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Eclairs with custard: recipe with photos, calorie

How to cook eclairs with custard at home

Everyone loves to pamper themselves and their guests with sweets. We offer recipes of the unequivocal audience winners — eclairs filled with custard.

Eclairs, which are a traditional delicacy of the French, are no less popular with us. Virtually every good cafe or coffee house can pamper its visitors with delicious cakes.

Unfortunately, many are hesitant to even try to bake eclairs at home, because there is a perception that choux pastry is too complicated to prepare. We try to break stereotypes, revealing some secrets of this culinary process.

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This is one of the most common recipes for homemade eclairs, preferred by many baking lovers.

Stage 1. It is necessary to pour water into the pot, put the heat, pour salt, oil and, stirring, bring the mass to a boil. In the boiled mixture you need to enter all the flour, without ceasing to stir.

Over a slow fire with a fork or a whisk, you should beat the mass until all the flour lumps are broken. After it must be boiled for no more than two minutes, remove from heat to cool.

Step 2. In a slightly warm dough, you should introduce the eggs one by one, mixing after adding each of them a lot until smooth.

The dough should be quite viscous, uniform.

Step 3. Using a spoon, the dough should be spread on a baking sheet (cold), covered with pre-oiled paper. After that, eclairs should be put in the oven (190 degrees), bake for half an hour.

Stage 4. At this time, you can begin to prepare the cream. It is necessary to combine all the eggs, flour and sugar in a skillet, beat the mass until the lumps disappear. Next, add cold milk and put the mixture on the fire. Before boiling, it must be thoroughly mixed. When the cream boils, it is necessary to introduce butter, vanillin and whisk it. After that, leave to cool.

Stage 5. When the cakes and cream are cool, you can proceed to the filling. You should put the cream in a pastry bag and, punching a small hole in the cake, fill it. You can simply cut the workpiece along and fill it with a filling with a spoon.

Cooking eclairs differs in many variations of recipes of varying complexity. Among the most interesting is the recipe of Julia Vysotskaya, which will require the following list of ingredients:

  • ¼ l of water;
  • a pinch of salt;
  • 100 g butter;
  • 160 g of flour;
  • five eggs.
  • ½ l of cream;
  • 1 tbsp. Sahara;
  • six eggs;
  • one drop of vanilla extract;
  • orange peel (to taste).
  • 1 chocolate bar (black).

The process of cooking eclairs with custard from Julia Vysotskaya occurs in the following steps.

It is necessary to fill the saucepan with the amount of water indicated in the recipe, add a pinch of salt there, put the heat. Next should be in a slightly heated water to enter the butter, which will gradually melt. The entire contents of the saucepan is brought to a boil.

After boiling water and oil, you should proceed to the introduction of flour in the dough. First you need to turn down the heat and, stirring the contents quickly, pour the flour into a saucepan in a trickle. The resulting dough should be thoroughly whipped using a hand whisk until the lumps completely disappear. It is necessary to use only wheat flour, and only the highest grade.

Next, the dough must be removed from the heat, put into a bowl and leave to cool. It is important to control the cooling process, since it will be necessary to work not with cold, but with slightly warm dough.

When the dough has reached the desired temperature, you should hammer eggs into it, but not all at once, but in turn. The secret of the recipe: you must enter four eggs completely, and with the fifth to be more careful.

It is better to break it into a separate container and add it to the dough with a spoon. Sometimes the fifth egg should not be used to the end, if the dough gets the necessary oily structure before.

It is necessary to lay out the finished dough on a baking sheet. Do not heat it beforehand! On the contrary, you can additionally cool under cold water, dry thoroughly, rub, using butter, sprinkle with flour on top.

For the formation of cakes, you can use a pastry bag, the usual package of polyethylene with a cut-out hole with a diameter with an index finger. Another option is to use a tablespoon to plant eclairs on a baking sheet. But at the same time it should be dipped every time in cold water.

Baking with eclairs should be put in the oven, preheating it to 150-180 degrees, and bake them until golden brown. When the eclairs are ready, it is better not to take them out of the oven right away, but to let them «rest» for about an hour inside.

The next stage is cooking without custard flour. For it should be heated fatty cream, not bringing to a boil. In a separate bowl, beat six eggs with sugar and vanilla extract. After that, rub the orange zest into the cream and add the heated cream.

Cream should be poured into a saucepan, then put on the fire, all the same while continuing to beat. Boil a lot of need, until it thickens well. After that, you can remove the cream from the heat and let it cool. In the meantime, the chocolate bar should be crushed and melted in a cup in a water bath.

Cream cakes should be stuffed through a previously made hole with a spoon, after which it is necessary to pour the melted chocolate.

Enjoy your meal!

How to cook eclairs: the secrets of pastry skills

This is the secret of making a homogeneous dough. If after the first sifting in the mass of flour small lumps are noticeable, you should not be too lazy to repeat the procedure.

  • Add flour to the dough with the whole mass, without division into parts.

To master this procedure in a masterful way, you can use such a culinary trick: sift it beforehand on baking paper, and then, lifting the edges of the sheet, pour a thin stream into the container for brewing dough.

  • Use of uncooled eggs.

If you do not adhere to this rule, the dough may not rise at all. Therefore, you must make sure that the eggs lie at least three hours outside the refrigerator.

  • Adding eggs to the cooled dough.

Driving eggs into the hot mass will end up folding the protein. It will be impossible to continue working with such a dough.

  • Alternate the introduction of eggs into the dough.

This will help control its consistency. The introduction of each egg must be accompanied by thorough kneading the dough. Sometimes it happens that they may not need all the eggs from the recipe so that the dough will not become too thin, and vice versa.

  • Adding non-melted butter to water.

One of the secrets of the “right” gentle dough for eclairs is that the butter should melt slowly, gradually.

  • Beating dough with a hand whisk.

Experienced pastry chefs advise against using modern kitchen appliances (mixers, blenders). After all, the thoroughness with which they mix the dough provides an excessively liquid consistency. Because of this, the cakes quickly settle.

  • «Kneading» the dough with the back of a spoon for two minutes.

Thanks to this, the pastry dough should turn out to be pliable, get a consistency that will “reach out” behind the spoon, but not “spread out” on the baking sheet.

In order not to violate the recipe, you need to put the eclairs baked out of warm yet dough. Only in this case, the cakes will melt in your mouth.

  • Keeping distance on the baking sheet.

It is necessary to make sure that the distance between the eclairs was not less than seven centimeters — after all, during the baking process the dough will rise, their sizes will increase.

  • Observance of temperature.

Bake cakes should be 20 minutes to raise the dough, at 220 degrees, and a few more minutes, until they become golden-rosy, without bubbles on the surface, at 190 degrees. The oven is strictly forbidden to open in the process of baking so that the dough does not settle.

Now it is absolutely obvious that you should not be afraid of cooking eclairs with custard at home. The proposed recipes for making homemade cakes, as well as the secrets to make them from professional pastry chefs, will certainly help to make the “right” dough, which will not only work during the whole culinary process, but also provide an unforgettable delicate taste of refined eclairs.

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