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Cream Cheese Cake

Cream cheese cake cream is considered the most unique and common. First, it can be supplemented with various components — nuts, fresh fruit, liquors or brandy. Secondly, it keeps its shape perfectly, as the temperature does not affect the given type of cream.

So, we offer you to consider step-by-step recipes and a variety of cooking options.

The classic version of the filling

Sweet, tasty layer for the cake is recommended to do with two types of cheese: Mascarpone and Philadelphia. Used not only for promazyvaniya, but also as decoration of the finished confection.

Most suitable for biscuit or honey type cakes.


  • icing sugar — 1/2 cup;
  • Cream 35% fat — 350 ml;
  • Mascarpone cheese — 270 g;
  • vanilla — 1/2 tsp;
  • Philadelphia cheese — 270 g.


First of all, you need to put the cream in the fridge or freezer for 20 minutes.

In tara lay out two types of cheese, stir. Using a mixer, beat.

Fall asleep sweet powder. Beat until the curd mass is fluffy.

Pour in vanilla essence, mix.

Introduce cold cream in a thin stream and continue beating. That’s all, the recipe for cream and cheese cream cake came to an end.

You can safely take and use as intended.

Important! It is easy to make the mass thick; simply place it in the cold for 60 minutes.

Nut Filling for Cake

It is recommended to prepare for leveling the surface of the product, and the cakes should be well soaked. The consistency of the mass is dense, which has a pleasant aroma of nuts.


  • cottage cheese — 500 g;
  • granulated sugar — 220 g;
  • cream fat content 33% — 200 ml;
  • lemon peel — 1/3 tsp;
  • food gelatin — 2 tablespoons l .;
  • chilled water — 100 ml;
  • vanilla — 1 g;
  • walnuts — 100 g


  1. Pour the required amount of water into a small container, pour out the gelling ingredient. Stir, cover and leave for half an hour to swell.
  2. In the meantime, it is necessary to prepare the remaining ingredients: rub the cottage cheese through a fine sieve (small lumps should not be present in the finished mass), sort the nuts and lightly fry in a frying pan without oil, then finely chop.
  3. Put the prepared cottage cheese product in a deep container, add vanillin to it, stir it up. Add finely chopped lemon zest and gelatin, stirring occasionally.
  4. Pour the cream into a separate container, beat. Then in small portions add to the cottage cheese mixture with constant stirring.
  5. At the very end lay the nuts, stir and remove in the cold for 2 hours.

Berry cream option

Consider a recipe with a photo of cooking cream cheese cake cream, which in addition to the main components include berries. To enhance the flavor is recommended to add a little vanilla.

  • Philadelphia curd cheese — 350 g;
  • vanillin — 1 tsp;
  • butter — 130 g;
  • fresh berries — 500 g;
  • icing sugar — 120 g


  1. We spread the oil in a bowl and start to grind, add powder.
  2. After 7 minutes, pour in the vanilla, lay the cheese, beat until the mass becomes homogeneous and airy.
  3. Berries are sorted, removing spoiled and rotten. We shift in a sieve, wash. Pour into bowl for blender and grind. We connect them with the previously prepared mass, gently stirring.
  4. Sweet layer can be used immediately, but it is recommended to stand in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

Tip! Not only a mixer, but also a blender can be used for whipping components, if it has special nozzles.

If the mass is too saturated with air, then it will be much more difficult to lay it on the surface of the cake.

Berries can be taken not only fresh, but also frozen. First, they need to be defrosted, allowed to drain excess liquid and only then use.

Butter Cheese Cream

In this recipe, you must strictly observe the temperature of the products: cheese — chilled, butter — soft. Used not only for decoration, but also to align the sides of the confectionery product.


  • granulated sugar — 120 g;
  • butter — 100 g;
  • Mascarpone cheese — 340 g;
  • vanillin — 1 tsp


  1. Sugar grind in a coffee grinder.
  2. Soft oil is released from the packaging and leave in a plastic container. We grind, pouring sugar powder in small portions.
  3. Putting on a tablespoon cream cheese, whip. At the very end add vanilla, gently stir.
  4. After we remove in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

From the resulting cream, you can decorate the cake, the diameter of which is 25 cm. For promazyvaniya, these components need to be multiplied by 2.

Important! If the cake will be further decorated with mastic, then the place of attachment with the figure is required to be smeared with melted chocolate.

Otherwise, the decoration will melt, which can spoil the appearance of the product.

Option with condensed cream

Consider a recipe with step-by-step photos on the preparation of cream cheese cream cake. It can be used not only to coat cakes, but also to decorate cakes.


  • cream fat content of 33% — 220 ml;
  • butter — 200 g;
  • condensed milk — 1 can;
  • vanilla — 1/2 tsp


  1. Remove the oil from the packaging, cut into small pieces and put in a plastic container.
  2. Pour in condensed milk and begin to beat with a mixer. The consistency of the mixture should be homogeneous.
  3. Pour chilled cream into another container, pour crystal vanillin, whisk.
  4. Combine the two mixtures, gently stir with a plastic spoon.
  5. We put the prepared mass in the refrigerator for half an hour.

Tip! Fatty cream before cooking must be cooled.

Dishes should be cool and clean. During the whipping cream will foam, and literally in a few minutes to thicken.

The main condition is not to beat for a long time, otherwise oil will turn out.

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