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Cheesecake New York classic recipe with a photo: a simple version

There are dozens of options for cooking cheesecake «New York», but the classic recipe will always be at the peak of popularity, as various additives greatly change the usual taste of dessert. In this article we will present several options for making this delicacy from famous chefs of our country. Each recipe differs from the previous one in its composition and additional ingredients.

That is why the finished dessert for each of the recipes will be completely unique.

Delicious New York Cheesecake by Chef Gordon Ramsay


  • granulated sugar — 225 grams;
  • corn starch — 0.5 spoons;
  • cow’s whole milk — 2 large spoons;
  • soft cream cheese — 235 grams;
  • chicken egg is fresh- 1 piece;
  • salt coarse — 0.5 spoons.


Cooking New York cheesecake according to the classic recipe from the famous Gordon Ramsay is not difficult, just enough to fulfill the dessert making technology. The oven must be preheated to a temperature of at least three hundred degrees.

We also need any round shape, it is desirable that it be detachable.

Now a small bowl is taken, salt and cornstarch are put into it, and a bigger bowl is poured, milk is poured and a chicken egg is broken. Starch with the addition of salt poured to liquid products.

The next step we need to prepare a third bowl, cream cheese is laid into it, which is whipped with a mixer until a fluffy smooth mass is obtained.

Sugar is added to the cheese product, and then the mass is thoroughly whipped again until the sugar grains are dissolved in the cream.

You can combine the contents of two bowls, and then again beat the mass in order to obtain a homogeneous structure of the cream.

Now you can grease the form with butter, it is necessary to do so that pastries do not stick to the bottom and sides of the container.

The mass is poured into the prepared form, and then sent to the heated oven for fifteen minutes. In some cases, baking is prepared a little longer, it depends on the diameter of the form used.

As soon as the cake becomes dense, it is removed from the oven and cooled.

Fresh whipped cream, pieces of berries and fruits, as well as chocolate fudge or frosting can be used as decorations.

You can make a special cream to decorate the cheesecake «New York» according to the proposed classic recipe with a photo step by step.

Cheese Cheesecake by Julia Vysotskaya


  • soft biscuit cookies — 230 grams;
  • Fatty cream from 33% — 0.5 cups;
  • brown sugar — 175 grams;
  • vanilla extract liquid — 1 spoon;
  • any cream cheese — 945 grams;
  • fresh lemon juice — 45 ml;
  • quality butter — 125 grams;
  • Fresh chicken eggs — 6 pieces.

How to cook:

  1. This wonderful “New York” cheesecake, according to the classic recipe from the famous Julia Vysotskaya, can win the hearts of all the guests at the feast, if you serve it to the table. First, take a biscuit cookie, place it in a thick blender, and then chop it into a very fine crumb. Now we need butter, put a piece to the side to later lubricate their shape. The remainder is melted to a liquid state, it is easy to do it in a water bath or in a microwave oven. The softened or liquid butter is gradually added to the biscuit, and then everything is mixed.
  2. The oven warms up to two hundred and twenty degrees, this temperature will be enough to bake a delicious dessert. The form is lubricated with butter, and then the cookie crumb is added to it with the addition of butter. The mass is well tamped to get a smooth round cake, it will become the basis for a delicacy. The surface must be carefully leveled so that the base is flat.
  3. Now we need a container from under the blender. They put brown sugar in it, add cream cheese and lemon juice. In addition to these ingredients, six chicken eggs are broken, a spoonful of vanilla extract and the required amount of cream are poured. The mass is whipped until a homogeneous and fluffy texture. The prepared cream begins to spread on the already baked and cooled sand base.
  4. The mass is distributed, and then sent to the oven for baking, the temperature is then reduced by a hundred degrees. Cheesecake «New York» on the presented classic recipe with a photo baked until complete readiness. Most often it takes from one to one and a half hours, as the temperature is greatly reduced. When the delicacy is ready, they do not take them out of the oven, and leave there for another forty-five minutes to insist. After that, you can transfer the dessert to the refrigerator compartment, and leave it there for three hours.

New York Cheesecake A classic recipe from Andy Chef


  • granulated sugar — 255 grams;
  • starch — 14 grams;
  • fresh lemon juice — 1 large spoon;
  • rind — from 1 lemon;
  • any crisp biscuits — 215 grams;
  • chicken eggs — 3 pieces;
  • butter — 95 grams;
  • cheese curd or cream — 865 grams;
  • cream fat from 33% — 115 ml;
  • salt coarse — 0.5 spoons;
  • chicken egg yolks — 2 pieces.

The process of making treats:

  1. The list of ingredients for cheesecake «New York», according to the proposed classic recipe without the use of baking, is quite large. All the same, do not worry about this, as the delicacy is prepared very quickly. You only need to accurately follow the cooking instructions for this cake. First we need to prepare the basis for the dessert, we have a sandy layer of biscuits. You can take vanilla or chocolate cookies, it all depends on the desire of the hostess. It is very interesting to take cookies with nuts as a basis, then the cake itself will be nutty in flavor.
  2. Butter is taken so much that it is well absorbed by the cookie, so 95 grams of creamy product will be enough for 215 grams of biscuits. To begin with, put the butter in a bowl and melt it, the most convenient way is to do it in a microwave oven. Once the liquid product has cooled slightly, it can be used to prepare the base. In the meantime, it is worth making this very basis of cookies. To do this, take the prepared cookies, and crushed to crumb hands or a blender. Another simple method is to put a cookie in a bag, and then roll it several times with a rolling pin.
  3. Now butter and crumb from the cookies are combined and mixed thoroughly, it is not necessary to pour in the oil all at once, as it may need less than the specified amount. The baby should be quite wet, but crumbly. You can be guided by the shade of the crumbs, if it has become darker, then the oil is no longer to pour. The finished base is shifted to a pre-prepared form. For the preparation of the cheesecake «New York» according to a simple classic recipe from Andy Chef. You can take only a split form with a diameter of at least twenty centimeters.
  4. To work with the form it was easier, it is better not to lubricate it with oil, but simply cover it with baking paper. Thus, it will be much easier to take out the finished dessert, and the chance to preserve the shape of the treat increases. The base of the cookies is poured onto the bottom, and then it is well compacted, for this you can use a glass with a flat bottom. In general, this dessert is prepared without sides, but if desired, they can be made from sand preparation. As soon as the base is ready, it is removed into the refrigerator for one hour.
  5. Now we need a juice of fresh lemon, as well as its peel. To begin with, the citrus is washed, and then the zest is lightly grated, the rest of the fruit is cut in half and squeezed out one spoonful of juice. After that, begin the preparation of the cheesecake «New York» on an easy classic recipe from the video. We need cream cheese, it is recommended to use a fairly well-known Mascarpone, but if it is not there, then any other will do. Cheese is transferred to the bowl, and then whipped to obtain the most fluffy mass. If you have nothing to whip the product, you can do without this procedure. To the cream cheese add rind from citrus, a little juice from lemon, as well as coarse salt and granulated sugar. The resulting composition is well stirred until a homogeneous structure, and dissolving grains of salt and sugar.
  6. Gradually add chicken eggs one at a time, and then introduce two chicken yolks. The cream is very well mixed, do not rush, otherwise the cake will come out heterogeneous, which will spoil its taste. Only at the very end begin to introduce lemon juice and cream. Cream can be replaced with milk or sour cream, it almost does not affect the taste of the finished delicacy.
  7. At first, only half of the prepared cream is poured into the already prepared form, and all are sprinkled with raspberry or strawberry berries on top, you can also choose any other berries to taste. The form is lightly tapped on the table, so that all the air comes out of the cream, and then the cream remains are poured. Such a cheesecake is baked at a temperature of two hundred degrees, the dessert is held for ten minutes, and then the temperature is lowered to one hundred degrees. At this temperature, baking lasts about another hour.
  8. The readiness to determine is not difficult, it is enough to slightly move the form, if the cent of the cake is trembling but does not spread, then the dessert is ready, and it can be removed from the oven. This delicacy is served to the table after cooling in the refrigerator. Cooks recommend experimenting, you can add a little berry puree to the cream to color it and give it a new flavor. It is no less interesting to make cream chocolate or fruit.

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