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Decorating cakes in various ways

When a cake is made for an anniversary or a holiday, I want it to be not only tasty, but also beautiful. How to decorate a cake with fudge, cream or mastic, make flowers or inscriptions on it, and what you need to do for this you need to know in advance.

With your own hands you can make any unthinkable jewelry, unforgettable paintings and elegant curls.

Simple and fast

There are a few simple ways to decorate a birthday cake:

  1. Buying jewelry in a specialty pastry shop;
  2. Making jewelry from what is in the nearest supermarket;
  3. Cooking design parts with their own hands;
  4. Pouring fruit slices;
  5. Flowers and lines using a pastry bag made from regular cream;
  6. Fresh berries, nuts and chocolate.

These methods are most often used for decorating cakes at home, as this is done for themselves, and all decorations must be completely edible. If you look at the design of cakes in pastry shops, then some part in them cannot be eaten. For example, a princess in a ball gown often turns out to be a figure of a Barbie doll, decorated with cream.

What a disappointment a little princess, when cut a cake, the most favorite — flowers and monograms remain on the doll.

In order not to disappoint your own children you should learn how to decorate your culinary creations by yourself. Children do not pay much attention to cake layers, for them the main beauty is outside, and the taste of the cake can be ordinary and even mundane. Looking at the kids, you see how they first eat all the beauty, and then proceed to the bald cake.

Often, after the birth of a child, many bald cakes remain on the plates, and the main part of the decorations is eaten even from the main, uncut cake.

We will deal with all methods separately, and it is worth starting with the most useful for children — berries and fruits.

Berries, fruits, nuts — one of the ways to quickly arrange a cake

Decorating cakes at home is not easy, but the proposed methods do not need training in the art of decoration. In order to decorate the top layer, you need a regular cream that matches the taste of the cake layers and fresh berries and nuts.

Top cake should be spread very carefully, trying not to make lines and slips. Cut the large strawberry fruit into two halves and remove the leaves. Berries are laid out with sharp edges inside, you can not even make gaps between them.

Walnut cut into 4 parts and lay out a figure of them, in accordance with the age of the birthday man. And for the design of the edge is to use whipped cream from a can.

The balloon already comes with a figured nozzle and it is easy to draw straight lines from top to bottom.

The decoration of fruits may be somewhat more complicated, since they must be pre-peeled and cut into thin slices. Well combined kiwi and orange. It gives rich color and bright segments.

Fruits are laid out in a circle, starting from the center and moving to the edges of the cake. The main problem can be jelly, because if it is poured hot, it slips through the fruit and absorbs into the cake layers or flows down along the edges and the remains solidify in uneven layers over the fruit. There are some simple ways to avoid this problem.

First, just wait until the jelly begins to thicken, and then apply it with a pastry brush to the cold top cake and immediately into the refrigerator. When the first layer hardens, spread out the fruit and pour the remainder of the heated jelly.

But at the same time, you can use thick baking paper or a long silicone mat, wrapping the cake around it. You can fasten the edges with ordinary wooden clothespins or wrap them neatly with a synthetic cord, which is usually used in the house for hanging clothes after washing.

After hardening of the second, thicker layer of jelly, remove the construction from a rug or paper and remove the excess fill with a heated knife. Next, decorate the edges of the cream with a pastry bag or syringe.

Jewelry from stores

Specialized pastry shops that you usually see with the name “All for Baking” or “Cake Decorating” offer a variety of edible beads, flowers made from waffle dough, marzipan figurines, etc., etc., etc. But in this case it is necessary to pick up decorations not only in color and size, but also to consult the seller on which cream you can stack these items.

Many beads begin to lose the top bright layer on sour cream — it just dissolves from the fat and liquid of this fudge.

You should also ask about what these or other decorative sweets consist of, how tough they are and whether they can be consumed by children and allergies. All this is quite difficult, it is easier to buy in the nearest store ordinary small candy, small chocolates and banal multi-colored candied fruits.

How to make your masterpiece with these products? We coat the entire cake with a familiar cream, and first of all we expose a thin chocolate bar picket around the entire circumference of the cake, slightly pressing the log into the cream.

If the cream is between the chocolate, then gently remove it with a bandage. After the first stage, put the cake in the fridge for 20-30 minutes for better bonding of the small fence with the surface. For such a decoration is better suited oil cream, which hardens well and keeps its shape for a long time.

After solidification, we take out our work and create a drawing of multi-colored candies or candied fruits. By the way, ordinary Sea Pebbles with raisins are suitable for this decoration. Brighter colors of the picture will give Skittles candy, but this is a very expensive decoration.

Beautiful and unusual drawings can be created with your own hands from the multi-colored marmalade, finely chopping it. So in this way of designing the main role is played by the culinary fantasy.

Confectionery bag use

In order to properly create beautiful paintings or decorations with your own hands using a bag, you need to train on a flat surface or acquire new skills every time you make a cake or a pie. Start with simple lines, then try to make weave, ordinary flowers, curly stripes.

When the hand is stuffed on the cakes constantly baking in the house, the decoration with cream with monograms and flowers will not shock you at the last moment before the holiday.

You can also make a mastic on your own, which can be painted in the desired color using food dyes and create various figurines and beads. Distribute these parts gently over the cream.

The simplest are small mushrooms and mastic chickens; these are multi-colored balls composed one upon another.

With the help of the nozzle for the bag, the simplest Christmas tree or needles are created at the hedgehog. In any case, before the holiday, stock up with food dyes, which will color in different colors of the cream.

And then, picking up different colored cream in a syringe in turn, create the necessary pattern.

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But not only for children’s parties, various decorations are made, but adults also like to look at flowers or figurines made of mastic. This technique is difficult to master, but for a person who wants to engage in cooking for their beloved home, there is nothing surmountable.

The most difficult thing is to properly make a mastic and paint it in the right colors. For volumetric figures of the same color, the dye is added to the plastic mass itself, and for colored ones, it is necessary to do coloring after the completion of the figures.

For example, lilies do not have a certain color, they are painted later with special tassels, making color streaks or edges.

Whichever method of decoration is chosen, it is necessary to start preparing for the holiday with training on simple everyday delicacies.

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