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Drunk cherry cake — recipe with photos step by step at home

Cake called «Drunk Cherry» is considered the most delicious and unusual of all chocolate types of this dessert. It is worth noting that the delicacy is prepared with the addition of alcohol, for this reason the cake was given such an unusual name.

An unusual dessert is that some of the biscuit is removed from its middle, but it is replaced by a delicious cherry berry filling. Below we will describe in detail how to prepare the Drunk Cherry cake according to the recipe from the photo step by step, because at home it will be very easy to make it.

Some important nuances

The most important rule of making this cake is to prepare the biscuit, it is very important to make the basis for the cake very tender and high. If the cake eventually turns out too low, then it will not work to put a sufficient amount of filling, and this will spoil the taste of the cake.

The second rule is to prepare the dough; a really good recipe for making the cake will be presented below, and it is best to prepare the biscuit base exactly according to the suggested recipe. Still, it is allowed to pick up any other recipe for making a cake, the main thing is that it be at least eight centimeters high.

Delicious cake «Drunk cherry»

Products for making a cake:

  • chicken eggs — 5 pieces;
  • granulated sugar — 240 grams;
  • vanillin — 1 pack;
  • cocoa powder 0.5 cups;
  • white flour — 160 grams;
  • sour cream not fat — 75 ml;
  • small amount of salt;
  • baking soda — pinch.

Stuffing products:

  • fresh pitted cherries — 330 grams;
  • whole condensed milk with sugar — 420 grams;
  • wine (can Cahors) — 125 ml;
  • butter — 175 grams.

Products for glaze:

  • black chocolate without additives — 95 grams;
  • cocoa powder — 75 grams;
  • powdered sugar — 160 grams;
  • potato starch — 25 grams;
  • butter — 55 grams.

Dessert preparation process:

To make a «Drunk Cherry» cake according to the presented recipe with a photo step by step at home (video), it is necessary to start preparing the main products for biscuit and filling. All the same, it is worth starting with cherries since it needs time to prepare.

To begin with, the berries are washed well in water, if the cherry is not yet prepared, then the bones are removed from it, then the berries are transferred to a small bowl.

The harvested cherries are poured with the necessary amount of alcohol, and then immediately covered with cling film and removed to infuse in the refrigerator for several hours. In the original recipe, cherries are aged in alcohol for at least two days, but if it is necessary to make a cake as quickly as possible, the berries of the cherries are left for twelve hours.

The process of making biscuit:

The day before the cake is assembled, it is worth making a biscuit, the cake must rest for at least twelve hours, even better if the cake is given a “rest” for about a day. To make a biscuit, taken eggs, proteins are separated from the yolks.

Proteins must be cleaned in a refrigerator, and the yolks on the contrary should be kept warm for better beating.

Next, the flour is taken, the product is poured into a deep bowl, and then the necessary amount of cocoa powder is added to it, for more airy dough, it is worth sifting the flour additionally. The oven is pre-heated, for baking the temperature should be at least 170 degrees.

The baking sheet is covered with baking paper, and the bottom is smeared with vegetable oil.

To make a biscuit base for this dessert, you need to carefully beat the yolks with a mixer, while adding sugar and a little vanilla to the yolks. The process of beating should last at least five minutes, during which time the mass will become lighter and more magnificent.

Sour cream is added to the egg mass in small portions, and then they begin to add flour mixed with cocoa powder. In the end, you should get enough thick dough.

Begin to prepare the protein, for this product is removed from the refrigerator, and then add a little salt and soda. Beat the mixture well for ten minutes until the proteins turn into a thick white foam.

The resulting mass is gradually added to the harvested chocolate dough, mix the composition carefully, so that the dough for the cake does not settle.

Baking sponge cake in the oven:

Now you can start baking cake cakes for «Drunk Cherry», about this recipe with photos at home step by step reviews of housewives say that the result is an incredibly delicate and light sponge cake.

To bake it, the dough is poured into the prepared form and moved into the oven. The baking process can take about fifty minutes, but you need to focus on the readiness of the cake, as each oven bakes at a different speed.

As soon as the sponge cake is ready, it is taken out of the oven and allowed to stand for about ten minutes under a towel, after the allotted time, the cake is removed, covered with a towel and left on the grid for several hours.

After aging, the upper part of the biscuit is cut off, but it is very important to leave the sides having a width of at least one and a half centimeters.

The flesh must be removed from the biscuit, leaving only two centimeters on the sides and to the bottom, immediately after that the preparation of the filling begins.

To begin with, cherry, soaked in an alcoholic beverage, is taken, the berries are transferred to a separate sieve, it is necessary to get rid of excess cognac.

Preparation of cream:

To make the cream, the butter softens slightly in the microwave, or you can just let it melt a little at room temperature. Next, whip the butter in a large bowl with a mixer, to it is added condensed milk with sugar, and the mass is again whipped to a smooth creamy structure.

Alcohol should not be poured, as it is used in cream, liquid from cherries in the amount of three spoons is added to cream composition.

The cake is smeared with the obtained cream, first it is necessary to lubricate it from the inside, for this the cream is applied to the bottom and sides of the dessert. Harvested cherries fit into the sponge cake, and fill it with crushed flesh of the cake on top. The finished cake is closed with the top of the biscuit, which was cut beforehand.

In this form, the cake is removed in the refrigerator.

Preparation of glaze:

It is not at all difficult to cook the glaze; to do this, slightly softened butter is taken, it is placed in a small saucepan, and then the container is placed on the stove. As soon as the oil becomes sufficiently liquid, you can pour the icing sugar in the saucepan and mix thoroughly.

In addition to the mass, add the required amount of cocoa powder, mix it once more and allow the mass to warm slightly.

Four spoons of alcohol from cherries are poured into the future glaze, the glaze is mixed again and the potato starch is added in small portions. It is very important to break all the lumps, otherwise there will be pieces of boiled starch in the chocolate mass and the mixture will not turn out to be homogeneous.

The chocolate bar is broken into several pieces so that it melts faster in the hot mass. Once the chocolate is dissolved, you can remove the saucepan from the fire, since the icing is ready.

With the help of such a glaze, you can just pour the dessert on top, and you can completely lubricate its top and sides so that the surface is glossy. This cake «Drunk cherry» can be made according to the recipe with a photo step by step at home in a slow cooker, the baking process will not be any different.

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