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Cakes for the guests — the taste of long-forgotten sweets

Why do people who are over 35 years old remember the dishes that were sold in Soviet stores and served in canteens. There is one reason — everything was done according to GOST.

That is, there was a state standard, and it was impossible to retreat from it. What do we have now?

Of course, there are Russian GOSTs, but they contain thickeners, flavors, and a bunch of incomprehensible words and letters. There is still TU (technical conditions), but here it is even worse.

Therefore, everyone remembers sausage, sausages, chocolate and cakes according to GOST. It was difficult to get some of them, especially in the Soviet hinterland, but the taste was natural and they were cooked from real products, meat, cocoa beans and butter.

Cakes were not stored for 10 days, and the sausage had to be eaten in 2-3 days, but it was delicious.

Even the famous sausage of 2 rubles 20 kopecks was much tastier than modern expensive sausages, and if you could buy 2 rubles 90 kopecks, then it was a real happiness, especially for children. Of course, for the cakes, which cost a little expensive for everyday purchases, people did not break. We bought them only for holidays, and the housewives were looking for a recipe for a cake and tried to cook them themselves.

Since the simplest cake “Fairy Tale” with butter cream cost 2 rubles 64 kopecks, and it is scary to talk about the others, because they were more expensive.

First there was an egg

The most interesting thing is that the cake «Napoleon» at the beginning of his career was not a cake at all, but a triangular cake, which was sold for 30 kopecks a piece.

In appearance it resembled the cocked hat of the great French emperor, for which it received its imperial name, and only in the 80th of the last century it acquired the shape of a rectangular cake. In the movie Take Care of Women, which came out on the country’s screens in 1981, the Napoleon cake was already round. And as there sounds no less memorable phrase: «A man who is able to cook and the stove» Napoleon «is obliged to wash himself!».

One of the moments of the film is simply replete with the name of this delicacy, as the recipe of this cake began to come into fashion.

From this it follows that the recipe was transmitted not only from women to women, but the men also knew what should be included in the classic cake recipe. There were also wonderful magazines “Rabotnitsa” and “Krestyanka”, which with enviable periodicity printed on their pages recipes of the most popular cakes and pastries in the country.

In this case, not only recipes from readers, but from famous confectioners of that time were used.

If you look at the culinary notebooks of the time, you can see an interesting feature.

The recipe was cut from a newspaper or a magazine, pasted on a piece of paper, and next to it, with a pencil or pen, their own refinements were signed.

Many famous culinary masterpieces did not avoid this fate, since GOST was very accurate and the recipe looked like it was a chemical reaction with expensive drugs. Eggs, sugar, butter, flour were measured in grams with an accuracy of one. If it is said that 127 gr is needed. this or that product, then in a public catering and put.

But let me, as a housewife in the home kitchen, measure the weight of the egg mass without the shell, and on a hedgehog it is more difficult to separate the yolks or proteins to make a simple biscuit.

You can’t find accurate kitchen scales at the time of the day with fire, do not use the same scales for chemical experiments that were sold in many stores intended for the purchase of school equipment. Therefore, everything was done on the eye and the approximate weight, eggs were measured pieces, flour and sugar cups.

The oil only had to be taken approximately, since there were no packs yet, but this product was sold by weight.

But back to the wonderful, delicious puff cake «Napoleon». It cost quite expensive, more than 3 rubles per kilogram, so to buy it was a great holiday in the family.

Not every Soviet person could afford such luxury on any given day.

The recipe of the famous cake according to GOST

But Napoleon is famous not only for the fact that he has many layers and very exact numbers in the ingredients, but also the complexity of the preparation. One puff pastry is worth something. While you are lying on it, you no longer feel like sweets.

In general, the cooking is divided into four stages, and for the good of the dough can be stored in the refrigerator for 3 days, so many housewives made puff pastry in advance, and the remaining stages took place a day before serving the cake to the table. At the same time, everyone tried to observe not only the recipe, but also the correct size of the cake Napoleon, which, according to GOST, was supposed to be 22 cm wide and 22 cm long.

At the same time have 15-16 cakes.

So what is needed for baking with the imperial name Napoleon:

  • Water — 170 ml .;
  • Sugar — 90 g;
  • Citric acid — 1 gr .;
  • Milk with a fat content of 3.2% — 65 ml .;
  • 1 chicken egg;
  • Vanilla sugar — 4 g .;
  • Cognac — 1 tbsp. spoon;
  • Salt — 3 g .;
  • Flour — 440 gr .;
  • Butter — 410gr.

So, we got acquainted with all the ingredients of the dough and baking cream Napoleon, although the recipe doesn’t indicate exactly what brandy is needed, although there is a caveat for some butter — you can replace it with top quality margarine.

Now about the stages of preparation:

  • Cooking puff pastry;
  • Baking cakes;
  • Cooking cream;
  • Build a cake.

It seems that in order for Napoleon to bake according to the standards set by the ministry, it was necessary to publish a separate book of 5 kopecks in which the entire process would be fully described in the pictures. The book would have spread to «Hurray.»

Begin cooking dough.

In a large bowl, mix the flour with salt and mix a little so that the salt spreads a little over the whole amount of flour. Pour water into a glass and add citric acid, and mix well. Now pour the acidic water into the flour.

Beat one egg there and start kneading dough.

The butter is whipped with a small amount of flour, after which it is put on polyethylene, wrapped in it, and sent to the refrigerator.

Now sprinkle the table with flour and lay out the prepared dough. We roll it to the square, but we see that the butter, which is still in the fridge, lies in the middle and is completely closed at the corners.

We take out oil, we spread in the center of a square and we bend corners. It should turn out to be square in size of the oil piece.

We place the rolling pin for a couple of minutes in the freezer, after which we roll out the oil envelope into a layer no more than 1 cm thick. Then we make ends on both sides to the middle, then again and again, until 8 layers of dough are obtained.

Then what turned out, we turn in half. Then, wrapping the dough in the film, put it in the fridge for 30 minutes. It took 30 minutes, got the dough, rolled it out and it was necessary to do 64 layers already, this all happens when the edges are bent to the middle.

Again for 30 minutes in the fridge, and after this time, roll out again, and so on until it turns out 256 layers. When you count to this figure, wrap the dough in a film and put it in the fridge for 2 hours.

The first stage is over.

Oddly enough, the recipe does not indicate the exact amount of all the ingredients for the test. It is only clear that the flour should be used all, just water and citric acid with salt, but on the subject of butter Gostovsky Napoleon says nothing.

There comes a time when you need to bake cakes, and prepare the cream.

With the cream is still unclear, but let’s try to figure it out.

Having looked at the preparation of this cake in the cookbook of the 80s, it turned out that 310 gr. butter in the dough, and 100 gr. in cream.

Well, now everything is clear and begin to prepare the cream itself. We get the oil out of the refrigerator 40 minutes before the start of preparation. Milk combine with the egg and whisk well.

Strain the mixture through a sieve or gauze cloth and add both types of sugar to the resulting liquid. The whole mixture should be thoroughly mixed, put on the fire, and with continuous stirring to achieve the consistency of condensed milk.

After that, remove them from the stove, close the dishes with cling film, and put them on the table until they cool down completely.

We beat the butter with a mixer, we must start at the moment when the syrup prepared in advance is completely cooled. Gradually stir in the butter, add the syrup.

Do not turn off the mixer. At the last moment we add brandy.

Whisk another minute and the cream is ready.

We bake cakes.

Heat the oven to 220 degrees, cover the baking sheet with baking paper and roll out the cakes. We measure 22 cm in length and the same in width and cut off the cake.

Then lay out the cake with scraps on the prepared surface of the pan and bake for 30 minutes at the temperature of heating.

Remove the cakes and leave to cool. All cakes should be at room temperature so that when picking up the cake the cream does not start to flow.

Trimming grind and put in a separate cup.

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So slowly but surely we got to the assembly of the finished cake. Coat the cake with cream and close it as follows.

Well we press with our hands. We continue this action until the cakes are over. Then we coat the cake with cream on all sides and sprinkle with crumb.

You can serve this masterpiece on the table.

This is a cake according to the Soviet standard, which we can do, of course, is the most difficult thing to make dough, you are considered to be tormented. But the result will be worth the effort.

I think that the preparation of dough for pastry shops took place on special equipment, since no confectioner could count the layers all day.

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