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Figurines made of mastic Paw Patrol — cake decoration for kids

Puppy patrol for children’s cake

It is easy to create a cake that would be suitable for a holiday, but it is very difficult to make mastic figures in the form of heroes of the “Paw Patrol” series, since there are a lot of small details, and there is not a mk on the Internet given for all the characters.

The most difficult is a large number of small parts, so you will need mastic of different colors.

It is necessary to take it immediately painted and pick up the puppies close to the color scheme.

Since now there are a lot of various shops, both online stores and specialized culinary, where you can buy both mastic and figurines from it.

Do not despair and think that you have to paint a lot, buy small packages of different colors that weigh no more than 100 grams. each

This weight is quite enough, since one hero needs at least 6-7 colors, considering not only the color of the dog, but also her clothes.

Mk is advised to purchase special tools for working with mastic, since a large number of parts is done using special stacks.

In addition, it is a very delicate, almost jewelry work, as the figures are rather small, and they have a lot of details. In addition, not all the heroes of the series Puppy Patrol can be found mk.

Currently, it is easy to find only Marshall and Chase.

All MK are that the dog’s face is molded correctly, since it is the best recognizable heroes.

Some even advise to put the dog in a typewriter or make it look out of the barrel, so as not to suffer with so many details.

But if you really want to surprise a child, then you will need to start a box of ordinary clay to fill your hand, and not to suffer the nights just before your birthday, creating figurines for the Puppy Patrol cake. Open the micron for making puppies and start trying, you can even do it with the baby, since the fine technique develops the fine motor skills of the baby very well.

Then, when all the figures turned out well, you can put the baby on the table and he will admire them and play puppy patrol, and not wait for the release of a new series.

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When the hands have learned to do all the parts, they will not be difficult to repeat from the more expensive mastic material. Take pictures of all puppies and purchase the mastic of the desired colors. Next, create your cake decoration at a time when the child does not see.

As practice shows, it is better to watch several episodes and choose a moment not connected with the tower, since it will not be possible to create it completely edible. It is too high, and the second floor is very large and will not hold without a special stand.

We begin to sculpt any of the characters with a muzzle, for this we need several colors of mastic, as the eyes, specks, ears, nose and other parts have their own shades.

Making recesses for the eyes with a ball and forming the nose, cheeks, mouth. Further, it is necessary to complete it completely not only with the help of mastic, but also using a special confectionery marker, since look at what wonderful cilia in dogs.

Make it out of the mastic just will not work.

Then it is necessary to do the body and legs, but in any case, you will need toothpicks, so that a more saturated and heavy head is well kept on the body. The paws of many, too, are not of the same color, so it is necessary to make socks and golfiki.

When all the puppies are ready and hide before setting and decorating the cake you need to think up a game situation or spy on it in the cartoon itself. But if you want, you can make the second floor of the tower, which will only slightly rise above the surface of the cake. It is also worth considering an option when the second floor will become the basis for the cake itself, covered with mastic.

It is necessary to attach an emblem so that the Paw Patrol cake is remembered.

Many pastry chefs advise not to make decorations for the cake so complicated in their microns. If you want to please the child, then it’s enough to put the heroes of the series on the prepared cake, without going into details of the cartoon. So how to create something similar to the reality of the series is very difficult, not understanding all the intricacies of the script.

And a child who very often looks about puppies will very quickly find all the inaccuracies of work.

One more piece of advice, if it is difficult to blind all six puppies, then try to find out from the kid which of the characters he likes more.

And then it will be possible to make not a volumetric figure, but a flat one. In this case, it will only be necessary to print a photo of your favorite puppy from the cartoon, having previously increased or reduced the size to the size of the top cake. Next thing technology.

Cut all the pieces out of paper and make patterns for them. Roll out the mastic of the desired color, cut out on the pattern and make up all the parts on one more whole picture.

In this case, the characters are more realistic.

Any way is good, as long as your birthday man likes work and decoration. Children rarely pay attention to the cake itself, it is tasty — yes, all right.

But the decorations are remembered for a long time.

Just in case, we give the names of all the heroes of the animated series with their main tasks in it.

Zeke Ryder — a boy who is 10 years old, but oddly enough, he has already finished school.

The racer is a puppy of the German shepherd, which serves as a policeman.

Marshal is a Dalmatian, he is a firefighter. Cute creation in a helmet.