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Cake with protein cream — air splendor for baking

Cooking Cake with Protein Cream

Protein cream, if it is whipped qualitatively, keeps its shape well, so you can make an easy look with which to smear a cake with protein cream. But you can make the cream more dense, buy dyes in a specialty store and decorate the cake with various flowers, leaves and lace aprons using a pastry bag.

For a start, we will use a simple biscuit with a light cream, which we will cover the cakes.

For cooking requires:

  • Milk — 100 ml .;
  • 4 chicken eggs;
  • Sugar sand — 650 gr .;
  • Wheat flour — 200 gr .;
  • Soda — 1 tsp;
  • Frozen berries — 200 gr .;
  • Lemon juice — 2 tsp;
  • Water — 150 ml.

For the preparation of any biscuit requires the separation of eggs into whites and yolks, but in this recipe only yolks will go into the dough, and whites from four eggs will need to be used for the cream.

Pound or beat the yolks with 200 gr. sugar, then add 200 gr. sifted flour. Mix well, add soda and warm, but not hot milk.

Heat the oven to 200 degrees, bake the baking dish with oiled baking paper, and pour the dough into it.

Biscuit cake is baked for 20 minutes. While we have this time it is necessary to prepare the impregnation of the berries, or rather the jam.

For its production it is necessary to mix the berry with 200 gr. sugar and add 50 ml. water. Simmer for 20 minutes, stirring continuously.

Next, you should beat the mass of sugar and berries in a blender, and grind the resulting mixture through a sieve. The resulting substance is again set on fire, and with continuous stirring, bring to a boil.

Remove the fire jam and cool at room temperature.

At this point, arrived biscuit, which must be removed from the oven, hold for 10 minutes in the form, and then remove the form and put the cake to cool on a wire rack or platter.

While all parts of the cake are cooling down, we are preparing a weak protein cream.

Since we will not decorate our baking with flowers and monograms, it is not necessary to whip the cream up to a strong density.

In a clean and dry dish, beat the proteins at low speed of the mixer, when the mass increases significantly in volume, then we add 100 grams of sugar to the proteins. and continue to beat, gradually adding speed. At the end, pour a teaspoon of lemon juice into the sugar protein mass, work as a mixer for another three minutes and put the finished cream in the refrigerator.

Since the cake is still biscuit, we need to qualitatively saturate it with sugar syrup, for which we combine 100 gr. sugar and 100 ml. water and set on fire. After the syrup has boiled, remove from the hotplate and add a teaspoon of lemon juice.

Mix the mass and assemble the cake, since by this time all the ingredients had cooled down.

Cut the finished sponge cake into 2 cakes and soak both parts with lemon sugar syrup. After that, we apply protein cream — a little less than half the mass for one cake.

Carefully flatten and using a pastry bag squeeze the jam on the first layer. The whole mass of jam should be on the first cake plate, only it should be distributed evenly over the entire surface.

We cover with the second cake and richly cover the cake with cream ¸ spreading the protein mass on the sides of the cake. If desired, you can decorate the pastry with fresh berries or chocolate chip sprinkles.

Like any sponge cake, this cake will be happy to stand in the fridge for one night in order to fully soak and absorb the taste of berry jam. In the morning, a piece of juicy sponge cake will be a good addition to a cup of tea or strong coffee.

Beauty in colors and stripes

The main problem is not how to decorate the cake with a pastry syringe, but how long the decor will stand. The quality of the decorations depends on the correctly prepared protein cream, so we take the simplest biscuit cake and show how to make protein cream for the long-term preservation of the decor using the example of its design.

To make a biscuit, you will need:

  • 3 eggs;
  • Sugar — 1 tbsp .;
  • Kefir — 1 tbsp .;
  • Soda — 0.5 tsp;
  • Flour — 2 tbsp.

For impregnation between cake layers:

  • Sour cream — 150 gr .;
  • Sugar — 2/3 Art.

For protein cream:

  • Eggs — 4 pcs .;
  • Sugar — 250 gr .;
  • Citric acid — 1/4 tsp .;
  • Water — 30 ml.

Biscuit, cook as usual, dividing eggs into whites and yolks.

First, beat the whites with a quarter of the norm of sugar, then the yolks with the remaining sugar. In the yolk mass add kefir, soda and sifted flour. All is well beat and gently put the protein mass into the dough.

Mix the two components with a spatula or spoon. We bake one cake in an oven preheated to 180 degrees for 25-30 minutes.

Just as quickly and simply, you can prepare the impregnation, whipping sour cream with sugar.

And now the main thing is the preparation of high-quality protein cream.

To do this, we cool in the refrigerator not only eggs, but also a bowl in which we will beat the whites. Eggs are carefully divided into whites and yolks, after which we pour the whites into a prepared bowl and begin to beat at low speed.

We will have a stable foam that should not leave the bowl, even if the latter is turned upside down. Divide sugar into two parts, half of the sugar poured into proteins and continue to beat. The second half of the sugar mix with 30 ml. water and citric acid.

Cook this syrup over low heat until sugar is completely dissolved. To understand that the syrup is completely ready, you need to take a saucer, pour cold water into it and drop a small drop of syrup into the water.

If a ball is formed, then you can remove the mass from the fire.

Another hot syrup is poured into a squirrel in a very thin stream and whipped until the mass is completely cooled. Get a very beautiful glossy white color.

After the cream is completely ready, you can start collecting the whole cake.

To do this, cut the cake into 3 equal parts, and soak it with sour cream. We put all the cakes on top of one another, and decorate with protein cream using a pastry bag.

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If you need protein with different colors, then after syrup infusion it is necessary to divide the mass into several parts and paint each one only with gel dyes. If you decide to limit yourself to white color, then you should purchase confectionary beads to put it in the dips of the decor.

Golden beads or large multi-colored balls are suitable for white color.

Use all the possibilities of pastry bag to create a decor of protein cream. A little stuffed hand on homemade cakes, you can make beautiful sweet gifts with protein cream.

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