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Chocolate Ganache Recipe

You can make a variety of options for creams that make the cake, but the best of all is ganache. This delicacy is prepared on the basis of cream with the addition of real chocolate.

This composition is used to cover the cake as a glaze, and if you make the structure more dense, you can create candy from this dessert.

To obtain a more dense cream, a greater amount of chocolate is added to the mass than for ordinary glaze. In this article we will talk about how to quickly make chocolate ganache, according to the various recipes mentioned in this article.

Option cooking cream on milk


  • dark chocolate without additives — 210 grams;
  • milk 2.5% — 110 ml;
  • high-quality butter — 210 grams.


To prepare chocolate ganache, according to the specified recipe with a photo, you need to prepare a steam bath in advance, since our cream will be prepared just for a couple so that the mixture does not burn.

In the tank, first pour the required amount of milk of medium fat, and there break up the chocolate bar. The composition is put on a bath and left until the pieces of chocolate do not completely dissolve.

Chocolate milk is removed from the steam bath, and then allowed to cool for a little, the butter is put into the already slightly cooled mixture, which has previously been softened.

It is worth noting that the cream will turn out delicious only if the oil will be of high quality, the spread in this case is not used.

The mixture is stirred until the mass is as smooth and thick as possible.

The finished chocolate mass is sent to the refrigerator chamber, where it is aged for fifteen minutes, after which it is used to decorate cakes and pastries.

Ganache on cream with the addition of rum


  • cream fat content of 33% — 255 ml;
  • cognac or good rum — 1 spoon;
  • dark chocolate without filler — 255 grams.

Step by step preparation:

  1. Chocolate ganache is prepared, according to this recipe for the cake, quite simply and quickly, its preparation takes no more than fifteen minutes. Begin the cooking process with the preparation of a chocolate bar, to begin with it is broken into small pieces. To make the cream really tasty, you should use high-quality chocolate, with a minimum amount of cocoa butter, and a maximum amount of cocoa.
  2. Now we need cream, they are sent to a deep container, and then put the bowl on the steam bath, where the creamy product will heat up. As soon as the cream boils, they are immediately removed from the heat, and chocolate pieces are added to the already hot mixture. Both ingredients are mixed intensively to get a uniform consistency, the chocolate must be completely dissolved.
  3. At the final stage, a spoonful of rum is added to the resulting mass, the mixture is mixed again and cooled a little. This composition can cover the surface of the dessert, like icing. If you need to get a cream, then put a pack of good butter in a softened form in the finished glaze. The cream is mixed until homogeneous, cooled a little in the refrigerator chamber, and the ready dessert is covered in mass.

White chocolate cream preparation

You will need:

  • cream with fat content of 35% — 110 ml;
  • high quality white chocolate — 210 grams;
  • flavoring or coloring — if desired.

Cooking method:

  1. You can create chocolate ganache, according to this recipe for the cake, in this case, a delicacy is obtained in a delicate shade. The advantage of this cream is that it can be tinted, since the white mass is easily stained with dyes. For a start, we need cream, it is very important to use a fatty product, only this will result in a thick creamy texture. The product is poured into a saucepan and put on medium heat. As soon as the cream boils, they are immediately removed from the stove.
  2. Slices of white chocolate are gradually added to the hot cream, the mass is stirred until the chocolate pieces are completely dissolved in the milk. This procedure can be carried out on the stove, it is enough just to reduce the fire to the minimum.
  3. The prepared mass is whipped with a mixer at high speed to get a smooth and fluffy cream. The mass is sent for some time in the refrigerator. Once the cream has cooled, you can use it to decorate the cake. You should not overdo the dessert in the refrigerator, but if the mass has cooled, it is slightly warmed in the microwave.

Classic cream cooking

You will need:

  • Dark chocolate without additives — 125 grams;
  • high-quality butter — 45 grams;
  • cream fat content of 30% — 110 ml.

Cooking method:

  1. To prepare chocolate ganache, according to the specified recipe, with mastic, it is necessary to start preparing chocolates. The tile is broken into small pieces and sent to a separate bowl. In a small saucepan, pour about a hundred milliliters of cream, and then put the container on the stove. The creamy product is brought to a boiling point, the fire is reduced and pieces of chocolate are added there.
  2. You can not boil the cream, but only bring them to a boil, then pour the cream product pieces of chocolate. In this form, leave the chocolate for ten minutes to melt the chocolate. After ten minutes, you can mix the mixture until a homogeneous thick structure. It is recommended to do this using a whisk or a mixer.
  3. As soon as the mass is slightly cooled, high-quality butter is added to it and thoroughly whipped. The finished cream is sent to the refrigerator chamber, and after cooling it is used to decorate baking.

To speed up the process of cooking dessert, the chocolate bar can not break into pieces, but just grate. So the chocolate dissolves faster in the liquid.

Finished delicacy is better to use immediately after preparation. When ganache is used as a filling, it is left to cool for twelve hours.

It should be borne in mind that the finished cream will have a bitter creamy taste, as granulated sugar is not included in the recipe.

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