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DIY mastic jewelery for beginners — the first step towards the art of the chef

When buying cakes in cooking or ordering at confectioneries, many people think that it is too difficult to make such beauty and study for a very long time. Of course, a beautiful branch of orchids or a huge rose will not work right away, but you have to start with something.

And to start decorating cakes with mastic figures is better with flat simple figures. At some point, you will realize that you can try more complex volumetric cake decorations.

Flat mastic jewelery

Flat mastic decorations are located right on the top layer of the cake. The most common is the bee figurine, which is often placed on honey cakes in stores.

Small and inconspicuous bees scattered across the surface, will add to the delicacy of beauty. Make a few bees is not difficult, and you can even without special equipment.

Will need mastic black, white and yellow. First you need to draw a bee on paper, the first time, while there is no special equipment, the size of the insect is better to do a little more. Cut the figure of the calf, wings.

Since the paper is too thin material, and most importantly it can get wet or tear, the stencil can be made from a laminated image or an old credit card. There are also cards from a SIM card — in general, any dense material that is well cut, but looks like plastic.

Roll out the yellow mastic layer, apply the calf pattern and cut out a few bee figures with a pizza knife. Next, do the same with the wings, but using white mastic.

The strips are made with the help of thin flagella of black mastic, which we glue on the body of the bee. Next, glue the wings with a brush and water and with the wooden or plastic end of the brush we make indentations on the bee’s head.

This will be the eyes.

Such a decoration on a cake can be made with a child, since the baby will love to twist black flagella, and the fingers of the baby are much smaller and more sensitive. The baby will be happy to help mom decorate the honey cake with small insects.

It is also worth trying to put on the cake bulk bees, which are made from oblong small sausages. We make oblong bodies of yellow mastic in the form of a voluminous oval, wrap them in several rows of black color and glue the wings.

The head can be rolled up in the form of a small ball and glued to the body.

Volumetric figures from mastic

You can do a lot with your own hands, the main thing is to have desire and patience. How to make a volume of flat.

Simple at first glance, the decoration for the cake is a big bow. A cake may look like a gift box.

The bow and a binding from long flat strips becomes.

Let’s start by calculating the length of the strip. If you want the bow to cover the entire surface of the cake, then measure its diameter and add 1 centimeter to this distance.

Get the length of one lane. The width may be different, but preferably 3-3.5 cm.

Now we determine the length of the strapping, for this we divide the diameter by 2 and add the height of the cake to the resulting figure.

For a beautiful bow, we will need four strips per strapping 3-3.5 cm wide, 12 thick strips of 3-3.5 centimeters and 10 narrow strips of 2 cm wide.

It is best to cut a tight stencil for the petals, but you can measure it with a regular ruler. The main thing to do everything quickly, until a thin layer of mastic has not managed to harden.

Roll out the mastic 0.5 cm thick and use the stencil or ruler to cut the necessary strips. It will be very beautiful if you take the mastic of three colors close to each other along the spectrum. 6 strips of wide stripes of one color, then 6 wide strips of another and 12 strips of the third.

The binding can be made from any of the presented flowers.

First, cut the strips for tying and glue them to the cake in the form of a cross, and lower the ends down and cut them with a pizza knife, if they are longer.

Then roll out the mastic first, for example, pink, and cut into six flat strips of the required length. Then, at both ends, we cut off the corners to the middle of the strip with ordinary scissors. We take any roll available — food film, foil, extra thin rolling pin, that is, on which you can put the petals to dry.

We blind the corners of the petal and put it on a roll. So lay out all six petals. Repeat the procedure with the second color, for example, yellow and also put on the roll.

Then we cut out 10 thin petals, and repeat everything again. Thin petals can be more vivid colors to make the decoration festive.

When all the blanks are dry, we begin to collect the bow. First, it is necessary to assemble a bow, not sizing, but as it were, a fitting variant. Put the first six wide petals (you can do on a cutting board or silicone mat).

Colors should alternate, and between them lay 6 thin. The second row — 4 wide and 4 narrow and the third row — two wide.

Look at your work, if something is wrong, adjust the width, achieve the ideal, in your opinion, bow and disassemble it. We transfer the bow to the cake.

We spread the first tier, and then in the middle we put the cream, which was missed cake. If the cream is left, you can drip melted chocolate in the middle.

We spread the second tier and again the top of the cream in the middle and insert the third.

It turns out very lush bow, which did not require special tools, and everything was done with the help of available tools that are in every home. So with your own hands you can make simple bows for a cake — a gift.

But three-dimensional figures from mastic can be not only from flat strips or objects, but also from cubes, small components of different sizes. It is only worth remembering that mastic is a rather sweet and even sugary material, therefore, it is not edible for any person, even an avid sweet tooth, to mold parts of any decoration from it. In this case, need a foundation.

The most common basis that any novice pastry chef can do with his own hands is a sweet potato. Remember how in Soviet times we were treated to such a sweet treat from a mixture of grated biscuits, condensed milk, butter and cocoa.

In each family, this work of culinary art was called differently — sweet sausage, potatoes or cake without baking. But from the name of the essence of the treat has not changed.

It is with the help of such sausages, covered with mastic and make a large number of decorations for the cake.

Recipe sausages for beginners chefs. In childhood, many were attracted to making sausages, most often the children were turning cookies in a meat grinder, since this did not require much effort.

1.3-1.5 kg. Cookies need to take a can of condensed milk and a pack of butter, and also add 2-3 teaspoons of cocoa. Crush the cookies in a meat grinder or food processor, add a can of condensed milk to it, sift the cocoa and put the softened butter. All ingredients are thoroughly mixed until smooth.

In some families, sliced ​​walnuts or peanuts were added. Then they formed a sausage with a plastic bag or molded them cakes in the form of small potatoes and frozen them in a freezer.

To make volumetric figures on the cake with your own hands, you need to prepare potatoes. Then roll up the necessary parts for the product and freeze them.

Let’s try to understand by the example of a train for a cake for a boy’s birthday. We sculpt the base or stand, the second part is the cabin and the third is the firebox. We get two rectangular figures and one oblong sausage.

Freeze for an hour in the freezer.

While the base is frozen, roll out the mastic. Frozen parts are wrapped in mastic so that the joints are not visible and we assemble a steam locomotive. We place the platform on which we glue the firebox, and at the end of the platform with the firebox we put the cabin.

Then we make small parts of the mastic of another, often white. We glue windows, wheels, pipes with a brush and water on our train.

By the same principle, with your own hands, you can make any house on the trot, or even arrange a castle on it for the princess.

Flowers for beginners

Consider the simplest flowers that you can decorate a cake made with your own hands.

A flower without a name. We need mastic of two colors, for example, white and a little yellow.

Round stack, tin mold for biscuits in the form of a five-leafed, pizza cutter.

Roll out the white paste and cut out a flower with the shape. Slightly add a cut from the petals to the center and make a round stack of the edges of the petals thinner.

We take the flower and its center slightly crush the bottom, as if forming a cup. So we make several flowers for a bouquet, and then roll the yellow mastic into balls and place it in the center of the flower, sticking it with water. Place the flowers on the cake.

You can make out of green mastic stalks and leaves.

Simple rose. Roll out the mastic of the color needed for the bouquet and cut long, even stripes. Then we twist the strips into a spiral, at the same time bending the top edge outwards.

This is a very fast way to decorate any cake and is suitable for both a festive cake, and for anyone everyday. No matter how many colors you have made, they will all be eaten immediately, as for these roses the mastic must be rolled very thinly.

Fantasy has no limits

Making figures with your own hands, as well as with the hands of your children, you develop fine motor skills of fingers, which is so necessary for children. At this time, you communicate with the younger generation and you can discuss any immediate problems at work.

Mastic molding is like modeling from plasticine, it calms the nerves, makes it possible to embody your fantasies in decorations and to gain experience in working with this confectionery material.

Decorating one cake, in the company of children, you kill several birds with one stone in one fell swoop. And also at this moment you learn the basics of simple modeling from children, since their fantasies are not limited by anything, and they know how to put them into practice.

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