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Cake with jelly — easy and tasty delicacy!

Sometimes, I want to bake something unusual, something that will appeal to both children and adults: in this respect, jelly cake is just a find. Each recipe of this pastry is interesting in its own way, try to make a sweet and beautiful jelly cake and you won’t regret it.

In order to make a delicious cream, you need:

Sugar — 110 g

To make sweet dough:

Butter — 200 g

Dining flour — 255 g

Chicken eggs — 4 pcs.

Granulated sugar — 200 g

Baking Powder — 1 tsp.

Jelly mass:

Sugar — 110 g

Fruit juice — 730 g.

White wine — 100 g

In the beginning, you need to bake the cakes of our dessert.

Mix the eggs with the sugar, put the flour, baking powder, butter (melted) and knead the dough immediately. Divide the dough into several pieces and bake sweet cakes.

Readiness cake can be checked with a toothpick. Pierce the dough, if the toothpick is dry — then it is ready.

To make a creamy substance, mix the sour cream, crumbly granulated sugar, whisk a little. Smear with sour cream cooled cakes.

The dessert is almost ready, it remains to decompose the fruit and cover it with a jelly mass.

To make jelly, mix white wine, granulated sugar, fruit juice (preferably fresh) and lemon juice, bring to a boil. Then add the gelatin dissolved in cold water, mix.

Cool the resulting jelly in the fridge, but not to the end, so that it does not spread apart, but it is not completely frozen.

Grease the top of the treat with cream, put the sliced ​​fruit, fill the cake with half-baked jelly and put in the fridge to cool.

Recipe number 2: Delicious cake «Berry delight».

Cherry harvesting:

Granulated sugar — 35 g.

Ripe cherry — 325 g.

Berry Jelly:

cherry harvesting — 125 g

Granulated sugar — 40 g.

Red wine — 50 ml.

Berry mousse:

Granulated sugar — 10 g.

cherry harvesting — 165 g

Low-fat cream — 200 ml.

Chocolate cakes:

Almond flour — 45 g.

Egg whites — 4 pcs.

Egg yolks — 4 pcs.

cherry harvesting — 50 g

Powdered cocoa — 25 g.

Flour dining — 30 g

Butter — 30 g

This is an original unusual recipe.

Prepare fresh berry puree with sugar. To do this, stir the berries with sugar, can be in a blender.

To cook the berry jelly mass, mix 125 g of berry puree with sugar and place on the hob, warm it up, but do not boil it.

Soaked in cold water gelatin, add to the cherry harvesting, put the cherry, then pour a little wine, mix again.

Pull the berry jelly into a mold and let cool in the fridge.

To make a berry mousse, mix the berry puree with sugar and gelatin, heat the mixture, but do not boil it. Cool slightly and put low-fat cream.

Ready mousse put in the fridge.

Beat the almond flour, sugar 4 yolks and one egg, then beat the 4 whites and the remaining sugar and add to the flour mixture (you can use a mixer).

Still put cocoa and flour. Then put the berry puree and melted butter.

Knead the dough.

Bake the cake in the oven until cooked (temperature 180 g).

Finally, you can make a cake:

bottom — the cake, then berry mousse, and, finally, on top — berry jelly.

There is a recipe for such a cake without baking, I suggest you consider a simple but interesting recipe:

Recipe number 3: Strawberry-cottage cheese cake with fresh strawberries.

Butter — 110 g

Shortbread shortbread — 350 g

Sugar — third of glass

Strawberry — 300 g

Strawberry jelly mass — 1 pack

The cake does not require baking, so just chop the biscuits, mix it with melted butter and put it on the bottom of the form. Put in the fridge.

For soufflé combine sour cream, cottage cheese and sugar, as well as strawberries, stir in a blender, you should get a smooth liquid texture.

Pour the liquid mousse onto the frozen cake from the biscuit and put it in the fridge.

When the mousse hardens, remove the billet from the fridge, put the beautifully sliced ​​strawberries on top of the mousse, pour the strawberry jelly diluted with the input, and then put it back into the fridge.

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