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Chocolate cake cream: seven different options for your piggy bank with recipes

It has long been known that chocolate is a strong anti-depressant and in Switzerland it is produced to the rank of an anti-depression drug. Partly, chocolate cream can cope with this task and cheer you up on a sad overcast day.

A cup of coffee with a pastry or a cake with a chocolate cake will invigorate you all day long.

Ways of cooking chocolate cream, as well as its varieties, a great many. However, how to prepare a chocolate cream for the cake, and how to choose a recipe in one way or another, choose directly the pastry chef.

This article presents you with a choice of seven chocolate cream recipes for all occasions.

A couple of tips for making cream

When preparing a cream, the best option would be to use eggs, yolks or proteins in a chilled form. When used in the preparation of butter, it is recommended to beat it in cold water to give its shape stability. To give the cream pomp should avoid water in the cream.

When cooking cream, cocoa powder is boiled on a mandatory basis, and chocolate is only melted. In the recipe it is better to use real chocolate, without impurities.

If you are preparing chocolate cream made from cocoa, then to give more emphasis on chocolate, it is recommended to sprinkle the ready-made dessert on top with dark chocolate chips.

When using the product for impregnating and decorating chocolate cake, the cream substance must first be placed in a refrigerator with a lid on.

If chocolate cream is planned to be used as an independent dessert, then it is best to give an additional accent to leave it uncovered in creamer, which will allow a tasty crust to form.

In order to simplify the application of the cream on the cake and in order that it is more evenly distributed on the cake, it is proposed to pre-saturate the surface with syrup.

Seven recipes for your cooking bank

Classic Chocolate Cream

The recipe for classic chocolate cream has been known since time immemorial and is quite simple to prepare. In order to prepare this product, it is necessary to melt 250 grams of dark chocolate, and then slightly cool to a temperature of about 45 °.

In parallel, 320 grams of butter, previously softened to room temperature, beat with 1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar and a pinch of salt. Without ceasing to beat the butter, two chicken eggs are added to it successively and in 2 or 3 passes 430 grams of powdered sugar.

Then melted chocolate is added to the mixture and whisk again until the resulting mass is homogeneous. Before using the cream must be slightly cooled.

Sour cream with chocolate

Sour cream with chocolate is widely used for layers and decorating desserts. The recipe of cooking it is quite common, and, in general, the strength of the novice pastry chef.

For its preparation, 400 grams of chopped bitter chocolate is placed in a container with a rather thick bottom and 60 milliliters of corn syrup is added (if desired, the confectioner can be replaced with molasses or sugar). Then all this is placed in a water bath and heated, stirring constantly, until completely dissolved.

Then the chocolate mixture is cooled to the temperature level in the room.

Separately mixed 1 teaspoon of salt, a bag of vanillin and 460 milliliters of 25% sour cream. Cream-vanilla portion of the cream is placed above the steam to warm up.

Then the chocolate and sour cream-vanilla part are mixed and whipped with a mixer.

In a separate container, 170 grams of butter and 300 grams of powdered sugar are whipped until a fluffy mass is formed. It should be noted that the mixture should become whiter and approximately double. Then the two mixtures are combined and whipped for four minutes.

For complete readiness, the cream is covered with cling film and placed in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

After that, a sour cream version of chocolate cream is ready for impregnation and cake decorating.

Curd chocolate cream

The recipe allows you to make chocolate cream curd that makes your dessert not only tasty, but also useful. For decoration, a small amount of dark chocolate is rubbed with a grater.

100 grams of chocolate breaks into pieces, folds into a saucepan and melts over low heat. Then gradually 4 tablespoons of milk are added to the chocolate.

In parallel, 200 grams of defatted curd mass is whipped with a mixer until smooth. 400 milliliters, 35% cream, pre-whipped with a mixer, is added to the curd mass.

Then the curd component of the cream is divided into two parts. The melted chocolate mass is added to one, and the second part is mixed with a bag of sugar and granulated sugar to taste.

Then the two parts are combined and thoroughly mixed. This cream can be used for interlayer and decoration of confectionery products, as well as as an independent dessert.

Chocolate Cream Biscuit Dessert

This recipe is best suited for the impregnation and decoration of sponge cake. They are rightfully among the most popular in the world.

A special feature of the biscuit cake is the ease of preparation, a small number of components. It is distinguished by a light and delicate taste.

Using chocolate cream for sponge cake will allow you to get an excellent dessert that will delight your guests.

To prepare this option, 2 chicken eggs are taken, and the yolks are separated from the proteins. It should be remembered that the recipe for making chocolate cream for biscuit cake is used only yolks. After stirring the yolks, 20 milliliters of ice-cold water is added and everything is whipped until a homogeneous mass is formed.

After that, 240 milliliters of condensed milk is added to them and everything is thoroughly mixed. After that, the resulting mixture is placed on a slow fire and cooked to the form of acidic mass.

A pre-sifted cocoa powder in the amount of 40 grams is added to the mass and 400 grams of softened butter are also placed there. Everything is thoroughly mixed and cooled.

After that, they can grease biscuit cake cakes.

Chocolate cream with honey

The recipe of its preparation includes only three ingredients and even an inexperienced cook can do it. For its preparation, take a 25-fat cream about 250 milliliters, pour it into a saucepan, add 50 milliliters of light honey, and bring everything to a boil.

200 grams of dark chocolate is broken into pieces and added to the cream. All this is thoroughly mixed, removed from the heat and set to cool to room temperature.

After that, the finished product is moved to the refrigerator.

Chocolate cream with coffee

This special coffee chocolate flavored recipe will give your dessert a unique flavor. For its preparation is prepared a cup of strong black coffee.

To prepare this variant, 3 chicken eggs are taken, and the yolks are separated from the proteins. The yolks are poured into a small saucepan, and 0.5 cups of sugar is added there.

After that, everything is whipped until the formation of foam. 2 tablespoons of black coffee are added to the yolks, and the mixture is heated in a water bath until thick.

In this case, do not forget to stir it.

Pre-chopped chocolate bar is added to the thickened mass and mixed thoroughly. After that, the custard mass is removed from the stove and cooled slightly.

Next, it adds 0.5 packs of butter. After that, everything is whipped until smooth and we can say that the cream is ready.

Scalded chocolate cream

This recipe will take you a little more time than the previous ones, but the result is worth it. To prepare, we break into pieces a bitter chocolate bar and melt it in a water bath.

In two chicken eggs, proteins are separated from the yolks. Then 2 yolks are mixed with 2 tablespoons of sugar, 1.5 tablespoons of starch, and everything is ground to a homogeneous mass.

Separately, in a saucepan, boil one glass of milk and add it in a thin stream to the yolks mixture, beating it with a whisk. After that, the mixture is filtered through a sieve and put on the fire and brought to a boil.

Then keep the mixture on the fire for a while, beating constantly until thick. Then melted chocolate is added and everything is thoroughly mixed. In conclusion, add 1 tablespoon of butter, whipped and cooled.

The cream is ready.

Good luck and enjoy your meal.

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