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Cream-curd cake cream: the best recipes in your cookbook

The usefulness of the cream is reduced to the content in it of the curd. By itself, cottage cheese contains a large number of trace elements, in particular, it is rich in calcium. Only not everyone can force himself to eat ordinary cottage cheese, especially for children.

But if you make cream of cream and cottage cheese, then this delicacy will only please them. The recipe of cooking varies from the classic version to cream of cottage cheese cream with mascarpone, which is more suitable for you, you can decide by reading this article.

Secrets and subtleties in cooking

The basis of cream cheese cream includes such components as cottage cheese, eggs (more precisely, egg yolks), powdered sugar and cream of high fat content. There are also many variations of the preparation of creamy curd cream. For the most part it depends on the confectioner’s fantasy.

You can add lemon zest, natural dyes (syrup or juice of berries), pieces of fruit.

One of the main components of this product is curd mass.

The quality of the cream directly depends on its quality. In the case of cooking cream-curd cream product is best to use low-fat cottage cheese.

Also, do not forget that before cooking a creamy curd product, it is imperative to grind it using a sieve or skip through a meat grinder. This will allow you to get a crushed mass of a uniform consistency without lumps.

The second essential ingredient of a creamy cream product is cream.

When choosing a cream, preference is given to a product of high fat content — not less than 33%. If the percentage is lower, then it is necessary to add gelatin, otherwise the creamy substance will turn out to be liquid and will spread.

For a better product, all components of the cake are best pre-cooled. Also, dishes that recommend churning the cream should also be cold.

Cream for cooking is recommended before whipping put in the freezer for about 15-20 minutes.

If high fat cream is used to make a cream product, then you can safely add flavors such as syrup, rose water, brandy or liquor.

It is necessary to carefully monitor the process of whipping and prevent the cream from splitting, as in this case they will simply not be suitable for the layer and decoration of the cake. On request, in order to reduce the time for whipping cream, you can purchase special whipping cream in the store.

When beating it is necessary to make sure that the mass is homogeneous, there should be no lumps or grains in it. At the same time, the process of whipping should be started at low speed and gradually increase the speed.

Before use, cream product must be cooled. In order for the cream not to deteriorate and retain its freshness and form, gelatin is added to it.

Cooking recipes

Classic curd cream with cream

This recipe is still remembered by our grandmothers.

Over time, it has not undergone significant changes. The cream, prepared according to the classic recipe, is most often used for the layer and decoration of sponge cake, and can also be further decorated with berries and fruit pieces and served as an independent dessert.

For its preparation, 200 grams of low-fat cottage cheese are ground using a sieve with the utmost care. There should be no lumps in it.

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In parallel, 200 milliliters of thick consistency (preferably 33%) cream is combined with 1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar and 100 grams of white sugar (can be replaced with powdered sugar). All this is thoroughly mixed and whipped with a mixer until a fluffy mass is formed.

Then the creamy mass and cottage cheese are combined, thoroughly mixed and whipped until a uniform consistency of the product is formed. Then the cream product needs to be cooled.

Curd cream with cream and lemon zest

This recipe differs from the previous one, in fact, by adding lemon peel to the cream, and of the way it is prepared.

To do this, 500 grams of cottage cheese are passed through a sieve to eliminate lumps and grinding, and then whipped with a blender until a curd mass of a uniform consistency is formed.

To the curd mass is added 1/3 cup of heavy cream (33% fat), half a cup of powdered sugar, 1 teaspoon of lemon zest and ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract. All this is thoroughly mixed and whipped until the formation of airiness of the mass.

Before use, the product is best cooled.

Cream cheese with cream can be used for making sponge cake, for a layer of sandy cakes, and also as an independent dessert.

Cream cheese with eclairs

Recently, eclairs with cream and curd cream have become increasingly popular. This recipe will help you to prepare the most delicate delicacy.

At the first stage of preparing a cream product, high-fat cream (33%) in the amount of one cup is whipped with 4 tablespoons of powdered sugar until the formation of air peaks.

In parallel, 250 grams of cottage cheese is ground through a sieve and mixed with 1 tablespoon of maple syrup. Gradually, in small portions, the creamy mass is added to the curd, everything is neatly mixed using a silicone spatula.

Then the cream is placed in a pastry bag, cooled and can be used to fill eclairs or to decorate a cake.

Butter Curd Cream with Cream

Many variations of cream and curd cream will allow you to surprise guests with the novelty taste of dessert. Now consider how to prepare the butter cream from the curd and cream, which is ideal for both cake and wafer rolls filling.

The recipe of its preparation does not differ in particular complexity, and the novice pastry chef will cope with it.

To make it, 150 grams in this case of fat cottage cheese is rubbed through a sieve to eliminate lumps. Then, 25 milliliters of 20% cream are added to the curd and everything is whipped with a mixer until it is fluffy and smooth.

If the mass is not enough fluffy, then add more cream and continue to beat on. After that, a few drops of vanilla essence are added to the curd mass.

The oily cream product essentially consists of two components.

To prepare the oil, 120 grams of butter are taken and cut into pieces, 150 grams of powdered sugar are added to them and everything is whipped until a thick and fluffy state is formed. It should be noted that the sand sugar is best added in small portions.

After that, the curd and creamy masses are combined into one and whipped until a homogeneous state. Next, the cream product is placed in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.

Butter cream cheese cream is ready and can be used to decorate the dessert.

Cream cheese with cream and gelatin

The recipe for creamy curd cream with gelatin is best suited for the layer, as a sponge cake, and other desserts, as well as their decoration, as it holds its shape well. It can also be used to decorate souffles.

For its preparation, 2 tablespoons of gelatinous powder are poured over half a glass of hot milk, and everything is thoroughly mixed until the crystals completely dissolve.

500 grams of mass from the curd is ground through a sieve and whipped with 1 cup of powdered sugar until smooth. To the resulting mass of cottage cheese is added dissolved gelatin.

In a separate bowl, 1 cup of high-fat cream is whipped with a mixer until air peaks form. After that, the creamy mass and curd are combined and mixed with a silicone spatula, trying to maintain the lightness of the cream, until a homogeneous state.

At the same time, you can also use berries to decorate.

Cream cheese with mascarpone cream

The recipe for cottage cheese cream with cream and mascarpone will not leave indifferent even a true gourmet. It can be used to decorate and layer a cake, or as an independent dessert with fruit pieces and berries.

300 grams of curd mass is ground using a sieve to remove lumps until completely homogeneous. To prepare, take 2 eggs, and the yolks are separated from the proteins.

Two yolks are pounded with ground mass of cottage cheese.

Half a cup of cream, used for beating, beat with a mixer until air peaks are obtained. Separately, 110 grams of powdered sugar and 250 grams of mascarpone cheese are whipped until uniform.

After that, the curd mass and the mascarpone mass are combined and thoroughly mixed, then the cream mass is added, and again all is mixed in the most thorough way using a silicone spatula. The cream is ready.

So, what recipe to use, choose you.

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