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Cake Trukhlyavy stump: recipes with photos step by step

Unusual sour cream cake The rotten stump is prepared quite simply and looks original. It will decorate any holiday table, causing the admiration of guests.

Delicacy come from the Soviet childhood still remains one of the most popular home cooking. Each housewife brings her own extra elements and ingredients to the amazing cake, but she still remains a classic of pastry art. The adjustments made to the masterpiece delicacy are minimal, these are differences in design and additional ingredients.

For example, mushrooms are often deposited on a cake from protein or butter cream, and also decorated not only with brown, but also with white chocolate. And in the filling go any dried fruit to the taste of the hostess combining with nuts and chocolate pieces inside the baking.

Cake Trukhlyavy stump according to the classic recipe

Cake «Stump» resembles a classic sour cream, but it is much tastier and more interesting. To cook it at home does not require special skills of a professional. The main thing is the freshness of animal products and a good oven.

Jam, you can choose any, but if you use the option of red, you need to be prepared for the fact that the dough can get a greenish tint.

Ingredients for the dough:

  • chicken egg — 3 pcs .;
  • beet sugar — 130 g;
  • baking soda — 1 tsp;
  • vinegar 9% apple — 1 tsp;
  • sour cream of any fat content — 200 ml;
  • condensed milk — 100 g;
  • apricot jam — 100 g;
  • dried fruits (dried apricots, raisins) — 150 g

Ingredients for cream:

  • granulated sugar — 130 g;
  • fat sour cream — 500 ml;
  • chocolate to taste — 200 g;
  • lemon — 1 pc .;
  • butter — 1 tbsp.

Dough preparation:

Fill the dried fruit with boiling water and leave for the whole time while we make the dough. If desired, they can be replaced or even add prunes and any crushed nuts.

If there are no such ingredients at home and you cannot buy them, you can not put them into the cake in the form of hemp. From their absence, he will not be worse.

Beat eggs with a mixer until a thick stable foam in a few minutes. Add sugar and turn on the technique for another 2-3 minutes to the crystals are well dissolved, and the mass turned white and increased in volume.

Enter jam, condensed milk and sour cream into the resulting consistency and mix with a mixer for one minute.

We extinguish soda with vinegar and add to the dough. If desired, it can be replaced with a baking powder, but according to the classics, the recipe of the cake “The Rotten Stump” was prepared with these ingredients.

It is also important to understand that sour cream can not always completely extinguish soda, therefore it is better to use the old usual method.

Add the resulting liquid to the dough and send the pre-sifted flour next. Turn on the mixer and mix until smooth.

Give the dough to stand for about five minutes to start the soda to work.

Dried fruits are discarded in a colander so that the water is completely glass. Cut them into small pieces.

Pour the ready stuffing into the dough and gently mix so that all the ingredients are evenly distributed in the cake “Crucible Stump”.

We cover the standard baking tray for oven with parchment paper. Distribute the dough around the perimeter with a thin layer.

Preheat oven to 170-180 degrees and bake for 18-20 minutes. On readiness check with a match.

If it is dry, then the cake is ready.

Preparation of cream:

The “Truly stump” cake, according to the classic recipe, involves making sour cream. It is thanks to him that he is well soaked and becomes really loose as a tree.

Sour cream is important to pre-whip for one minute. Then add sugar to it and turn on the mixer for another 2-3 minutes.

Add to the resulting mass a little freshly squeezed lemon juice without stones. Beat for one minute.

Assembling and decorating the “Truly Stump” cake:

We take out the baking sheet from the oven and leave it for a few minutes at room temperature so that it is slightly cooled.

Cover the work surface with a slightly damp kitchen towel. This can be done with the help of ordinary wooden blades.

We remove part of the parchment, which is easily behind. The rest can be left on the cake until almost the end of registration.

We roll it into a roll.

At this very moment it is necessary to decide how best to prepare the “Rotten Stump” cake, because the step-by-step recipe has two options for working with the cake. In the first case, you need to completely wait for it to cool.

The second solution is to wait 10-15 minutes so that it is not hot, but warm enough. Most often in classics practiced the second option.

They do it because such a cake absorbs more sour cream, which means it will become more tender and loose.

Spin the roll and determine the height of the future stump. It can be 10.15 or 20 centimeters.

Then we measure the desired length with an ordinary clerical ruler and make the markings on both sides horizontally.

Then cut the cake into pieces, and grind the excess with hands or a blender into small crumb. Add to it the sour cream mass and knead to a uniform consistency.

Leave a little brew.

Carefully grease all the resulting cakes with cream, and when they are soaked, we coat them with the second layer.

Then, after double impregnation, we begin to roll the strips of cakes into sausages. If they start to break, there’s nothing to worry about, you just need to continue the cooking process.

Ready roll set directly on the dish on which the stump will be served. Pour the top with cream and then carefully lubricate the sides.

Raise the second strip of the cake and wrap it with the first roll. Well we press, so that everything is well grabbed.

Repeat the process of wrapping the third stripe. Hold each layer for a few minutes so that all parts of the roll are stuck to each other.

Leave for 10 minutes so that everything finally fixes. If the edges of the last cake leave, let it remain.

There is nothing terrible in this, because the recipe for the “Rotten Stump” cake suggests some carelessness in cooking.

In the outgoing edges lay a mixture of sour cream with crumb, forming the basis of future roots. In these places they will be the most powerful.

In the same way we close the formed voids in the upper part of the stump.

We lay out a part of the liquid crumb on a dish, transfer a thin layer to the trunk, and then draw the silhouette of the root in random order. We saturate the top of the stump with the remnants of sour cream without affecting the side, since they no longer need additional processing.

We wipe all the edges of the dish to return a presentable look and beauty. Put in a bowl any chocolate and butter.

Sent in the microwave so that the ingredients melt and turn into icing. Mix until smooth using a tablespoon, and then type on the brush and begin decorating the cake.

We put chocolate in a chaotic version, trying to create a picture. When it hardens, it will appear that this is really the bark of an old tree.

We coat the roots with a teaspoon so that they look more grotesque and non-uniform.

Who managed to harden the chocolate type on the edge of a tablespoon and remove with a knife. He will go to the top of the stump with thick untidy lines.

The pattern can be laid out in a spiral or in any order. The result will be a very interesting picture.

If desired, it can be further decorated with grated chocolate on top and sides, so that it truly transforms into an old stump. And the edges, according to tradition, are decorated with galet or sandy biscuits pounded into a crumb, complementing an interesting picture.

Serving the “rotten stump” cake is best on the same day. This can be done within 1-2 hours after preparation.

In the cut it will be very wet, and in taste it is extremely gentle and just melt in the mouth. It should be cut into small pieces, as it is very fat and nourishing.

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