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Cookies and condensed milk cake — simple and quick recipes

One of the brightest representatives is a cake made from biscuits and condensed milk called “Anthill”.

But about this cake, you can read an article on our website called “An anthill made from cookies — a quick whack of a cake”, which describes in detail the process of cooking a delicious dessert.

In principle, a cookie is a versatile material for those who do not have much time to prepare snacks for tea. This cake is made very quickly, it freezes in the freezer almost instantly, but more often it is made from the evening, so that in the morning you can drink a mug of coffee with a slice of cake.

Cookies and condensed milk, as well as butter, which are necessarily present in the recipe of the cake — very high-calorie foods. For this reason, after eating a small piece, a person feels full and full of strength at the beginning of the day.

The kids love cakes without baking, because the younger generation is also allowed to be present in the kitchen during cooking and they can even help. Many children in the first years of life love to help their mothers in the kitchen, only then this zeal passes.

If you want to raise a wonderful hostess or teach you to cook a boy, then you should start with cakes without baking at the moment when the little ones still want to be like their parents in everything.

The most common recipe for sausages without baking

Not a little has already been said about this cake, but it may be worth repeating so that this recipe can become the base for the rest of the desserts.

What is required for the classic sausage:

  • Cookies — 0.8 — 1 kg.
  • Good quality butter — 1 pack;
  • Cocoa powder — 4 tablespoons;
  • Condensed milk — 1 can.

In this recipe, you can add nuts, dried apricots, raisins, prunes, poppy — nothing can spoil it, but only change the taste and create a new cake.

To prepare the base, divide the biscuit into pieces — 1/3 break hands into pieces of medium size, and pass 2/3 through a meat grinder. Next, add softened butter to the prepared base and mix.

Following the butter, condensed milk and sifted cocoa will enter the cake. Well knead the cooked dough with your hands. Roll out a piece of cling film or plastic bag and lay out the dough, forming a sausage.

We roll the sausage into the bag and put it in the freezer for 3-4 hours.

But as practice shows, many housewives make a cake out of cookies and condensed milk in the evening, so that they have a delicious hearty piece by morning coffee.

More complex options for this cake

It cannot be said that the hedgehog cake is a much more complicated version of the cake without baking. It differs slightly in content and appearance, and the quantity and quality of the products is almost the same as in the previous recipe.

The main ingredients for a hedgehog:

  • Cookies — 1 kg .;
  • Butter — 1.5 packs;
  • Condensed milk — 1 can;
  • Condensed cocoa — 1 bank;
  • Nuts (peanuts) 0.5 glass;
  • Dark chocolate — 1 small chocolate (25 gr)

The main stage of cooking a hedgehog is in its decoration, as the step-by-step recipe for making dough is described above. Of course, there are some design changes in cooking. Cookies for a hedgehog must be completely minced and mixed with a pack of softened butter.

Mix well and add regular condensed milk. Also add half a jar of condensed cocoa.

If the color of the dough is not very dark, then you can add a couple of tablespoons of cocoa powder. Fry the nuts without butter and peel from the peel. We divide each nut into two halves.

It is easy to do this, as by simple pressing with clubs, well-done nuts, divide themselves. Add the halves to the mass and mix.

At this moment, the cake will have to be formed by hands, giving it the shape of a hedgehog with a sharp nose.

After preparing the base, let’s decorate our creations.

To do this, whip half a pack of butter, giving it a thickness and pomp with a mixer, and add to the butter, the remaining condensed cocoa. Beat well and form a needle on the back of a hedgehog using a pastry bag. Melt the chocolate on the steam bath to the consistency of clay, and form a spout and eyes.

Attach the organs of vision and smell on the muzzle of the hedgehog and put it in the freezer for 3-4 hours.

It will turn out to be a beautiful birthday cake for the child, which will be enjoyed by all the guests.

More sophisticated cakes

If it became boring with simple recipes, you can vary the cake a bit and make a treat of crackers in the form of fish. The benefit of modern industry currently indulges a variety of cookies with different fillers.

But the fish are so small that the maximum that can be added to them during production is a poppy.

Prepare a cake of crackers Fish with poppy seeds, for which we need:

  • Cookies in the form of fish with poppy seeds — 300 gr .;
  • Cottage cheese — 400 gr .;
  • Yogurt — 2 glasses;
  • Butter — 100 gr .;
  • Condensed milk — 8 tablespoons.

Preparation begins with the fact that all the fish have to bathe in yogurt.

That is, it is necessary to soak all the cookies offered in the recipe in a mixture of yogurt and 2 tablespoons of condensed milk. Fish should swim in this mass and swell the whole night.

To make the cake immediately become the shape that you intended, it is better to soak the fish in silicone molds of the same size.

The next day, we begin to prepare a cream of cottage cheese and condensed milk.

Condensed milk is taken at the rate of 1.5 tablespoons per 100 grams. cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is better to grind in a blender or grind through a small strainer. With shredded cottage cheese cream will be softer and airy.

This impregnation is not required to beat, you just need to mix the two ingredients and bring the cream to a smooth mass.

After preparation of the impregnation, remove the finished cakes from the freezer and carefully remove the silicone molds from them. It is better if the number of forms is more than 2, then the cake will be more saturated. Coat each layer with cream, fold it on top of each other and coat the cake on all sides.

Do not forget about the sides of the cake. You can decorate this product with crumbs from any cookies or chopped nuts and chocolate chips.

After you have collected and decorated the whole dessert, you can immediately serve it to the table, as the fish are completely soaked with yogurt for the night, and the fresh curd cream is much tastier than just lying down.

You can also add to the cottage cheese any juice that will give the cream a taste of berries or fruits.

Also on the basis of cottage cheese cream, you can create a delicious cake roll.

It will appeal to many children and adults. For cooking you will need:

  • Cookies or crumb from different shortbread cookies — 0.5 kg.;
  • Butter — 1 pack;
  • Condensed milk — 1 bank;
  • Cocoa — 4 tbsp. spoons;
  • Cottage cheese — 400 gr;
  • The berries frozen or fresh without stones — 1 glass.

First, prepare the classic cake without baking, for which all the cookies are passed through a meat grinder and mixed with softened butter. From the cans of condensed milk we pour 6 tablespoons of tablespoons and pour the rest into the dough.

Sift the cocoa and knead the dough with your hands.

Cooking cream.

To do this, skip the curd through a sieve or break all the lumps with a blender. Add condensed milk to the curd and mix well. Condensed milk put 6 tablespoons.

Now roll out the cling film and spread the dough out of the cookies in an even layer.

Level the dough with the back of a knife, giving it a completely even layer. Lay out the cream on top and level it as well. Top on the impregnation pour the berries and evenly distributed over the entire surface.

The following procedure will require some effort, as it is necessary to wrap all the resulting mass into a roll. Gently wrapped, we shift the product in the freezer until the next morning.

It will turn out very tasty roll with berries and curd cream.

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