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Figures of mastic do it yourself step by step: easy and simple

Figures for cake can be made from chocolate icing, various pastes. But basically the most convenient is sugar paste or mastic.

If earlier you were sure that this is impossible, we suggest starting to do it right now.

Before you make figures and decorations, consider the recipe for making mastic with your own hands.

For this we need:

  • Gelatin — 2 tsp;
  • Water — 10 tsp;
  • Powdered sugar — 450 gr .;
  • Vegetable oil — 2 tsp;
  • Egg — 1 protein;
  • Lemon juice — ½ lemon;

Cooking Gelatin

It swells long enough. It should be diluted with water in the ratio of 1: 5. In order to soak the gelatin, you need cold water.

Some add warm water in order to quickly dissolve the gelatin. But this should not be done in any case, since gelatin can lose all its properties.

The resulting mass should stand at room temperature for 30 minutes.

  • Sifting icing sugar through a sieve, in order for the mass to be very elastic and elastic for mastic, the icing sugar must be of high quality;
  • We deepen and add vegetable oil, then 1 protein, lemon juice;
  • After gelatin swells, it is best to dissolve it in a water bath to a liquid state. Within one minute, gelatin turns into a liquid base;
  • Melted gelatin is injected into powdered sugar. Knead mastic;
  • As soon as we knead the mastic, add 1 tsp. vegetable oil. This will make it plastic, it will not tear when you roll it;
  • As soon as you have kneaded it, we wrap it in a film and leave it for 30 minutes so that it lies down, it will be much easier to make products from it;
  • After it lies, we proceed to rolling. Mastic should be elastic. If it turns out that it breaks, then it is best to mix it again;
  • We roll out on the surface covered with powdered sugar and starch, very thin. The thinner, so your work will look neater. Sculpting is a very exciting experience.

So, let’s begin:

Mastic figurines perfectly complement the birthday cake. In order to make it look even better, we suggest to cover it with mastic first.

Therefore, for a cake, roll out a thin layer of mastic and cover it.

In order to wrap a cake with mastic, we need:

  • Silicone mat, which you can buy at the candy store. He is not afraid of not cold temperatures, not hot;
  • Rolling pin. It must be perfectly flat. Traditional wood leaves notches on the floor;
  • Roll out the mastic and cover it with a cake.

A covered cake should be decorated with hand-made flounces or roses.

Preparatory stage:

  • In order to cut the flounces for decoration, a glass is best suited. With the help of his cut circles.
  • In order that the mastic does not dry out, but it dries very quickly. All the circles that you cut, put in a pile, then they will not have time to dry out at you.

Put the remaining paste into a ball and put in the fridge. Mastic in the refrigerator can be stored for one month.

Molding of shuttlecocks from mastic consists of the following steps:

  • We take one circle, with the help of a glass we cut it, you should have a “crescent”.
  • Then take the pastry stick. If you do not have it, then take a stick with a diameter of 1 cm.
  • Using a knife, cut a cone. And with this cone we roll the mastic, you should press hard enough on the cone. The result should be a wavy line, «ruff».
  • In order to give frills more volume, they need to be glued to each other.
  • To do this, we water the edge of the shuttle with water, and put the next one on it, press it down. Perform this process again. It turns out that one consists of three.
  • Water slightly lubricate the edges of the cake, and glue the flounces with wavy edges down.
  • With the help of a stick we fix the edges of the flounces on the cake, making holes. This will make the mastic shuttlecocks more airy.

What a festive cake without roses! Do you think that it is very difficult to sculpt them? But, it is not.

We suggest you make them yourself, even for beginners.

Pestle for roses from mastic better make in advance with your own hands. It should be hard when you put petals on it.


In order for the roses to be not just white, but marble red:

  • Add some red mastic;
  • In order to make a red mastic, you need to add a red dye;
  • In the middle of white mastic, put red (it should not be very much, 5-6 petals). Stir until marbling appears.
  • Roll out the layer of mastic. The thinner you roll out, the thinner you will get rose petals;
  • Using the glass cut circles;
  • We start to impose petals;
  • We take the first circle, rub the edges of a half circle with a tablespoon, do not touch the second;
  • We take a leaf and dress it on a bud, fasten it;
  • Now we take the second, with the seam from ourselves we impose the next petal;
  • When you make a petal, it should be a little higher than the previous one;
  • First we turn to the right, then to the left. Do not forget the bottom, each time to shape the bud.

So we need to make five petals. The more roses you make for a cake, the more beautiful it will be.

Teddy bear mastic

For beginners to work with mastic, you can safely take up the modeling of animal figures.

To make a bear figurine from sugar mastic, we need a minimum of tools:

  • skewer;
  • set for modeling from a set of clay.

Scale step by step:

  • Roll out the mastic in the sausage;
  • Divide the sausage into legs. Two equal small pieces. Cut off a piece for the body. And two identical pieces for the front legs. The main part of the head. A small piece for the muzzle and two ears;
  • First of all, we make our bear a torso. Just roll it into the sausage and make it a bit flat
  • Legs. Kata balls. Then roll them into sausages — droplets.
  • Make the bear sit. We attach the legs to the sides of the body with the help of a skewer. Can he still make the soles with the fingers with the tool.
  • Head. The bear’s head is round and slightly flattened.
  • Muzzle Make the ball and slightly flatten the sides.
  • Attach the muzzle to the head. On the face we paint the eyes with a toothpick, and a small nose. The spout can be made from a small ball made of mastic. We fasten the head to the body.
  • Pens. Roll out the circles. We recommend making pens in the shape of a droplet. Stack also draw fingers;
  • Ears. We roll two circles, we press, we receive «flat cakes». In the middle of the ears, make a dent;
  • Fasten ears to the head.

We managed to make such an interesting teddy bear figure with our own hands for a cake.

And now we offer to try to make a figure of a charming bunny with your own hands to decorate the cake.

For the manufacture of the figure of a hare, we need:

  • Mastic white;
  • Mastic pink;

Manufacturing process:

  • White mastic is good to knead;
  • Roll up the sausage and mark on it, where the head, body, legs and ears of the hare will be;
  • From a piece of paste intended for a calf, first roll the ball, and then form a cone;
  • Roll out of pink mastic layer 1 cm thick. We recommend in advance to pour the potato starch. Cut the workpiece in the form of a drop. Glue it to the surface of the part. And then give it a «tum»;
  • From a piece of mastic intended for the head, first roll the ball, and then form a cone;
  • Cheeks are very easy to do. From small pieces to form small blanks and attach them to the surface of the details, giving them the shape of cheeks. Using a modeling stick to make a mouth;
  • Make a spout from sugar paste to simulate a pink color and also attach it. Using a toothpick to connect the manufactured parts;
  • From a piece of sugar paste intended for paws, first roll the balls, then form cones and slightly flatten. With the help of a knife on the blanks to make cuts, giving them the shape of fingers;
  • Paste to simulate a pink color roll up, make oval blanks and attach them to the surface of the part, where previously made grooves. Attach paws to the calf;
  • From pieces of sugar paste, intended for other paws, first roll up the sausages, then slightly flatten on one side and also attach to the calf;
  • From a piece of sugar paste intended for the ears, first roll up the sausages, and then slightly flatten. Paste to simulate pink color roll out on a surface sprinkled with starch with a rolling pin into a 1 mm thick layer. And cut two identical blanks in the form of a drop, and then attach them to the ears. Next, attach them to the head.
  • We recommend to sculpt the eyes of black mastic, and the teeth of white in the shape of a rectangle.

These are interesting figures can be a decoration for the cake! Children like this kind of modeling.

Try and fantasize, make your own jewelry from the mastic for the cake, you will definitely succeed!

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