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Cake with mascarpone — recipe with photos step by step at home

Both adults and children certainly love to indulge themselves with tasty cakes. Today there are a huge variety of pastries. But still, the most delicious dessert will turn out if you cook it with your own hands.

Below we describe the best option for making a cake with Mascarpone according to the recipe with a photo step by step at home from Seleznev.

The finished dessert is known to many hostesses, it is also called Tiramisu. It is not difficult to cook it, and with a cream from Mascarpone the cake is incredibly tasty.

Cake from Mascarpone prescription Seleznev


  • sugar — 65 grams;
  • high-grade flour — 55 grams;
  • starch — 1 large spoon;
  • chicken eggs — 4 pieces.

Ingredients for coffee syrup:

  • ground coffee — 55 grams;
  • water — 3/4 cup;
  • sugar — 210 grams.
  • dessert red wine (better Cahors) — 120 ml.

For cream:

  • Mascarpone (cream cheese) — 770 grams;
  • water for syrup — 3/4 cup;
  • chicken eggs — 3 pieces;
  • water for gelatin — 45 ml;
  • gelatin — 20 grams;
  • sugar for syrup — 210 grams;
  • sugar for proteins — 120 grams.

The process of making a cake:

To make cookies for a cake with mascarpone according to the recipe with a photo step by step at home, you need to prepare eggs. To do this, proteins are separated from the yolks and placed in a bowl.

Beat the yolks first, start with a mixer or a whisk. Forty grams of sugar is added to the yolks, and then the mass is whipped until the sugar is dissolved.

It is very important to wash the whisk after beating the yolks, as the whites will not be able to whip into a strong foam if they get at least one drop of yolk. Now you can beat the proteins, a couple of drops of lemon juice are dripped to them, and then they are whipped with quick movements, as soon as the mass is thick enough, sugar is added to it.

Once the sugar is dissolved in the egg mass, you can stop the process of beating.

The third part is separated from the whipped proteins, the mass is transferred to the yolks and mixed well, as soon as the mixture becomes homogeneous, it is put back to the protein mixture. All carefully mixed and proceed to the preparation of flour.

To do this, the flour is combined with the required amount of starch, and sieved through a sieve into the egg mass. The dough is well mixed, but this must be done carefully so that the proteins do not begin to settle.

Thus, the dough will be prepared, it remains to shift it into a pastry bag and deposit long cookies. The baking sheet must be covered with baking paper. Cookies should be 10 cm by 2 cm.

Prepare blanks no more than eight minutes at a temperature of 220 degrees.

Now proceed to the preparation of syrup for the cake with mascarpone cheese. To do this, water is poured into a small saucepan and sugar is added, the liquid is brought to a boil.

Then you can add to the water the required amount of ground coffee. The mixture is brewed as usual coffee, and as soon as the mixture boils, the saucepan is removed from the heat and immediately some wine is poured.

The syrup is allowed to cool, and then filtered.

Now is the time to prepare the cream, for this we need chicken eggs. Again, it is necessary to separate the whites from the yolks. Also taken 3/4 cup of water, and in this amount of granulated sugar.

As a result, the mixture should be similar to a rather liquid porridge. The composition is moved to the stove, the syrup must be boiled.

In this case, as the cook himself said, the mixture will be ready when the temperature of the syrup reaches 120 degrees. But you can check the readiness of the syrup in another way, it is enough to take a spoon and dip it in a hot syrup, and then immediately in cold water.

From a slightly frozen mass the ball should roll. If this happens, you can use the syrup.

In the meantime, the syrup will be on fire, you can do the preparation of yolks and proteins for the cream. To begin with, use the mixer to beat the yolks, also take gelatin and pour it with a small amount of water.

As soon as the syrup is ready, it is poured directly into the whipped yolks while it is hot.

Do not worry about the temperature drop, the yolks will not be curtailed. Since we still have proteins, they are also whipped together with lemon juice.

At the last stage of whipping, granulated sugar is found in the mass, the mixture is whipped until it is completely dissolved.

You can do the preparation of gelatin for the cake from Mascarpone according to the recipe from the photo step by step at home, for this melt the gelatin with water in a water bath. Next, the mixture is removed from the plate and immediately put in the cream cheese in the amount of one spoon.

Everything is quickly mixed, it is very important to do it, otherwise when added to a large amount of cream, gelatin will begin to roll.

Gelatin with cheese is transferred to the yolks, and everything is mixed again, then the remaining cheese is added to the cream and the mass is thoroughly mixed.

Now you can proceed to the last part of the preparation of the cream, in the mass injected harvested proteins with sugar. The cream is mixed with the help of a scapula very carefully, they do it from the bottom up, and the container must be constantly turned, then the mixture will air and light.

Now you can begin to assemble the cake, for this, all the resulting sticks are soaked in coffee syrup. Cookies dipped on one side are placed in a mold, soaked side down.

From above put a portion of cream, on top again put soaked sticks and the last layer of cream.

As decoration, you can use chocolate glaze, with its help making thin strips on the surface of the cream, you can also just sprinkle the cream with cocoa powder. The treat is cleaned in the refrigerator for at least three hours, it is even better to let the cake soak throughout the night.

It is worth noting that you can replace coffee syrup with chocolate, then we get a chocolate cake with mascarpone in our step-by-step recipe. The taste of this delicacy will be no worse than that of a coffee dessert.

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