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Chocolate cake at one two three: Andy Chef

Surely many housewives have heard more than once about the famous chocolate cake «For one, two, three» from Andy Chef. This dessert is striking in its taste, the cake in such a delicacy is sweet, tender and soft.

Due to the special cooking technology, the base for the cake does not require soaking, as the biscuit comes out moist and incredibly chocolate.

Cooks are advised to get as soft a biscuit as possible, after baking, just wrap it in plastic wrap, in just a couple of hours the base can be used. This cake does not need a separate soak or cream, but if you want, you can cut the cake in two parts and smear with a creamy mass.

The composition is really surprising, there are no difficult products in it that would be difficult to get. The dough is kneaded in just a few minutes, it is enough to put all the ingredients in one bowl, and then beat them well with a mixer.

The cooking process takes a minimum of time, so you can cook a cake at least every day, enjoying its delicious chocolate flavor.

Cake «On time, two, three» with a layer of cream

This recipe makes it easy to make a chocolate cake «For one, two, three» from Andy Chef, in a slow cooker or oven. The basis is very simple to make, and you can use absolutely any recipe for making cream.

Best of all, this biscuit is combined with a rich chocolate cream, or a classic version of sour cream and cream mass is prepared.


  • table soda — 1.5 spoons;
  • cocoa powder — 65 grams;
  • flour of 1 grade — 245 grams;
  • salt coarse — 1 spoon;
  • sugar — 310 grams;
  • soft butter — 65 grams;
  • wine or apple vinegar — 1 spoon;
  • olive oil — 65 ml;
  • vanilla extract — 2 spoons;
  • fresh milk 3.2% — 285 ml;
  • chicken eggs — 2 pieces.

Phased cooking process:

Pour the amount of flour specified in the recipe into a large bowl, add cocoa powder, a little salt and soda, and add a little more glass of sugar last. This composition is mixed with a spoon, so that the bulk products are better mixed together.

The next step in the preparation of chocolate cake «On time, two, three» from Andy Chef, according to this recipe, you must take the eggs and soft butter. To make a dessert of high quality, it’s better not to save on butter, otherwise the cake will not be so lush and soft.

In the resulting bulk products add a couple of eggs and butter, mix everything, pour the oil from the olives, a spoon of vanilla extract and milk. At the last moment, wine vinegar is added to the dough; it is worth preparing it in advance. This composition is very well mixed to get a smooth dough.

It is more convenient to mix using a mixer at high speeds.

The finished mass is poured into the form where it will be baked, it is best to use a round detachable container, so removing the biscuit will be more convenient. When the base is poured into the mold, the dough will fill only half of the capacity, but in the process of baking the mass will increase significantly in size.

It is very important to oil only the bottom of the mold, and leave the sides untouched, otherwise the middle will rise strongly, and the edges of the dough will not be able to rise.

The cupboard, for baking the dessert, is heated to the 180 degree mark, the mold with the dough is placed there, and the door is closed. The baking process lasts no more than one hour, the readiness is checked with a skewer.

Once the cake is ready, it is removed from the oven, and then wrapped in plastic wrap.

In this form, the dessert should stand for a couple of hours. After the allotted time, the finished dessert is cut into two cakes, smeared with a layer of sour cream or chocolate cream, and served to the table.

Thus, we have an incredibly delicious chocolate cake «For one, two, three» according to the recipe from Andy Chef with cream.

Classic Cooking with Glaze


  • granulated sugar — 285 grams;
  • milk 3.2% — 545 ml;
  • apple cider vinegar — 1 spoon;
  • flour of 1 grade — 265 grams;
  • chicken egg — 2 pieces;
  • vanillin powder — 1 pack;
  • cocoa powder — 105 grams;
  • good butter — 125 grams;
  • olive oil — 3 spoons;
  • soda and salt — 1 spoon;
  • for decoration chocolate and fruit — 110 grams each.

Biscuit preparation method:

  1. First you need to prepare a large bowl, which is sifted with high quality flour. Then, soda, a little salt, half of the amount of cocoa, as well as granulated sugar and a pack of vanilla powder are poured into this product. Using the whisk, you can mix these ingredients.
  2. After that, we will need chicken eggs chilled, they are added to the dry mass. It is also worth preparing butter for chocolate cake “For one, two, three” from Andy Chef on video, for this the product is pre-defrosted, or slightly heated in a microwave oven. The finished product is added to the future test, in addition to the same oil is poured from olives.
  3. The following ingredients are added to the dough cow’s milk and vanilla extract, if the last house was not, then use the usual vanilla powder. Do not forget to add a spoonful of wine vinegar. The resulting mass is well mixed, it can be conveniently done using a mixer or combine. The resulting mass should have a good uniform and fluffy structure.
  4. Now we need a baking dish, smear it with butter, and lining baking paper on the bottom. Carefully pour the dough into the container, and then level it with a spatula. The oven warms up to 180 degrees, and then the dainty is removed into it to bake for 65 minutes. It is very important to remember that you cannot open the oven, otherwise the cake will settle. Check readiness is possible only after 40 minutes of baking.
  5. As soon as the cake for the chocolate cake «On time, two, three» from Andy chef will be brought to readiness, take out their ovens and allow to cool slightly. After that, you can remove the biscuit from the mold and wrap in plastic wrap for two hours. In the meantime, they are preparing the glaze for dessert.

Glaze preparation method:

  1. To make the glaze, you need to take a stewpan, which is filled with the remnants of cocoa, add three spoons of sugar and pour the milk. This mass is well mixed until the composition becomes more homogeneous, add oil residues to it and put everything on fire.
  2. The glaze is cooked until the mass is thick enough, it is very important to constantly mix the chocolate composition and not to allow it to boil. As soon as the glaze becomes necessary consistency, turn off the fire, and the mixture is allowed to cool slightly.

Putting the cake:

  1. We start the collection with the preparation of the cake, as soon as the biscuit cools, it is cut into two parts, and then soaked with any cream you like. If there is no cream, then you can do without it, because the cake is obtained tender and juicy. Just pour the dessert with icing.
  2. The top of the dessert is decorated with berries or fruit pieces, and the top is sprinkled with grated chocolate or powdered sugar. Serve dessert should be chilled, so the cake is moved to the refrigerator for a couple of hours. The result is an incredibly delicious chocolate cake «On time, two, three» from Andy Chef. Reviews about him say that this cake can be eaten even without glaze and impregnation, as it comes out incredibly tasty.

Dessert for “one, two, three” filled with glaze


  • wine vinegar — 1 spoon;
  • granulated sugar — 305 grams;
  • cow’s milk — 285 ml;
  • soda — 1 spoon;
  • olive oil and cream — 65 grams;
  • salt — 1 spoon;
  • vanilla extract — 2 spoons;
  • cocoa powder — 65 grams;
  • chicken egg — 2 pieces;
  • flour 1 grade — 235 grams.

How to cook the cake:

  1. First of all, in a large plate connect all the bulk ingredients, flour must be sieved. The composition is lightly mixed to separate the ingredients, and then they put in a couple of chicken eggs, put a piece of soft butter and pour the oil from the olives. In addition to the mixture is to pour a couple of tablespoons of vanilla extract, the required amount of milk and vinegar.
  2. The finished mass is well mixed to make the dough uniform and smooth in structure. To get the right dough, it is better to beat it with a mixer, as the oil should be well dispersed. The finished composition has a gloss and a beautiful chocolate hue.
  3. You can begin the process of baking such a dessert, for this is taken the form, which is greased with butter. Parchment paper is placed there and poured dough. The baking process is performed at a temperature of 170 degrees. Baking takes from 55 to 75 minutes. Readiness is checked by the classical method, skewer is used. The finished cake will be a little higher form. It is removed from the tank, and then put on the grid to cool. It is on the lattice that this delicacy will be more convenient to icing.

Cooking icing:

For the preparation of the glaze, we need only one and a half bars of dark chocolate, and about 155 milliliters of heavy cream. First, the cream is brought to a boil, and then they add pieces of chocolate. It is necessary to wait until the chocolate is dissolved in the cream product.

For a warm dessert, pour the ready-made thick chocolate mass, and then leave the treat in the refrigerator for 45-65 minutes to frost.

If you want to get a glossy shine, then add an additional piece of butter to the mass. Decorate such a cake with pieces of fruit or fresh berries.

You can also cut the biscuit and soak it with chocolate cream. It is possible to create a beautiful pattern on the cake, if you sprinkle icing with sugar powder through a lace fabric.

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