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Figures on the cake — beauty in minimalism

Most often, the figurines on the cake are prepared for weddings, but there are other celebrations that require decorating the cake with various figurines or figurines. As such, they are divided into two types: edible and inedible.

In any case, decorating the cake with different figures makes it more attractive and interesting.

Edible figures

Cakes with edible figurines and figurines are especially loved by children, since all the decoration can be safely eaten and at the same time enjoy the sweet decoration. Among the various figures that you can and should eat there are several types:

  • Mastic figures;
  • Flowers are alive;
  • Chocolate figurines;
  • Flowers made of thin waffles;
  • Cream decorations;
  • Icing or icing sugar.

With each separate type it is worth understanding in more detail. You can read about mastic figures on our website in the articles: “Mastic is the material for beautiful figures on the cake” and “For beginner home cooks, lessons on making jewelry with mastic made by hand”.

On these pages are described in some detail some simple decorations that can be made in your own kitchen. To work with this material requires some skills and knowledge.

First of all, the mastic should not be rolled too thinly, as it may tear during the process of covering a cake or pieces.

Working with this material requires only dry tools, as the mastic is glued to each other with ordinary water. You can roll a layer of clinging material on starch or between two layers of cling film.

Figures and flowers from mastic will elegantly decorate any cake. If you make large products, then you should know that they dry for a long time, so they need to be made a few days before they settle on the cake. Dried mastic can be reanimated, just heating it in the microwave.

Glitter figures and the very coating of the cake is given a mixture of vodka and honey in a 1: 1 ratio.

Natural flowers. Recently it has become fashionable to make bare cakes and decorate them with fresh flowers, instead of oil and mastic ones. There are not so many edible flowers (more precisely, not everything can be used in the form of cake decorating).

These flowers include: lily, lavender, roses, violets. From the buds, you can create beautiful figurines on the cake, for this you need to properly sugar flowers.

For this procedure, you must beat the egg white and apply it with a thin brush on the flowers, and sprinkle with powdered sugar on top. So that the flowers do not look like in the snow, powdered sugar must be dyed with dry food dyes to match the colors. Large flowers are hung on a string to dry — bud down.

Small — can be expanded on a towel or paper. It is necessary to create patterns and figures not long before serving the cake on the table.

Remember that these are still living buds, so they do not last long when cut off.

How to make beautiful figures with the help of fresh flowers. You don’t need to do anything with rosebuds, place candied flowers on the tiers of the cake and it will be very nice.

Small flowers made any cake figurine — potatoes. It is necessary to blind the desired figure — for example, a blue puppy from a famous cartoon.

And then pick up violet flowers in shades and place them instead of blue wool.

Violets come in different colors, so choosing a color for any decoration is not difficult.

The sweetest and most loved ones are chocolate figurines. In Soviet times, everyone was chasing chocolate hares, which were empty inside. They not only ate, biting off the ears, head and other parts, but also planted on a New Year’s cake.

Now, when any chocolate figures can be found even in the district supermarket, decorating a cake with them is not at all difficult.

The simplest option is to buy sweets in the form of squirrels or teddy bears, which are 2 cm high and place them on the cake, then fill up the remaining free space with finely chopped walnuts or pine nuts.

Cakes are also often decorated with chocolate bows. To make it a little difficult, but a little adjusting, it will be easy in the future to create any, even the most bulky bows of different varieties of chocolate. For the bow will require a couple of bars of chocolate without additives and fillers.

We drown them in a water bath with butter in a 1: 1 ratio. So if you have 200 grams. chocolate, then the same amount of butter. Part of this mass is pouring the cake and let it freeze.

Now, using a cornet made of parchment for baking, we extrude strips of chocolate mass of the required width onto previously prepared sheets of parchment. Then we fold these sheets in half, forming the bow bends, and fasten the edges of the parchment with a clothespin.

When the mass is dry, carefully remove the paper and collect the bow on the cake. Just laying the petals in layers.

Beautifully on any cake leaves, flowers and patterns from chocolate look. This will require the same chocolate mass, and specially prepared parchment with a pattern. Draw the contours of the decoration on the paper and make leaves with a thick cornet with a thick end, gently filling the mass with a thin layer on the inside of the drawing.

Then, on a not yet hardened chocolate, use a toothpick to draw the veins of leaves or flowers and leave to dry. Then we remove the parchment and arrange the decorations on the surface of the cake.

The chocolate border is made in exactly the same way, with the only difference that the tip of the cornet should be thin. We trace the outlines of the pattern on the parchment, wrap the cake with this sheet and fasten it with the usual clerical tape. After the mass solidifies, we remove the parchment and get a beautiful curb.

One of the conditions for installing the curb is well-smeared edges of the cake, so that chocolate would stick to the cream.

It is easier to buy flowers from thin waffles or rice paper in a specialized confectionery shop, since this decoration will not afford much, and the choice of such flowers is huge. One disadvantage of this decoration is that it is tasteless.

You can dilute your own figures with these figures and colors, but do not make them basic. As the abundance of fresh rice paper will add beauty, but will not add taste.

And they get very wet, so they need to be put before serving.

Cream ornaments and figurines. Recently, often in the shops there are cupcakes in the form of little animals, moreover, rather voluminous. These cupcakes can be set on the cake and make them wool using butter or protein cream.

This method can be called «cheap and cheerful.» Flowers and other oil figures are made first on a stand, or you can use an ordinary ballpoint pen without a rod.

Roses and other flowers are formed, carefully removed with scissors and placed on a plate or chopping board. After everything goes to the fridge to freeze.

After the flowers freeze, they should be removed from the board with an iron spatula and put on the cake.

There are cakes that themselves resemble a large figure. In Soviet times — it was a hedgehog, which is formed from the dough for a cake without baking. The base freezes, and then it is decorated with needles and mushrooms from butter cream.

You can make a few small hedgehogs, set them on the cake, and fill the space between the prickly handsome men with green and yellow cream depicting grass.

Icing. Figures from this material are similar to chocolate, only white. Preparing a lot for icing is as easy as making the famous Bizet cake.

We need 1 egg white, 250 gr. powdered sugar, 0.5 teaspoon of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of glucose solution.

Separate the egg white and beat it with a mixer in a good foam, add icing sugar in portions, without stopping to beat. Get a strong white mass. If there is no lemon juice, then in the middle of work, somewhere at 120 grams. powdered sugar add citric acid at the tip of the knife.

Lemon juice is added to the mass last. Depending on the amount of powdered sugar, the mass can be made thicker.

But for drawing beautiful patterns it is better to use the above recipe.

Next, we form any patterns on the cling film with the help of the cornet, after drying, carefully remove the film and put the figure on the cake. For curved shapes, you can use an ordinary glass jar, putting it on its side, and covering it with a film.

Since it is not convenient to draw an ornament on the film itself, it is possible to draw it on a piece of paper that is put under the transparent film.

Also with the help of icing, volumetric figures in the form of balls are made. To do this, you have to inflate an ordinary balloon to the required size and draw an ornament of protein mass on it.

Pre-lubricate the ball with olive oil, but not too much so that the protein mass does not glass on it. Then hang the ball by the string and wait for the mass to dry. After complete drying, we burst the balloon and pull it out through the hole in the ornament.

We put the figures on the cake prepared in advance.

Inedible figurines for decoration.

There are not many such figures, usually it is the bride and groom at the wedding cake, which are often made of fine porcelain or plastic and figured candles. You can find cars, and other attributes for decoration, but the main two will still be the first two types.

Wedding figures after eating the cake are washed off from the cream and placed in a young family in a prominent place as a reminder of the solemn event.

Candles are now produced in the form of toys or figures showing the number of years of the birthday. Therefore, after the disappearance of the cake, they can be used for their intended purpose, to illuminate the apartment in short moments of power failure, or to throw it away immediately.

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