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Condensed milk at home

Not everyone knows that cooking condensed milk at home is not at all troublesome. Most often, the product is bought in the store. This is due to the fact that many housewives are frightened by the cooking process.

However, it is not as difficult and time consuming as it seems at first glance. In addition, a delicacy made with your own hands is much more delicious than a purchased product.

The cooking process takes only 20 minutes. The result is a terrific dessert, which can be used both separately and added to pastries.

There is another nuance that will convince you to make a condensed delicacy yourself. To prepare will leave the minimum amount of ingredients. The cost of the finished product will be much lower than that purchased in the store.

Thus it will be possible to save more.

Classic recipe

It will not be difficult to make condensed milk at home from milk and sugar. This recipe is a classic, it was popular in the days of our grandmothers.

Recipes handed down from generation to generation. Each housewife can add her own ingredients to the dish, thereby making the taste of the finished product more saturated.

To make condensed milk it is best to choose milk with the highest fat content. The quality of the finished dessert depends on it.

The minimum set of products that make up the dish makes the recipe quite popular. Many housewives with pleasure in their own kitchen prepare an amazing delicacy and pamper them with the whole family.


  • milk — 1 liter;
  • sugar — half a kilogram.

Step-by-step cooking recipe:

Pour milk into the pan, add sugar.

Put the pan with the contents on a small fire, cook for 2 hours.

At the same time, the mass is constantly stirred until it thickens.

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  1. Do not increase the power of the gas. This will not affect the cooking speed, but will only spoil the finished product. Thus, the milk will start to burn.
  2. If more sugar is poured, the milk will begin to thicken faster. However, the dish may become too sweet, which not everyone likes.

Condensed milk in 15 minutes

There are a lot of recipes for making condensed milk at home, but the dish gets a delicate flavor with butter. Each hostess chooses a recipe at its discretion.

In any case, the delicacy is very tasty.

This recipe allows you to cook a dessert in just 15 minutes. A great option for busy housewives. With the help of treats, you can pamper your entire family, and gather all your relatives at one table.

Dessert goes well with pancakes and a cup of tea.


  • milk — 250 grams;
  • sugar — 200 grams;
  • butter — 20 grams.

Step-by-step cooking recipe:

Prepare a saucepan with high sides, pour milk, add sugar, butter.

Place the container on the stove, turn on the minimum fire. Mass constantly stirring.

Watch for sugar, it should dissolve. After the milk boils, increase the gas to the maximum.

The most interesting process begins. Milk will run out and froth.

To prevent this from happening, you need to mix the composition in a circle, scooping with a spoon and pouring it back.

If the milk mass still boils away, it is better to reduce the heat. Do not forget about time.

After 10 minutes, the milk will begin to thicken, stop boiling, and a condensed aroma will cover the entire kitchen. Care must be taken, in no case can the composition be digested. Only 15 minutes and the delicacy will be on the table.

Immediately the mass may seem liquid, however, after a while it will thicken.

Delicacy in a multivariate

Thanks to the kitchen assistant it is possible to cook various dishes with ease. Condensed milk at home according to the recipe in the slow cooker is prepared quite simply.

Every housewife knows how the cooking process is simplified thanks to a different technique.

The recipe is unique, the delicacy turns out very tasty. From such a treat will be delighted both adults and children. A great option for busy housewives who do not have a lot of free time.

Using the multicooker cooking process will bring a lot of pleasure and will save time.


  • milk — 2 liters;
  • sugar — 750 grams.

Step-by-step cooking recipe:

  1. Take the bowl from the multicooker, pour milk into it, add granulated sugar, mix.
  2. Set the steam-product-vegetables mode, and stirring to bring the mass to a boil. The lid must be open.
  3. After boiling the milk, select the stewing-product-meat mode and cook the dessert for 1.5 hours. If there is a multiplayer mode, you can select it by setting the temperature to 100 degrees.
  4. A lot of stirring from time to time.
  5. At the end of the allotted time, pour condensed milk into a container, cool.

Option perfect condensed milk

There is nothing easier than to prepare condensed milk at home with this recipe. Delicacy will be ready in 15 minutes.

The fastest way to get a favorite dessert and treat them to the whole family.

Every housewife knows how hard it is to cook something special and not to spend all day in the kitchen. This recipe can be a real salvation. Condensed milk turns out delicious, thick.

The aroma that will spread through the house, will not leave anyone indifferent.

Delicacy cooked in your own kitchen is much tastier than the purchased product. In addition, it is also possible to save money.

For cooking requires a minimum set of ingredients that are sure to be found in every home.

To get an excellent result, you should absolutely adhere to this recipe. No need to increase or reduce the time for cooking, otherwise the dessert may not like it.

After 15 minutes, your favorite treat will be on the table.

According to the proposed recipe will be released about 300 grams of condensed milk. Enough to gather at the same table for the whole family.


  • milk — 200 grams;
  • powdered sugar — 200 grams;
  • butter — 20 grams.

Step-by-step cooking recipe:

  1. Take a pan, pour milk into it, add powdered sugar, butter.
  2. Place the obsessed person on the stove, make the gas to the minimum.
  3. Stir a lot, powder and oil should be dissolved.
  4. As soon as the mixture begins to boil, foam appears.
  5. You can add fire to the average, prepare the composition without ceasing to stir.
  6. The mass will foam and boil, in this case it is possible to reduce the fire.
  7. Boil 10 minutes. It is important to respect the cooking time, otherwise the result may be disappointing.
  8. Turn off the fire.
  9. Pour cold water into the container, place the dishes and contents in it.
  10. Condensed milk will be liquid, no need to be upset. After a while it will thicken.
  11. Stir the mass, pour into a dry jar, close the lid.
  12. As soon as the mass has cooled, put it in the fridge.

Expert advice on cooking condensed milk

Preparing condensed milk at home is not difficult, as expert advice will help. Especially they can be useful for beginners and inexperienced cooks hostesses. By listening to some
recommendations, it will be possible to create real culinary masterpieces in your own kitchen.

The cooking process is quite simple. However, in order to get everything right the first time, it’s worth knowing in advance about some secrets.

  1. For the preparation of delicacies should choose only fresh milk with high fat content. The best option is 3.2%.
  2. Cooking utensils should be thoroughly prepared. The tank should be wide, stainless steel, have a thick bottom.
  3. Condensed mass should be constantly stirring, the milk should not burn. Therefore, you can give preference to dishes with a non-stick coating or cook a delicacy for a couple.
  4. So that the milk does not curl up and lumps appear, a small amount of soda can be added to the mass. Its proportion should be calculated from the dairy product, 1 gram of soda should be poured into 1 liter.
  5. To get a delicious dessert, you need to do everything according to the proposed recipe. Each of the options is different, so it is important to perform all the steps in strictness. Otherwise, the finished product may turn out to be too
    liquid, or completely digested.
  6. It is important to monitor the cooking process. Periodically need to try condensed milk.
  7. As soon as the mass acquires a condensed flavor and stops pouring at boiling, the pan can be removed from the stove.
  8. Calculate how it turns out the finished product is quite difficult, you should take into account many factors. The importance of the fat content of milk, the ingredients included in the composition, cooking time, temperature. More often
    it turns out the finished product is 2 times less than the ingredients were used.
  9. Cooked condensed milk can be stored in the refrigerator for a long time. To do this, it must be poured into banks, which should be sterilized in advance. If necessary, take a treat only with a dry, clean spoon. This will allow
    enjoy your favorite dessert for quite some time.

Knowing the secrets of how to cook condensed milk at home, in your own kitchen you can work wonders. Having mastered the process of cooking your favorite dish, you will surprise all family members and pamper them with new, original dishes.

Fantasy knows no bounds. How many excellent recipes exist that are prepared with condensed milk. Homemade product has a stunning taste and magical aroma.

How wonderful when the smell of condensed milk is felt throughout the house. There is a desire to gather all at the same table, and try a delicacy for a cup of tea.

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