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Dried prunes: useful properties and composition

Prunes are called dried plums of varieties Hungarian and Renclod.

To obtain high-quality dried fruit, usually the sweetest and ripe fruits are chosen, which are dried by steaming after pre-blanching in boiling water — only when performing this technology all useful properties are preserved in this product.

Homeland plum is an area located near the Caucasus Mountains, along the entire coast of the Caspian Sea.

From here, dried plums began to be exported to Europe, and then — both to Central and to South Asia.

In America, the very first stalk of plum berry came from the country of France only in the middle of the nineteenth century.

Large plantations of fruit trees originated in California, and by the end of the 19th century, their total area increased significantly in size.

For a very long time, the plum was dried right in the sun, then in the 30s of the twentieth century they learned how to use more efficient mechanical dehydration.

Prunes are usually dried only from ripe, fleshy fruits that contain at least 10% sugar and no more than 1.2% acids.

To get real prunes, the fruits should first be dipped in boiling water, and dried immediately after steaming.

Upon receipt of dried plums, thus it will preserve almost completely all the most useful properties that are contained in fresh plums.

High-quality, natural black prunes.

Dried plum can also shine after processing it with any fat.

His coffee shade will be able to say that the prunes were treated with boiling water for disinfection, of course, with such a procedure, there will be less vitamins in it!

In dried fruit, which is dried with a stone, many more useful substances are stored.

Prunes — the most popular dried fruit of all known.

It is appreciated not only for its excellent taste, but also for the unique composition of various vitamins, minerals and substances that are simply useful for the body.

  • thiamine (vitamin B1);
  • Riboflavin (vitamin B2);
  • nicotinic acid (vitamin PP);
  • provitamin A;
  • ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

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  • pectin and tanning components;
  • plant fiber;
  • organic acid (malic, oxalic, citric, salicylic);
  • sugar (fructose, sucrose, glucose).

It has a relatively high energy value — 264 kcal.

The dried fruit retains all the substances (meaning healthy), which make up the fresh fruit.

Prunes are undoubtedly the most popular of all dried fruits.

Due to the pectin contained in it, as well as plant fiber and various organic acids, dried fruit has a very beneficial effect on the body.

This dried fruit is valuable for the following beneficial properties exerted on the body:

    ability to suppress the growth of pathogenic microbes: dried fruit has excellent antibacterial properties and is not inferior in efficiency to medical products;

effectively helps with constipation and favorably affects the work of the entire gastrointestinal tract, gently and delicately cleanses the body, for which only 6-7 dried plums per day are sufficient;

regular use of a small amount of prunes helps to get rid of a few extra pounds (usually 3-4 kg per month);

very useful for diseases in the mouth;

helps in the early stages of heart disease;

stabilizes blood pressure

the ability to help cure kidney and liver diseases;

improves vision function;

neutralizes and stops the spread of oncological diseases;

  • rejuvenates the cells of the body.
  • The owner of the useful properties of prunes, practically no contraindications to the use, However, there are times when prunes should not be abused:

    • diabetes;
    • obesity;
    • nursing mother (babies may experience colic and upset ventricles).

    But these contraindications apply only to natural, not treated with chemicals prunes.

    In cooking, dried plum, used in the preparation of many different dishes and drinks.

    It can be added to salads, various desserts, gourmet meat dishes, pilaf, compotes.

    Prunes are able to preserve the freshness of the meat, and also reduce the growth of salmonella or staphylococcus by up to 90%.

    Any dish prepared with the addition of this dried fruit will be a wonderful decoration of the festive table.

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