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Cream sour cream cake: a few recipes to help

The recipe of creamy sour cream is deservedly popular for making confectionery at home. It is best suited for most desserts. The cream can be used for sandwiching and decorating both biscuit, honey, and sand cake.

It can also be used to make pastries and souffles. It has a lush texture and a delicate, light texture with a slightly sour taste.

In this case, there are variations in the preparation of cream-sour cream product.

The application of one or another recipe for making cream depends on the type of dessert. For example, for sandwiching cake and cakes, it is best to apply a recipe according to which liquid cream is prepared.

For decorating it is best to use butter and sour cream.

In principle, to make a creamy sour cream, you can use not only the recipes presented below, but also come up with your own original recipe, experimenting with flavors and food additives.

Confectioner’s secrets

For the preparation of a creamy substance with a fluffy texture, as well as a delicate texture and velvety it is necessary to follow certain rules:

— Homemade sour cream is best for preparing a cream product. If you still decide to use the store, then you need to buy a product of high fat content — not less than 30%.

In this case, it is categorically not recommended to use “sour cream product”, this will negatively affect the quality characteristics of the cream itself. Cream for whipping also require high fat content — 33-35%;

— in order for the sour cream mass to be whipped better and to be able to get a lush substance as a result, it is best to replace the granulated sugar with powdered sugar. At the same time when adding it is necessary to remember that icing sugar is much lighter than sugar. Its excess amount can lead to the fact that the finished product will turn clotly sweet;

— Whip sour cream best pre-cooled, and the cream is usually placed for twenty minutes in the freezer. It also makes sense to cool and the capacity in which you plan to whip sour cream and cream;

— it must be remembered that if you whip cream or sour cream for a long time, then they can exfoliate and turn out to be unsuitable for making cream.

In order to prepare the original cream-sour cream product you can use the following methods:

— for the preparation of vanilla version to the original cream product, add 2 grams of vanilla or vanilla sugar;

— to give the cream an orange flavor, to the finished cream mass, add the juice of half an orange;

— strawberry flavor can be given by adding to the bulk of 2 tablespoons of strawberry syrup or juice;

— cognac taste cream product will add the addition of 1 tablespoon of brandy;

— for the preparation of a creamy product with chocolate flavor, add one tablespoon of cocoa powder or 50 grams of melted chocolate.

Several recipes to help

Classic creamy cream recipe

This recipe will allow you to prepare a light and delicate cream product that is best suited for sandwiching cake from biscuit and sandy cakes, as well as for honey cake.

To make a classic cream-sour cream product, you will need to pre-cool the sour cream and cream, and then combine 4 tablespoons of 30% sour cream and 1 cup of 20 cream. After that, the container with the mixture is placed, if possible, on crushed ice or in dishes with cold water and ice and whipped with a mixer at low speed until a fluffy mass is formed. Gradually, in small portions 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar and 1 bag of vanillin are added to the whipped creamy sour cream.

In this case, the powder is best pre-sift. After adding the last ingredients it is best to increase the speed of the mixer.

Recipe cream sour cream with starch

In this embodiment, all types of dairy products can be said to be combined, namely milk, cream and sour cream. The result is a creamy substance of delicate and rich taste.

It is best used for sandwiching soft cakes: biscuit, sour cream, based on condensed milk, as well as honey.

To make a cream product according to this recipe, you first need 100 milliliters of preheated, slightly warm milk mixed with 4 grams of potato starch and cooked jelly. You should not forget to stir the mixture, as it is likely that it can burn.

The remaining 100 milliliters of milk must be boiled, added to the sour mass, mixed thoroughly and cooled.

Also for the cream substance, we need 250 milliliters of 30% cream, which is pre-cooled. Next, they must be whipped with a mixer, after placing the container for beating in cold water with ice. The whipping process is completed after receiving elastic air peaks.

Then 120 ml of sour cream are gradually added to the whipped cream.

In conclusion, you need to mix 70 grams of powdered sugar and 1 bag of vanillin. After that, it is added to the creamy sour cream and whipped all over for three minutes.

Then the milk mixture is added gradually to creamy sour cream, and once again everything is whipped for 3 minutes. After this cream product can be considered ready.

Recipe butter cream

This creamy product recipe will come to the rescue if you need to get a thick cream of butter and sour cream. It holds its shape well with a fluffy and light texture.

Best for decorating the cake.

This particular recipe uses products at room temperature. To make a creamy product you need to combine 250 grams of sour cream, 250 grams of butter and 250 milliliters of milk, mix everything thoroughly.

Beat the mixture at low speed until homogeneous.

After that, 1 cup of powdered sugar is added and the resulting mixture is whipped at a higher speed until a fluffy texture is formed. To give the recipe a more original taste, the cream can be flavored with liqueur, brandy, rum or vanilla essence.

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