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Energy Diet «: description, real reviews of doctors and losing weight

Being thin means being beautiful? And what about those who go beyond the weight category of modern beauty, but at the same time, the parameters 90 * 60 * 90 are considered ideal?

Today, most women are familiar with a huge number of diets, which often offer the achievement of an impressive result in a short time.

Someone considers this a marketing ploy, someone on the contrary completely trusts the promises of manufacturers and buys up all the drugs offered by them.

It is worth noting that basically the means for losing weight are sold by the complex, and the cost of such a complex is often overestimated due to a well-conducted PR campaign.

Therefore, the appearance on the market of «Energy Diet» caused a resonance in the society. All women who previously could not afford to use the complex for weight loss, quickly took advantage of the chance from «Energy Diet».

«Energy Diet» is a whole collection of food with different tastes. It is not a drug or dietary supplement. Through the use of the products offered during the meal it is possible to form a balanced diet.

A feature of the line of means for weight loss is the ability to purchase a single product of the company, which will ensure the achievement of impressive results. The manufacturer offers several types of its products:

  1. Cocktails «EnergyDiet«. Represent a jar weighing 0.5 kg with a powdered mixture. The method of making a cocktail is extremely simple: load 30 g of the product into a shaker and add 200 g of milk (maximum fat content 1.5%) and mix. Approximate cost: from 2200 rubles per bank;
  2. Protein «Energy Pro». Method of use is about the same as cocktails. In a package of 20 sachets of 32 g. Estimated cost: from 1,700 rubles;
  3. Energy Slim products. They represent a series of products aimed at controlling appetite, tightening the figure and activating the metabolism. Approximate cost: from 800 rubles;
  4. Fruit Bars Approximate cost: from 80 rubles per piece;
  5. Sports bars. Approximate cost: from 100 rubles per piece.

Like any product «Energy Diet», has its own audience. Unlike other programs for losing weight, this complex offers the help of a huge population:

  • People who are overweight;
  • Athletes and people leading an active lifestyle;
  • People seeking health and longevity.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this complex compared to other complexes for weight loss?

Like any tool, Energy Diet has both positive and negative sides.

The advantages include:

  1. Lack of abandonment of ordinary food. The complex is in addition to the usual human diet;
  2. Helps to reduce weight in a short time;
  3. Delivers vitamins and trace elements;
  4. Contributes to the strengthening of blood vessels;
  5. Promotes muscle toning.

All the above actions are possible due to the presence in the complex of the following substances:

  • Proteins;
  • Carbohydrates;
  • Vegetable fat;
  • Animal fats;
  • Saturated fatty acids;
  • Dietary fiber.

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The disadvantages include:

  1. Most of the products offered are tasteless;
  2. With the withdrawal of the means for losing weight is a quick weight gain.

Features of the use of products and instructions for use

The system consists of several stages, after which a person can reduce his parameters:

  • Stage I: inclusion of cocktails in the diet;
  • Stage II: replacement of high-calorie foods with low-calorie meals for the first and second meals;
  • Stage III: return to normal diet with cocktails as a light dinner.

During all 3 stages it is forbidden to eat sweets. In this case, the amount of fluid consumed should be at least 2 liters per day.

Indeed it works: for a week I got rid of 4 kg. I use during the day between meals and dinner replaced a cocktail. I will have some boiled chicken breast or a salad of seasonal vegetables.

In the evening, if the feeling of hunger is visited, a cup of green tea or a cucumber saves. I have breakfast with porridge. I liked fruit bars very much, I can replace them with one cocktail reception.

I don’t eat sweets, just because I don’t want to. And most importantly, I drink about 2.2 liters. fluid a day. I’m not going to stop, in plans to throw off 20 kg.

I know from my own experience and feedback from colleagues that the preservation of health and the achievement of an ideal weight is possible only with the organization of a balanced diet. And this food should be normal, but not newfangled direction. The use of cocktails in this series is rather an alternative, and I do not see the point of its daily consumption. After all, protein shakes can be replaced with regular protein foods. On the other hand, the body begins to get used to the use of cocktails, which negatively affects its work. Therefore, I do not recommend abusing them.

Nutritionist Irina Tikhomirova

I believe that the products of this complex can be replaced by any of the meals, if there is no opportunity to prepare familiar dishes. Such funds will be appropriate and popular among people whose daily routine does not allow you to eat in a normal way. Therefore, on the whole, my opinion on Energy Diet is quite positive.

Therapist Anatoly Maltsev

Benefit from the products of this series is now actively promoting the manufacturer. But I, like any doctor, decided to familiarize myself with the composition: at first glance no hazardous substances were found in it. But on closer examination of the issue, I drew attention to the following: in European countries, the addition of guar gum to products is prohibited. As soon as the ban came into force, it became impossible to find the products of Energy Diet. Therefore, I make a personal conclusion: the real composition of the product differs from the declared one. Therefore, I would not advise the use of products from this manufacturer.

Gastroenterologist Pavel Litvinov

Many people talk about possible banned substances in the «Energy Diet», but no one can prove this. The stores sell a large number of products that, in my opinion, also have «bad» compositions. But only with this fact is the achievement of truly amazing results after drinking cocktails. Therefore, I am for them.

Nutritionist Natalia Ionova

A couple of years ago, research centers conducted an independent examination of the quality of Energy Diet products, which confirmed the content of the correct ratio of substances in mixtures. The result after eating is good, the quality is scientifically confirmed — it means that the products can be used in your diet.

Nutritionist Elena Suslova

During the month, drank cocktails. At the same time in the diet remained favorite dumplings, meat. Result after a month of use: -6 kg. Then she went on vacation, of course, there were both wine and kebabs, who thinks about diets at such moments? I came home, with horror I am getting on the scales and another pleasant surprise: I didn’t recover. Thus, it turns out that with the help of nutrition with the inclusion of cocktails, I have established a metabolism.

Oksana, Moscow

A lot of negative reviews about the system «Energy Diet» heard. But I just wanted to say to all disgruntled: “Read the instructions carefully. It’s not just food, but healthy food. ” I wanted to lose some weight and improve my health. As a result, I lost 8 kg in 2.5 months, and, most importantly, my well-being improved, and this is 100 times more important.

Evgenia, Syzran

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