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DIY Cake — fast, interesting, tasty

It is no secret that delicious homemade cakes, cooked with love, creates a special comfort in the house. Every housewife dreams of a delicious oven and cook sweets for her family and her loved ones.

Finished store products are often not as healthy and tasty as homemade pastries. Even if you do not believe in your own strength, then believe my words and experience, making the cake itself, with your own hands, is not so difficult.

The most important thing is desire.

I want to give you an example of some cake recipes that you can cook on your own. These will not be very complicated recipes.

Simple delicious cake with condensed milk

  • Granulated sugar — 4 tablespoons
  • Eggs — 8 pieces
  • Milk — half a liter
  • Cocoa powder — 6 tablespoons
  • Wheat flour — 4 glasses
  • Vegetable oil — 2 glasses
  • Vanilla — 1g
  • Baking Powder — 10 g
  • Condensed milk (boiled or regular) — 1.5 cans
  • Oil — 2 packs

To begin with, beat the eggs, add sugar to them, then gradually add vanilla, milk, vegetable oil and cocoa. Sift the flour through a strainer and mix with baking powder. Pour the liquid components of the dough directly into the flour, knead the dough.

Divide into two equal portions. Pour the first portion of dough into a greased form and bake for about 45 minutes (the temperature should be 180 degrees).

Then cook the second cake.

The cream is very easy to prepare. Condensed milk and butter, approximately at room temperature, beat until uniform.

Cakes can be smeared with syrup or jam to start, and then apply our cream. It is possible to decorate such a cake with the help of simple icing sugar and nut crumb, or with the help of multi-colored mastic. (more suitable for a major celebration)

«Quick» cake — «The nest» with walnuts and prunes

Cooking this cake does not take you much time and effort. Everything is very simple.


  • boiled condensed milk — 2 banks
  • crumbly biscuits — 500 g
  • raisins, walnuts and prunes — 200 g
  • Dark milk chocolate — 1 whole decoration tile

Mix boiled condensed milk with cookies, walnuts and dried fruits, you should get a homogeneous mixture. The cake is almost ready, it remains to arrange it correctly.

To do this, give your culinary product a volcano or an anthill shape, i.e. cone and pour dark chocolate melted in a water bath to the top.

You will make a wonderful, delicious cake!

Ice Cream Cake

You will need:

  • Cookies (you can bake yourself or buy at the store) — 200 g
  • Ice Cream — 200 g
  • Cream — glass
  • Butter — 1 pack
  • Coffee liqueur to taste
  • Iced sugar — half a cup
  • Chocolate — 100 g

Crumble the cookies into small pieces, mix with the butter at room temperature, put the resulting mass on the baking dish and bake the cake for 10 minutes in the oven at medium temperature. Then remove from the oven your cake, and let it cool, then store in the freezer for about 1 hour.

Mix ice cream with liqueur and cream, and whisk in thick cream. Take out your form, and put the cream of ice cream on the cake.

Put it back in the freezer.

Before serving, melt the milk chocolate in a water bath and, when it cools a little, pour your cold dessert (you can also add liqueur to chocolate.)

Marshmallow Cake


  • Fruit — Pound
  • Marshmallow — half a kilo
  • Granulated sugar — 1 glass
  • Cream — half a kilo

You can easily make this dessert with your own hands. This is a layered cake.

On a layer of marshmallow, put a layer of cream of sugar and whipped cream. Then put a layer of sliced ​​bananas into small circles, then put a layer of butter cream again. Next, put a layer of sliced ​​kiwi, then put the marshmallow.

Put the oranges on top, and lay the marshmallow again. The top layer of cake can be decorated with cream and coconut chips, and you can decorate with berries.

It will turn out very tasty, high-calorie festive cake.

Cheese cake

  • Cream — glass
  • Cottage cheese — 500 g
  • Berries (fresh or canned) — 300 g
  • Cookies — 300 g
  • Granulated sugar — 200 g
  • Butter — a pack
  • Chicken eggs — 2 pieces
  • Flour or semolina — 2 tablespoons

This cottage cheese dessert is very reminiscent of cheesecake. Make it easy.

Make a baking sheet with baking paper. Mix cookies and butter and place on the form.

Put in the fridge for half an hour. At this time, engage in a mixture of cottage cheese.

Beat eggs, add sugar, cream, whisk again and add chopped berries and cottage cheese. Put the resulting cheese mixture on your cake.

Bake for half an hour at medium temperature.

Lemon Cake

  • Chicken eggs — 6 pcs.
  • Wheat flour — 2 tbsp.
  • Butter — 300 g
  • Sugar — 1 tbsp.
  • Sour cream — 1 tbsp. l
  • Soda Slaked — Half tsp.
  • Sugar — to taste
  • Lemons — 2 pcs.
  • Sour cream — 600 g
  • Vanilla — 1 g
  • Icing sugar — 1,5 glasses

To make the cake, beat the yolks and butter. Add sour cream and slaked (in citric acid or vinegar) soda.

Gradually put the flour. The dough you get ideally not thick and not liquid.

Add sugar, check that there are no lumps.

Divide the dough into three parts. Bake each cake for 15 minutes.

For the cream, beat the mixer with sour cream (you can replace it with cream) and icing sugar, add vanilla and lemon zest there, and you will get lemon cream. Lubricate your cream with this cream. Decorate the cake with sour cream (or whipped cream) and candied fruit.

You can also put the marmalade on top — «lemon slices.»

All the above pastry recipes are not complicated. They are suitable for beginners. Many of them do not even require baking, as you have noticed.

Try, fantasize, experiment, and you will certainly expect unprecedented success — after all, cooking is a whole world and a huge field for your creativity. Good mood and pleasant tea!

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