake from fish cookies with sour cream and banana, without baking in the oven, there is even a recipe with a photo of how to perform all the actions.

With such a delicious dessert, you can treat all your relatives and relatives for an evening tea party.

Cake from fish cookies

This recipe is suitable for girls who for some reason do not know how to bake cakes for cakes or simply do not want. Maybe you are tired of classic desserts, and you want to cook the original version of the dish. The consistency of the resulting cake will have a soft and delicate structure impregnated with sour cream.

This is just an exquisite delicacy that will appeal to everyone.

To implement the ideas we need:

  • unsalted cracker in the amount of 400 grams, you can choose any type of crackers, not necessarily in the form of fish;
  • sour cream 650 grams;
  • sugar 1 cup;
  • banana 2 pieces;
  • chocolate chips 30 grams.

In fact, to make such a cake, you can get by with only three ingredients, everything else is added only to taste and presence in your home. Thus, we need sour cream, sugar and crackers. Most often, to give a refined taste, add a banana.

In order to make the cake more tasty and interesting, you can cut into small cubes marmalade or marshmallow and also add to this consistency.

Phased Instruction:

  1. At the first stage, beat the cream with sugar. Thus, a homogeneous mass should be obtained. Some housewives also add vanilla to give a smell, but this is not necessary.
  2. Crackers are moved to a large and deep container, so that it is convenient to interfere. Next, pour all the whipped sour cream with sugar.
  3. We clean the bananas and their mode circles.
  4. For about five minutes, the crackers will soften and sweep away.
  5. In the future we will need an extra deep bowl. Inside you will need to lay a parchment or polyethylene, so that the mass does not stick to the walls.
  6. Next in the second bowl pour half crackers. We crush them a little, so that there is a flat surface, and we lay out bananas. We pour out the remaining crackers over the bananas and additionally press down. Do everything you need to carefully.
  7. We put the bowl on the whole day in the fridge so that the crackers are soaked with sour cream as much as possible.
  8. The next day, take a flat baking tray or plate and turn over our bowl. We remove parchment or polyethylene from the cake and our product is ready. It will be a great dessert for your tea.
  9. From above it can be sprinkled with chocolate chips, pieces of marmalade or any other delicious decorations.

Cooking for this recipe does not limit you to anything. You can add some interesting products.

The same banana can be replaced by strawberries or raspberries. Crackers can be mixed with marmalade, so it will be much tastier.

In general, experiment and you will succeed. This recipe is simple to perform and allows you to easily achieve the desired success.

Features and description of the cake

Many housewives believe that our cake «Fish» is a variation of the «Anthill». In fact, this is not the case, despite the fact that the cooking technologies are very similar.

Those who have tried both cakes will easily say that they taste completely different. As for bananas, they do not have to be used; you can substitute them with peaches, plums, kiwi, or nuts.

It all depends on your taste preferences.

One of the main advantages of this recipe: the shape that dessert will have, you can create absolutely any. In this direction you will not have any restrictions.

Take any dishes or mold and place there the mass that you have prepared. Then 24 hours in the fridge and the dish is ready.

It’s pretty simple. The presented recipe with a photo of how to make a cake from fish cookies without baking, with sour cream and a banana received a lot of positive feedback.

The main advantage of the recipe is that you do not need to bake anything. You will not worry that the biscuit or cake will burn, as the cake «Fish» will prepare itself. In most cases, cooking takes just ten minutes and waiting 24 hours.

As a result, you get a delicious dessert that can please you with taste sensations. The most important thing is to buy only high-quality and fresh ingredients.

Cook tips

The presented recipe with a photo of how to make a cake from fish cookies, without baking, with sour cream and a banana, is a prime example of culinary skill. Not every housewife can come up with such a simple, but at the same time delicious dessert.

Currently, there are several secrets that will really help you make your dish more tasty and attractive. Professional Tips:

  1. Sour cream is best to choose fresh. If you have the opportunity to buy homemade products that have just been cooked, then in this case the cake will be incredibly tasty. As for the purchase of sour cream, it has some sour taste, which reduces the taste of the cake.
  2. Be sure to use a banana, marmalade, marshmallows, chocolate chips, as such additives will make your dessert more tasty and unusual.
  3. You should not get the cake out of the fridge ahead of time, as it does not have time to soak and do not get those taste.
  4. No need to mix crackers and turn them into mush, because the cake will not be so airy.
  5. The oven does not need anything at all, it only hurts your dessert.

Following the presented tips and recommendations, you can create a truly delicious and at the same time inexpensive cake. You will not have any special problems with cooking, since each action is very simple, you just have to wait for the moment when the mass is infused.

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