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Chebureks are juicy, tender and crunchy: a step-by-step recipe with photos

Step by step photo recipes pasties with meat, cheese and other fillings

Cheburek is considered a dish of national cuisine of the Crimean Tatars. During the years of Soviet power, it was considered catering to public catering, thanks to which it became widespread throughout the post-Soviet space.

Translated from Tatar into Russian, “cheburek” means “raw pie”. It is made from unleavened dough, meat, minced or minced meat is used as a filling, sometimes cheese is added to it.

Previously, pasties made only of lamb, but now any meat is used. In addition, the lamb was chopped with two knives in a criss-cross motion, now meat grinders are mainly used.

Classic step-by-step photo recipe for meat chebureks

Such pasties are made from the meat of domestic animals grown on grass and natural food. This requirement is very important for human health. For quick frying, which cheburek is subjected to, lamb meat is ideal, even lamb meat is better.

We take 500 grams of lamb. The meat is thoroughly washed in cold water, then cut into pieces of such a size so that they can be freely ground in a meat grinder.

Of course, it would be ideal to chop the meat, but it is for people with great patience. One large onion is cut and fried slightly in a pan, then the onions should also be ground in a meat grinder.

Meat salt and pepper to taste, then add:

  • Half a teaspoon of ground coriander;
  • Dry herbs — basil and dill, one tablespoon.

In summer, herbs are used fresh. Now you need to add water to the stuffing, take only slightly warmed water. Mince with spices is thoroughly mixed, then it must be left covered for about one hour, let it brew.

After that, it is determined whether the salt is sufficient in the filling and, if necessary, more water is added in the amount of half a glass and salt. Now the preparation of the filling is complete.

The dough is done like this. Dissolve 1 teaspoon of soda in a glass of water, pour the resulting solution into flour, and add four spoons of vegetable oil. Take as much flour as the dough into itself takes.

Then the dough is laid out on a smooth surface (table, board) and kneaded so that it does not stick to your hands.

The finished dough is left for an hour or a little longer.

Before cutting the dough, the surface of the table must be oiled with vegetable oil. The dough is kneaded again, cut into pieces.

Each piece is rolled out with a rolling pin until a nearly regular circle shape is obtained. In the middle spread on a tablespoon of the finished filling.

The two sides of the circle are connected, and the air is expelled by soft movements of the fingers and the edges are pressed.

The last stage: a special figured knife passes along the edges, giving them a beautiful look.

We went to the stage of frying chebureks. Vegetable oil is poured into a skillet in such a quantity that its depth is not less than one centimeter (any unscented oil is recommended, ideally olive for this purpose).

The oil is heated to such a state that a boil is formed around a small piece of dough dropped into it. The fire is reduced, and one by one pasties are laid out in boiling oil.

Alternately, they turn over, frying on both sides. Ready chebureki spread on paper towels.

Let’s see how the Crimean pasties are prepared:

Products required for this dish:

  • Flour — half a kilo;
  • Cold milk — one and a half glasses;
  • Salt — 1 tsp;
  • Imeretinsky cheese — 500 grams;
  • One liter bottle of odorless cooking oil for frying.

Flour is sifted, then salt and milk are added to it (a little more than half prepared). Cool dough is kneaded, in the process the milk remaining in the glass is gradually added.

A ball is formed from the dough, which is wrapped in cling film and put in a cold place for about an hour. The cheese is thoroughly kneaded with a fork.

The dough is removed from the refrigerator and laid out on the surface of the table, sprinkled with flour. Roll into the reservoir, then divide it into 12 equal pieces of which the balls are formed.

From the obtained balls with a rolling pin, circles with a thickness of about 2 mm are rolled out. The cheese is laid out on one side of the circle in such a way that about one and a half centimeters is left to the edge.

The filling is covered with the second half of the circle, pressing the edges, cut with a figure knife. Ready pasties spread on a tray, sprinkled with flour. Fry in hot oil in a frying pan until golden brown.

You will be surprised how juicy and tender they are!

In the previous video clip, you familiarized yourself with the preparation of Crimean pasties.

And now we present you a video recipe of Bulgarian pasties, which will be filled with cheese and greens.

Very tasty, look and take note:

Another great recipe for cooking pasties. He can enter into some confusion, as for its preparation is used such an ingredient as vodka.

However, absolutely nothing to be afraid of, vodka is used only as a baking powder for the dough, its presence in the finished dish will not be felt at all.

  • 1 liter of boiled water;
  • 100 grams of vodka;
  • 100 grams of vegetable oil, odorless;
  • Salt — 2 tsp;
  • Flour — 850 grams.

The dough for crispy chebureks on vodka is prepared as follows:

  1. Vegetable oil and vodka are poured into boiling water. Stirred, added salt;
  2. Flour is gradually introduced, while the dough continues to be mixed thoroughly, without interrupting;
  3. The dough is put in a cold place for about half an hour and allowed to rest.

After that, you can continue cooking pasties.

The dough is laid out on the working surface of the table or board, forming a sausage with a diameter of not more than 7 centimeters, which is then cut into portioned pieces depending on the taste of the hostess (as someone likes small pasties, and some more).

After that, everything is the same as in any other recipe: from the received pieces, circles are rolled into which the filling is laid out, so that one edge of the circle remains free, since it will be the “raw pie” that is closed to them. The edges are joined, fastened, and the ready-made cheburek is fried in a large amount of highly heated oil.

We offer to look in the video for another option of making crispy dough.

You probably already guessed that we are talking about puff pastry.

You can cook stuffing from anything: from minced meat with mushrooms, simply with mushrooms, beans, cottage cheese, greens, spinach, it all depends on the imagination and taste of the hostess.

Consider some extraordinary options.

For filling pasties with beans you will need:

  • White Canned Beans — Two Jars;
  • Onion — 1 piece;
  • Coriander — 1 tsp.

First of all, for the preparation of the filling, the onions are cleaned and finely cut. Then it is fried on a slow fire in vegetable oil until golden brown.

Beans gently kneaded with a fork and add coriander with toasted onions. The filling is ready.

Cheesewort stuffing with mushrooms:

  • Fresh mushrooms (mushrooms, mushrooms, white or any other) — 200 grams;
  • Onion — 1 piece;
  • Butter — 3 tablespoons;
  • Chicken eggs — 4 pieces;
  • Chopped parsley and dill — a half cup;
  • Salt pepper;
  • Flour — 1 tablespoon with a hill.

Cooking minced mushroom.

Washed mushrooms and onions finely chopped. Onions are fried with flour until golden brown in butter.

Now, mushrooms are added to the pan, and the filling is further simmered over low heat, covered with a lid. Beat eggs, add salt and pepper to taste. The resulting mass is poured into mushrooms and sprinkled with herbs on top for a few minutes until ready.

Ingredients for pumpkin filling:

  • Onions — 3 pieces;
  • Pumpkin peeled and cut into pieces — 800 grams;
  • Odorless vegetable oil — 1 cup;
  • Salt;
  • Pepper.

Pumpkin rubs on a coarse grater. The resulting mass of salt and pepper to taste.

Finely chopped onion fried in a frying pan in vegetable oil. This also adds grated pumpkin.

Then the filling is roasted on medium heat for a little more than twenty minutes, it must be constantly stirred. Ready pumpkin mince removed from the heat and allowed to cool.

Pay attention to important details and useful tips!

When preparing the dough:

  1. Making the batch, you need to use hot water, but not boiling hot water;
  2. To get a fairly elastic and at the same time, steep dough, take one and a half glasses of water and a pinch of salt per kilogram of flour;
  3. Dough knead for a long time. Kneading, periodically sprinkle it with water;
  4. Ready dough must be put in a cold place, covered with cling film.

When preparing the filling:

  • The most important rule is that only fresh products are taken, especially for meat;
  • A lot of onions are added to all types of minced meat; it is he who will give the juiciness necessary for the pasties.

Ware need deep with a thick bottom. They also use fryers, in which the process of cooking pasties is greatly simplified.

  1. The thickness of the dough should be about 2-3 mm;
  2. The edges of chebureks must be firmly sealed to avoid the leakage of juice;
  3. It is fried in hot oil, the temperature of which is about 180 degrees. You should not reheat more, because the filling will not have time to roast, while the dough will begin to burn;
  4. Flour from a cheburek before frying must be shaken off.

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And in this article are photo-recipes khachapuri. This Gruuzinsky yummy!

Do not hesitate, you get the most delicious pasties!

By the way, do you know that chebureks can be lazy?

Yes, yes, like dumplings or cabbage rolls.

The video below confirms this!

This is a great idea, especially for those who do not like messing with dough.

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