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Charlotte with apricots: recipes in the oven and in the multicooker

Such a delicacy as “Charlotte” won the hearts of the sweet-skinned already several decades ago, and this is quite understandable, because the cake is moderately sweet, with a slight sourness. But not many people know that the classic version of the preparation of this dessert includes only dough and apples, today you can find other options for making the cake.

It is worth considering a few interesting options for cooking charlotte with apricots, according to simple recipes with photos step by step, in the oven.

It is not necessary to use only fresh apricots, for this cake can also be used dried apricots, which are pre-prepared. For the preparation of this dessert, you can use the traditional option of making a pie, replacing only apples, with apricot berries.

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But besides this, there are dozens of recipes, which additionally include cottage cheese, kefir, apples, bananas, pears, cinnamon powder and much more. Charlotte is most often baked for home tea, if you need to quickly do something tasty.

Below we describe the best cooking options for this light and juicy dessert.

Apricot pie with the addition of apples on yogurt


  • Baking flour — 215 grams;
  • apples are not large — 2 pieces;
  • cinnamon powder — 6 grams;
  • ripe large apricots — 8 pieces;
  • medium-fat kefir — 245 ml;
  • granulated sugar — 215 grams;
  • chicken egg — 2 pieces;
  • baking soda — 7 grams;
  • butter — 105 grams.


  1. To get started is to prepare apricots to make a charlotte with apricots, according to the presented recipe with a photo step by step, in the oven. The berries are washed in water, and then they are removed from the bones and divided into four parts. If the fruits are not large, then they are divided into two halves.
  2. The next step is to prepare the apples, it is best to choose a dense and slightly acidic fruit. Fruits are peeled and ossified, and then cut into cubes. So that the pieces of fruit are not dark, you should lightly sprinkle them with lemon juice.
  3. Preheat the oven in advance so that the prepared cake is immediately sent to the oven for baking. The temperature is set at 190 degrees, this will be enough to make the delicacy cook well. In the meantime, the oven is heated, it is worth to prepare the dough. First, a kefir glass is poured into a large bowl, we will need a medium-fat product. Kefir is mixed with baking soda and allow the mass to stand for five minutes.
  4. Chicken eggs are put in a separate plate, sugar is added to them and slightly whipped, it is necessary to obtain a homogeneous mass. Now the chicken eggs are added to the kefir bowl, and the resulting composition is mixed. For whipping, you can use a mixer or a whisk.
  5. Now for the charlotte with apricots, in this recipe with a photo step by step, cooked in the oven, you can melt the butter. Since the product is necessary for the test, you can take any oil, even the cheapest. Boil the oil can not, as soon as it becomes liquid, you can cool it slightly and send the dough into the future. The finished mass is re-whipped until a homogeneous consistency.
  6. The hostess can only add a few last ingredients to get the finished dough. Wheat flour is taken for this purpose, it is sieved beforehand and added to the prepared mixture in small portions. The dough is kneaded with a spoon, it turns out quite liquid and homogeneous.
  7. In the resulting dough is placed halves of apricots and pour the sliced ​​apples. If desired, the apples are sprinkled with a small amount of cinnamon powder. You can also sprinkle the fruit with brandy or liqueur, so that the taste of the dessert becomes richer.
  8. The form is prepared, the bottom of the container is greased with vegetable oil, and then the prepared dough with fruit is poured there. Top can be leveled with a spoon or wooden spatula. If the hostess wants to get a beautiful pie, then apricots can be put at the last moment. They are simply placed on the surface of the dough so that the convex side is on top. Bake such a charlotte with apricots, according to the proposed recipe with a photo step by step, in the oven for at least thirty minutes. The finished dessert is served to the table warm or chilled.

Charlotte with apricots dessert in a slow cooker


  • vanilla powder — 1 pack;
  • margarine — 22 grams;
  • fresh sweet apricots — 530 grams;
  • chicken eggs — 5 pieces;
  • Baking flour 1 grade -220 grams;
  • Baking powder for the dough — 1 pack;
  • granulated sugar — 215 grams.

Dessert preparation process:

  1. In order to prepare a charlotte with apricots, according to this recipe with a photo of a step-by-step, baked in the oven or a slow cooker, it is necessary to knead the batter and prepare the berries. It is worth using butter or margarine to lubricate the bowl, it is very important that the cake does not stick to the bottom of the container. Baking powder is also added to the dough, it is very important to use it, as this product helps to make the dough more airy and porous.
  2. For a start, we need sugar and chicken eggs, these products are combined, and then whipped with a whisk or a mixer. In small portions add vanilla powder, baking powder and a little flour to the resulting fluffy mass. Next, knead not cool dough. If most of the flour is added, and the dough has already reached the desired consistency, you can not pour residues, so as not to make the mass too thick.
  3. You can do the preparation of berries. It is worth using only ripe, but dense fruits. If apricots are soft, then they will simply boil out in the cake. Bones are removed from the fruit and the berries are washed in water. At the last stage, pieces of fruit are poured into the dough, and everything is well mixed, so that the apricots will spread evenly in the mass.
  4. The cup is smeared with a piece of softened margarine, and then the dough is poured into it with pieces of fruit. The lid of the device is closed and put the slow cooker on the «Baking» mode. The temperature is set from 150 to 180 degrees. It is enough to bake this dessert for one hour to get a delicious cake.
  5. The finished dessert may have a pale tip, as the device does not bake the top. But still inside the dessert will be fully baked. To make the finished cake more beautiful when serving, just flip it with the ruddy side up. You can serve a charlotte with apricots, according to the presented recipe with a photo of the steps, baked in the oven, with sweet sour cream or chocolate sauce.

Charlotte with apricots on kefir dough

Dough based on kefir is easier to prepare than the classic base for Charlotte, as there is no need to whip sugar with eggs for a long time. It is enough to quickly knead the base and add some ripe fruit to it.

This dessert will come out incredibly tasty, even for a novice hostess.


  • kefir with a fat content of 2.5% — 155 ml;
  • granulated sugar — 205 grams;
  • large apricots — 10 pieces;
  • baking powder — 1 pack;
  • baking flour — 340 grams;
  • chicken eggs — 4 pieces.


  1. First, sugar is placed in a bowl and four eggs are broken, these products are lightly whipped to make the mass homogeneous. Next to it add the packaging of vanilla powder, if it is not at home, you can use vanilla extract.
  2. Kefir is added to this mass, it is best to use a fermented milk product with a fat content of 2.5%, but you can also take low-fat or low-fat content. All is well stirred, then pour sifted flour and baking powder packaging.
  3. For baking, a special shape with removable edges is used, it will be more convenient to bake dessert in it. The bottom of the tank should be lightly greased with margarine or oil. Spread apricot pieces on it and lightly sprinkle them with flour. The last step in the form is poured dough.
  4. Cake bake from 35 to 55 minutes, it all depends on the heating of the oven. It is best to warm up the oven in advance, so as not to spend extra time on cooking charlotte with apricots, according to this recipe with a photo step by step, in the oven. Baking temperature must be at least 190 degrees. After the delicacy is ready, it is removed from the oven and cooled. Then the dessert is served to the table with apricot or apple jam.

Cottage Cheese Charlotte With Apricots

You can cook this magnificent dessert both in the oven and in the slow cooker, you just need to knead the curd dough correctly. Cottage cheese is better to use without grains, it is enough just to grind it in a puree with a blender.


  • curd mass 5% — 120 grams;
  • potato starch — 12 grams;
  • baking powder — 1 pack;
  • chicken eggs — 2 pieces;
  • brown sugar — 55 grams;
  • ripe ripe apricots — 12 pieces;
  • Baking flour 1 grade — 390 grams.


  1. First, I beat the brown sugar with the eggs, the curd is gradually added to the resulting mass, which is preliminarily interrupted by a blender. The future dough is kneaded from this mass, it is necessary to mix the ingredients well so that the mass is homogeneous.
  2. In such a dough begin to add portions of flour, which is pre-sifted. Once the dough is thick enough for baking, you can begin preparing the berries. To do this, apricots are washed and removed from the fruit stones. Each slice sprinkled with starch. Starch helps to preserve the integrity of each berry during baking dessert.
  3. The dough is poured into a prepared baking dish, half of the berries in the starch are spread onto the surface. Top dessert can be sprinkled with brown sugar. Such a treat is baked for about 45 minutes and then served chilled to the table. You can additionally submit to the Charlotte berry sauces, watering chocolate or jam.

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