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Ears cookie cake with custard — indulgence for gourmets!

But not every hostess can easily cope with the preparation of such a complex confectionery product. Sometimes it takes a lot of time and effort to make such a cake, to bake all of its many cakes, and after that it’s no time for fun and celebrations.

There are alternative cooking options for the Napoleon cake.

Today I offer you some lightweight options for how to make a cake «Napoleon» using cookies «ears» with cream.

Someone will say a cake of cookies — it is simple and trite, and you need to bake real homemade cakes yourself.

Even if you cook a simple omelet, you can spoil the dish so much that no one can eat it, and vice versa, you can cook it from two eggs and milk — a real culinary masterpiece.

The ability to cook a simple delicious cake without baking is also an art.

You need to have experience, desire, skill and ability in the field of cooking, and of course, a good mood.

So, consider in detail the first recipe for «lazy» Napoleon:

Recipe one: simple

You will need:

Puff cookies — «Ears» — 300 g

Butter — 1 pack

Chicken eggs — 3 pcs.

Flour — a couple of tablespoons

Sugar — 4 tablespoons

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Vanilla and salt — to taste

According to this recipe, you will not have to suffer with the cake. Instead of cakes, you can take any crumbly puff pastry, such as Ears.

You can, of course, bake a simplified version of «Napoleon» and without the «ears». But, in my opinion, this type of cookie is best suited.

Although, some housewives, of course, choose crumbly biscuits and other types of cookies.

So, as required by this recipe, take the cookies for the basis.

It remains to make a delicious thick light sweet custard.

Cooking a custard cream cake is always advantageous.

So proceed to the preparation of custard cream mass.

Beat the eggs, add sugar to them, then add the milk with vanilla sugar, warmed up in a separate bowl, add flour, and stirring constantly, bring to a boil. Then remove from the hob.

Let the cream cool. Add butter to it and whisk with a mixer until smooth.

To assemble such a cake «Napoleon» is not at all difficult.

Each layer of biscuits «ears» need to coat with custard. The top layer of the cake can be made from crumbs from cookies.

It is very important that all layers of dessert are well soaked, cookies should not crumble and crunch strongly.

Ready cake is better to put in the fridge at night, so that all layers of the cake, as follows, soaked with cream.

Recipe two: with caramel custard

I want to offer you a simple recipe for a cake with cookies «ears» and surprisingly tasty, but easy to prepare custard.

You will need:

Cookies puff «Ears» or another of your choice — 300-400 g

Flour — 2 tablespoons

Milk — 200 g
Sugar — 1 tablespoon
Condensed milk — 200 g
Cream — 200 g
Vanilla sugar — to taste

Mix milk and sugar, add vanilla sugar and flour to them, put on a slow fire.

Immediately, as set on the hob, begin to slowly stir.

You should have a thick mass.

Next in it should be put a jar of condensed milk. And mix gently.

You can add less condensed milk, but then the taste will not be so saturated.

Then put the cream whipped with a mixer in the resulting mass.

You will get a thick creamy mass of pleasant rich caramel taste. Then you need to dip each piece of cookies in the cream.

And collect, thus, the whole cake.

The top layer must also be richly lubricated with cream.

The third recipe: recipe cake from the ears with chocolate cream

You can cook «Napoleon» with chocolate cream.

Scalded chocolate cream is not so difficult to cook.


Sugar — 1 cup
Milk — 3 glasses
Flour — 2 tablespoons
Cocoa — 2 tablespoons
Eggs — 4 pieces
Vanilla sugar — to taste

First, separate the egg whites from the yolks. Beat yolks, add sugar and cocoa to them and stir. Pour milk into separate dishes, add vanilla sugar, put on a small fire, then slowly add the chocolate mixture and flour.

Bring the cream mass to a boil.

Sometimes starch is added to the custard to make it thicker and more uniform.

Whisk the egg whites. Mix the whipped whites with the cream and the chocolate custard will be ready. Next, cool the creamy mass, and grease them prepared «ears.»

Cake is ready. If you are a chocolate lover, then this is the best recipe for you.

Regardless of what kind of choux stuffing you wouldn’t choose: chocolate, caramel or usual, such a simple Napoleon recipe from cookies will fully delight you and your loved ones.

After all, «Napoleon» — an amazing homemade holiday treat. This sweet confectionary wonder is a sweetness for all times. The main thing is to cook it.

Have a nice tea party.

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