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Cherry strudel: a classic recipe with step by step photos

A strudel is a roll in which there is a lot of juicy stuffing wrapped in the thinnest layer of crisp dough. The filling in this roll can be not only sweet fruit, but also vegetable or meat. In fairness it is worth noting that the most popular dessert options, including strudel with cherry filling.

There are three main recipes for cherry strudel:

  1. The classic recipe, which disclosed all the details of the dough and toppings;
  2. The recipe from the finished puff pastry — for those who have little time to cook, or who are not quite sure that they can cope with the preparation of the dough;
  3. The recipe for cherries and almonds is another extremely tasty variation of the filling.

The sequence of stages of making cherry strudel:

  1. For exhaust dough: Sift flour through a sieve bowl, pour in a pinch of salt, then add liquid ingredients (water, egg and vegetable oil). Stir to make the mass elastic, but lagged behind the hands;
  2. Make a ball out of dough, which should be greased with butter, wrapped in a film and thawed in a warm place for at least 40 minutes;
  3. For the cherry filling, you will need to cook a five-minute jam. To do this, remove the bones from the cherries, fill them with 200 grams of sugar, put on the stove and boil for 5 minutes;
  4. Allow the prepared jam to cool completely, shift the cherry to a colander. This will help remove excess juice from the filling;
  5. When the filling is ready, and the dough is removed, it’s time to form a roll. It can not do without cotton towels. It should be spread on the table, sprinkled with flour a bit and roll the dough right on it as thin as possible;
  6. To determine the required thickness will help your favorite magazine or newspaper. If it is not difficult to read the text, which lies under the layer of dough, then you can stop rolling. From the resulting layer with scissors you need to cut a rectangle, cutting off thicker edges;
  7. To moisten a silicone brush in the melted vegetable oil, and to grease the prepared rectangle. Sprinkle one half of it with breadcrumbs and 50 grams of sugar, top with cherry. The filling should be laid out at a distance of about 3 cm from the edge;
  8. Spin the clean edge of the roll so that the filling does not spread and remains inside. Helping yourself with a towel, roll up the cherry strudel so that there are a few rounds of dough without filling on top;
  9. On a baking sheet roll seam down. In the oven he will spend about half an hour. Oven temperature — 180 degrees;
  10. Ready roll served hot. It can be decorated with powdered sugar or served with vanilla ice cream, but without extra decoration it will be extremely tasty.
  • 500 grams of finished yeast-free puff pastry;
  • 400 grams of cherry;
  • 100-200 grams of sugar, depending on taste preferences;
  • 50 grams of sweet crackers;
  • 50 grams of melted butter;
  • 1 egg.

Preparation time: about 1 hour.

Caloric content: 279.9 kcal / 100 grams.

The sequence of the stages of cooking strudel with puff pastry cherries:

  1. Thaw the dough and roll out 2 thin rectangles with a rolling pin. One should be 4 to 8 centimeters wider and longer than the other;
  2. Sort out the cherry, remove the bones, let the excess juice flow;
  3. Mix the prepared fruit with sugar and ground sweet breadcrumbs;
  4. Smear a smaller layer of dough with liquid butter, then lay out the filling, departing a few centimeters from the edges;
  5. Also spread a larger layer of dough with butter, make cross-cuts on it every 1.5 — 2 cm with a knife. Cover the stuffing with oiled side and pinch the edges;
  6. Brush the strudel on top with a lightly beaten chicken egg and bake for 45 minutes, at the standard 180 degrees.

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The cherry strudel stuffing usually consists of cherries, sugar and crackers, which remove excess moisture from the roll, but if the stuffing is prepared a little differently, for example, adding almonds to it, you can get a new taste of the usual dish. This recipe will not leave indifferent not only almond lovers.

To make a cherry strudel with almonds, you need to take the following products:

  • 300 grams of flour;
  • 50 ml and 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil;
  • 180 ml of water;
  • ½ tsp salt;
  • 1 egg;
  • 600 — 800 grams of frozen pitted cherries;
  • 200 grams of sugar;
  • on 50 grams of crackers and almonds;
  • 1 tablespoon of starch;
  • 50 grams of powdered sugar and a handful of almond petals for decoration.

Cooking time: 1.5 — 2 hours.

Caloric content: 220.3 kcal / 100 grams.

The sequence of stages of making strudel with cherries and almonds:

  1. From flour, vegetable oil, water, salt and eggs, knead the dough, as for strudel according to the classic recipe. Wrap in foil and send to heat for 30 — 40 minutes;
  2. Cherry put on a colander and defrost. The juice, which is obtained as a result, to collect;
  3. In butter, fry the crumb from buns until golden brown. Pour them almonds, ground into a large crumb, and 150 grams of sugar. Stir vigorously and remove from heat;
  4. From the distance dough to form a roll, similar to the classic recipe. First, put the fried crackers with sugar and almonds, and cherry on top;
  5. Baking time: the same half an hour with the same 180 degrees;
  6. While baking roll, prepare the sauce. In a glass of cherry juice, dissolve 50 grams of sugar and a tablespoon of starch, put on the stove and boil down to the thickness, while continuing to interfere with the sauce with a spoon;
  7. Decorate the finished roll with cherries and almonds with powdered sugar and almond petals. Serve, watering cherry sauce.

Many do not undertake to prepare strudel for fear of not cope with the exhaust test. The following tips can help overcome all fears of cooking cherry strudel:

  • No need to add flour to the dough more than specified in the recipe. If it sticks to the hands, then it needs to be kneaded for a little longer, after having lubricated the hands and the table with vegetable oil;
  • Simplify the preparation of the dough can bread maker. To do this, all the ingredients must be put in its bowl and kneaded using the modes «Pizza», «Dumplings» or the like;
  • Heat and proofing help gluten to swell well, so the dough does not break when stretching. You can set it up by putting it in a hot saucepan;
  • Pulling the dough is necessary, slowly and extremely carefully, so that it does not break. If a gap has formed, do not start the drawing process again. This will make the dough tough. You can simply cut a piece from the edge and seal the hole with it.

Cherry strudel is a dish that can immerse a Viennese cafe in the atmosphere and give pleasure from a delicious dessert. Perhaps, at first, his recipes do not seem so simple, but the effort spent more than compensates for the taste of this roll. Enjoy your meal!

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