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Curd cream — fast, tasty, low-calorie

Curd cream is not only tasty, but also very useful product.

Try to feed the child with cottage cheese, especially if he does not like him in a pure form, and he eats curd cream on the cake or between the cake layers with pleasure and asks for more. And cottage cheese is the main supplier of calcium for the seeds of the child’s body.

Even adults are prescribed to drink calcium, and why eat these pills, if they can more than be replaced by cream of cottage cheese.

There is not one recipe for making healthy and beautiful cream. In addition to the basic or basic, there is a mass of additives that not only give a more refined taste, but also change the curd cream itself beyond recognition.

This type of cream or dessert will bring joy to the children, and you will be soothed that a useful product did get into the children’s body, moreover, with a lick of spoons. Of course, there is a very large variety of curd masses with different flavors and other attributes sold in stores, but if you look at the expiration date of each of them, you realize that the preservatives in this product are much more than what they should be.

And the question arises whether the curd cream is useful or the curd mass with jam, or the sense of them for the body is zero.

The simplest cottage cheese cannot be stored for more than five days, therefore only all the properties necessary for a growing organism can be saved in it.

Cottage cheese desserts

What is less stored than cottage cheese — of course, milk and kefir. But making cottage cheese from milk is rather long and dreary, but from kefir it takes only 1.5 hours with modern technologies. But this cottage cheese is much tastier than the purchased one and it is already known for sure that there is nothing in it except kefir.

It turns out 250 grams. cottage cheese with its own production in a slow cooker and another 700 grams. serum, which makes excellent pancakes. In addition, if there is a desire to bake a pancake cake with cottage cheese cream, then the two ingredients for its production have already turned out to be two liters of kefir.

And this is at current prices for dairy products is no longer small, since a liter of kefir in different regions varies from 40 to 70 rubles, and a pack of simple cottage cheese already goes off the list for 90 Russian tugriks.

What kind of dessert can be prepared for children so that it is useful for a growing organism.

The recipe is pretty simple.

It is necessary to take a pack of cottage cheese, 15 gr. sugar, blueberries — 50 grams and a little sour cream or cream.

Cooking cream on the basis of cottage cheese for breakfast baby in a blender.

To do this, we break a little cottage cheese with a fork and whip with a blender, then add sugar and sour cream and whip again. Pour blueberries into a homogeneous mass, leaving 5-6 berries for decoration.

Beat again and lay out in the bowls.

Decorate with berries and give the baby.

The result is a delicious and easy dessert, which the child eats with pleasure. In addition to calcium, which is in the cottage cheese, the baby gets blueberries, which is very useful for vision.

How to cook a delicious and healthy cake

Sometimes you want to diversify your culinary exploits with a beautiful, but very easy to make cake. In addition, you can cook pastries that can be eaten even to people who are constantly wanting to lose weight.

This is easy to do if the bulk is curd cream for the cake, and not the biscuit itself or the dense cakes of any other kind. It is necessary to consider a simple recipe for a cake with cream of cottage cheese and fruit, covered with chocolate icing.

This dessert is not ashamed to put on a festive table or bring to work for a birthday celebration.

Products that will be required for cooking:

• Sugar sand — 1 glass;
• Flour — 1 cup;
• Cottage cheese — 300 gr .;
• Chicken egg — 5 pieces;
• Cream or sour cream — 250 gr .;
• Canned fruits (pineapples, peaches, apricots) — 1 small jar;
• Lemon — 1 pc;
• Gelatin — 1 sachet 20 gr .;
• Icing sugar — 7 tbsp;
• Water — 150 ml .;
• Berries for decoration;
• Chocolate — 100 gr .;
• Milk — 50 ml.
It seems that all this is quite a lot, but you get a delicious biscuit cake, the middle of which will be a cream of cottage cheese with canned fruit.

Now imagine a step by step recipe for this dish.

Separate the whites from the yolks;

Squirrels are whipped with sugar, almost like meringue at high speed of the mixer until tight and even.

Gradually add yolks to the mass, trying to take one at a time, and whip after each injection. When all five yolks were in the dough go to the next step.

Using a fine grater, remove the zest from one lemon, type approximately 1 teaspoon and add to our dough.

Enter the sifted flour in small portions and mix it with the help of a plastic spatula from the bottom up. When the mass has become homogeneous — the dough is ready.

Pour the dough into a split form, the bottom of which is well oiled, and the top of the form is covered with foil.

We put the form in an oven heated to 180 degrees and bake for 20 minutes, then remove, remove the foil and another 10-15 minutes in the oven.

We check the readiness of the cake with a toothpick; if it comes out clean, then the cake is ready. Put it to cool at room temperature without removing it from the mold.

Cooking cream. Gelatin fill with water and leave to swell.

We break the curd with a fork and send it to the blender, the icing sugar will also go there. All is well whipped, add sour cream and whisk again.

Gelatin is slightly heated, so that it is completely dissolved, and add to the cottage cheese, beat again.

Cut the fruit, the pieces should be medium in size. Add their curd mass.

Stir already with a spoon.

The cooled cake is cut into 2 equal halves and soaked with juice from canned fruit.

One cake again put in a baking dish with removable sides and coat with cream.

Slightly shake our whipped cream curd cream in the fridge and put a second cake on top. Put in the fridge until the cream is completely set.

When you see that the cake cream is completely frozen, start making the decoration. Finely break the chocolate and put in a 50 ml water bath. milk

Constantly stirring, it is necessary to prepare chocolate icing.

Take the cake out of the fridge, pour over the icing and make stains on it with a toothpick and decorate with berries. Berries should be slightly pressed into the icing, so that when they freeze, they are stuck to the cake.

This recipe is somewhat difficult to prepare, but the dessert turns out amazing and curd cream with splashes of canned fruit greatly enriches the taste of regular sponge cake.

Two types of cottage cheese cream

In addition to ordinary cream of cottage cheese and sour cream, there is cottage cheese cream for a cake with butter and a second type with condensed milk. Both that and other recipe can be used as a covering for shortcakes or as an independent dessert.

To paint a step-by-step recipe for cooking is meaningless, since they are very similar to the standard basic version. We will tell only briefly about one and the other.

Butter dessert.

In order to cook it you must take:

• Cottage cheese — 200 gr .;
• Butter — 200 gr .;
• Sugar powder 150 gr.
If the curd is very grainy, then first wipe it through a fine sieve, and then send it to the blender. We soften the oil, just take it out of the refrigerator 30 minutes before cooking. First, beat the cottage cheese separately, then add the pieces of softened butter to it and beat again.

At last, icing sugar will go into this mixture, which is better to sift through a sieve so that there are no lumps. It turns out a beautiful white dessert, the recipe of which is very simple to make.

We spread the cream in separate cups and serve with berries or fruits, as well as this kind of solidifies well, thanks to the oil, which allows you to make cakes without baking with a large top layer of curd.

The second recipe with the addition of condensed milk.

Would need:

• Butter — 200 gr .;
• Cottage cheese — 200 gr .;
• Condensed milk — 200 gr.
This cream can be called three times two hundred. All ingredients have an amount of 200 gr., And there are only three such ingredients.

Forget it is simply impossible. We make this look the same as the previous one with the addition of oil, only instead of sugar we pour in condensed milk.

For an independent dish, this cream is too heavy, but as an impregnation for cakes and decorations for the top of the cake will be very useful.

The usefulness of cottage cheese creams and mousses

In addition to calcium, cottage cheese contains milk protein, which allows the curd mass to completely split in the stomach and very quickly saturate the body with useful minerals.

In addition to problems with bones and bones, cottage cheese is shown to people with diseases of the heart and blood vessels, as well as it is included in most diets for people suffering from obesity.

So why not make the diet more tasty and interesting with the help of cooked curd cream with various tasty fruits. A small piece of cottage cheese torus also does not hurt much, but it will help a person not to despair, but to take long strides towards his goal, understanding that even a diet can be not exhausting and nasty, but very tasty.

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