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Cottage cheese napoleon with custard and fresh berries

What a holiday without a cake? Cottage cheese cake «Napoleon» with custard is a safe option for the festive table. In its preparation, special attention is paid to the test.

The thinner and airier the cakes, the tastier you get a treat. The recipe for the cake «Napoleon» is easy to prepare and loved by all guests, like a hundred years ago.

In 1912 a celebration was held in Moscow on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the expulsion of Napoleon Bonaparte from Russia. Many dishes were prepared for this celebration, the cooks tried their best.

Confectioners decided to invent a new recipe to surprise the invited guests. They made an unusual cake. It was a kind of triangular shape, consisting of cakes and a delicate cream.

Remember what kind of uniform Napoleon wore a hat? Right, triangular.

She was even mentioned in one of M. Lermontov’s poems. «He has a triangular hat and a gray martial coat …». After the publication of this poem in the Russian people, the horned head led only to Napoleon. Therefore, when the guests were brought out a new culinary masterpiece, triangle-shaped pastries, on the name issue, no one even doubted that it was “Napoleon”.

The recipe from the moment of birth did not change much. The cake consists of cakes and custard.

Until now, the cake is cut into triangles, like a century ago.

So let’s get started:

The recipe for making a cake is simple. The main rule for beginners is to follow these rules when cooking custard.

First, prepare the curd dough:

It is done very simply. We take six eggs, we break into a dish.

It is better to pull the eggs out of the refrigerator beforehand so that the sugar in them dissolves better. Add 400 gr. sugar, whisk whisk. A pinch of salt will not be too much, the dough will not be bland.

Before sifting flour, mix with 1 tsp. baking powder, it will make the dough porous. So, flour sifted, eggs with sugar hit.

Sugar must be dissolved. Because if sugar does not dissolve, then when baking, crystals will appear on the surface of the dough.

In the eggs with sugar, add 500 grams. cottage cheese. The recipe provides for the use of only thick curd, not liquid.

Then sifted flour. Dough should be kneaded well, form a «sausage» and divided into equal fifteen parts (future cakes).

We put them on a baking sheet or form, cover with foil, in order to avoid chapping and put in the refrigerator. The dough should «rest» for half an hour.

It becomes thanks to this obedient, because during this time the flour absorbs moisture, gluten swells. When you roll it, it will not be rolled back, but will be evenly rolled.

This is what we need, the thinner you roll out the cake layers, the tastier the Napoleon curd cake will turn out.

The dough stood in the refrigerator. From the balls roll rings, with a diameter of 22 cm.

It is very convenient to have a substrate. It has a lot of circles with diameters, which helps with rolling. If there is no substrate, then roll it out by eye.

We bake in the oven in turns for 2-6 minutes, simultaneously rolling the next one. Korzhi necessarily pierce with a fork so that they do not swell.

Cooking custard:

This cream has a special tenderness. We recommend using this recipe in cooking. Cooked without eggs.

Many, having tried it, do not understand why they should add eggs to the custard and look for another cream recipe, because this one is so perfect. Without eggs, the cream turns out to be very delicate in texture.

For custard need: 1 tbsp. milk 0.5 st. sugar, 100 gr. butter, 3 tbsp. flour with a good «hill». If you want to get a liquid cream, you can use 1.5 tbsp. Vanillin is added to the already cooled cream.

A small amount of milk is cast to make a flour mixture. The rest of the milk is poured into a saucepan, pour sugar and put on a slow fire. Sugar in milk should be dissolved.

Pour the flour into the milk, which we have previously cast, mix well into a homogeneous mass. In the milk-flour mixture, add a little hot milk, mix with a whisk.

The remaining milk is put on the stove and in a thin stream pour in the milky flour mass. We continue to cook, stirring until thick.

The whisk is better to use plastic, so that the cream is less in contact with the metal with active stirring. Pot, where the cream is cooked, it is better to take a double bottom. In a double bottom pan, heat is much better distributed.

The cream is warming up evenly. It is necessary to interfere without ceasing, so that lumps are not formed, so that the mass is homogeneous.

When the cream starts to thicken, it means that it is ready. Cream is better to cook over low heat so that it does not burn. The cream should be allowed to cool so that the film does not form, it must be periodically mixed, or cover it with plastic film on top.

While the cream cools, take the butter at room temperature. We need to beat it up to white fluffy mass. First, at a slow speed, and then turn on the big one.

After beating, the oil turned white, it became more fluffy. Add vanilla sugar. Cool to 30-35 ° C, then oil is more easily mixed.

Beat so that the formed lumps disperse. In whipped butter in small portions, 2-3 tablespoons put the milk-flour mixture, stirring well each time.

Our cream is ready. The texture is very delicate, the taste is gently creamy.

It is advisable to put in the refrigerator, where he podstnet a little. Because it contains butter.

With custard we will cook Napoleon cheesecake. Therefore, the cream is not just custard, but creamy with Philadelphia cheese. After you have boiled it and cooled it, we start to beat it up, add 500 gr. cream cheese.

Make sure that there are no lumps, the cream should increase several times in volume. At the very end add 400 gr. butter. Almost everything is ready, rosy cakes are a beautiful stack, it remains to collect the cake.

Lubricate the cakes alternately cream.

We decorate the sides of the cake with a cooking syringe. We take Savoardi biscuit sticks and put them on the sides with a small fence.

The center is decorated with fresh berries and fruits. Well suited kiwi, strawberries, blueberries, canned peaches.

Cake «Napoleon» with custard should stand for two hours to soak.

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