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Cake Napoleon with custard: a few recipes with a photo on the note

Cake «Napoleon» has now become a welcome guest in almost every home, it can be found in restaurants and shops. In this article, we will consider four options for preparing your favorite delicacy with custard.

Cooking secrets

In order to get the perfect cake «Napoleon» is not enough to know its recipe, you must consider the following nuances:

— before baking, the dough for Napoleon is best cooled in a refrigerator, and not frozen;

— cake cakes are best rolled into sheets of about two millimeters thick;

— The final shape of the cake is given after it is completely saturated. To do this, with the help of a knife, its edges are cut off, the side of the dessert is coated with a cream base and covered with sprinkling.

Several recipes to note

The recipe for making custard cake: Option 1

This recipe for Napoleon cake was also used by our mothers and grandmothers.

For the preparation of puff pastry will need 400 grams of margarine.

If before that he was in the fridge, you need to get it and give him the opportunity to slightly melt. After it has melted it is necessary to cut it into pieces.

Also, in order to make the dough will need 4.5 cups of flour of the highest grade. To eliminate lumps, it is pre-screened with a sieve.

After that, the flour is mixed with margarine. It should also be noted that butter can be used instead of margarine.

In a separate container, you need to combine 1 cup of milk and 1 egg. They add 1 pinch of salt.

All thoroughly mixed and whipped with a whisk and added to the margarine mass. The resulting mixture is thoroughly mixed and kneaded beforehand with a spoon, and then with your hands.

Then it must be divided into several equal parts (the optimal number is ten) and placed in a refrigerator for thirty minutes.

After the dough is cooled, each piece is rolled onto thin cakes (the optimum thickness is about two millimeters). Pre-oven is heated to a temperature of 220 ° C.

Rolled cakes are baked in the oven until they get a golden hue. Since puff pastry cakes are very fragile, they should be taken out with the utmost care.

While the cakes are baked in the oven, you can do directly custard.

To do this, at the first stage it is necessary to combine 4 chicken eggs together with 2.5 cups of sugar and beat, using a mixer, until a thick white foam is obtained. To the resulting egg mixture is added 3 tablespoons of flour. In parallel, it is necessary to boil 3 cups of milk.

When adding flour to the mixture, add one tablespoon of milk and mix thoroughly so that no lumps of flour form. After this, the remaining milk is added.

After which the cream base is placed on a slow fire, not forgetting to stir constantly.

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Boil the cream base is necessary until such time as it thickens. After which it is removed from the stove and it gives time to cool. It should be remembered that in no way you can not hold the cream base on the fire, as there is a possibility of egg coagulation and the cream will be unsuitable for use.

After the egg-milk mass has cooled, half a kilogram of butter is added to it, everything is mixed and the oil is thoroughly ground with a cream mass. To give the cream a flavor, you can add a few drops of vanilla essence.

Once the cream is ready, it can be used to make a layer of Napoleon cakes. To do this, each cake is smeared with a cream base, and then applied to the last.

To prepare the dressing, you can use the last cake and grind it in a mortar. From above the cake is sprinkled with crumbs (do not forget to leave a little cream and crumbs for the sides of the cake).

Next, the cake is placed for six hours in the refrigerator. After it is thoroughly soaked, it is necessary to carefully cut it at the sides.

Smear the remaining cream and sprinkle with crumbs. And the cake «Napoleon» is ready, it can be served on the table.

Recipe for making quiche cake: Option 2

This recipe will allow you to make a cake «Napoleon» from puff pastry based on beer with custard.

To prepare the dough for this recipe will need 400 grams of butter.

It must first get out of the refrigerator and soften at room temperature. If necessary, the butter can be replaced with margarine.

Also, the test will require 4 cups of high-grade flour, which must first be sifted with a sieve. The softened butter is cut into pieces and mixed with sifted flour. After that, the resulting mixture should be thoroughly rubbed with your hands before getting the crumbs from the oil rather small.

After that, 250 milliliters of light unfiltered beer is added to the oily-flour mass. To taste, a pinch of salt is added to everything.

After that, everything is thoroughly mixed and kneaded by hand.

Next, the finished dough is divided into 10 balls and placed in a refrigerator for approximately thirty minutes. Then the cooled balls are rolled into the cake layers. The optimum diameter of the cake is 27 mm.

On the rolled cake with a fork are punctured in several places at once. For baking cakes, the oven must be heated to 220 ° C and baked cakes until they are golden in color (the estimated time is five minutes).

For making cream, we need 6 chicken eggs.

Initially, you need to separate the yolks from proteins. It should be remembered that for the cream base only yolks are used. To the yolks added 2 tablespoons of flour of the highest grade, 1 tablespoon of starch, 5 tablespoons of sugar and vanilla.

Everything is whipped with a mixer until the sugar crystals are completely dissolved. 800 ml of milk is poured into a separate container, put on the stove and brought to a boil.

After which the milk is added to the egg mass. Everything is then placed on the stove, and cooked over a small fire until the cream base thickens. Then it is time for the cream to cool slightly.

At the final stage it is necessary to add 100 grams of pre-softened butter. The oil and cream base are mixed and triturated using a strainer.

Preparing a cream base, it lubricates each cake of puff pastry.

It should be remembered that the last tenth cake is used to make the dressing. To do this, it is pounded using a blender, and in the absence of such, using a conventional rolling pin. After the layer, the cake is sprinkled on top with cooked crumbs, as well as smeared with cream on the sides and also the edges are smoothed with crumbs.

Before serving, the cake must be placed in the refrigerator for approximately 6 hours in order to soak it. And the cake «Napoleon» can be served on the table and delight your guests.

Recipe for making quiche cake: Option 3

This recipe will allow you to cook a light and exquisite cake «Napoleon» on the basis of cottage cheese.

To make the dough you need 500 grams of cottage cheese.

If it is not possible to find home-made cottage cheese, then you can use store-based, but you need to buy a product with a fat content of at least 25%. To start the cottage cheese must be grind with a fork.

To the cheese is added 2 teaspoons of soda and 3 tablespoons of flour. Mix everything thoroughly. Then you need to add 1.5 cups of sugar and two eggs.

And everything is again thoroughly mixed and pounded. After that, the dough should be divided into eight parts and placed for about sixty minutes in the refrigerator.

After the dough is cooled, each piece needs to be rolled out with a rolling pin until it is thin. For baking cakes, the oven must be heated to a temperature of 180 ° C.

A baking sheet for baking cakes is sprinkled with flour, cakes are transferred onto it with the help of a rolling pin and baked until golden brown.

Next we need to prepare a cream for sandwiching the cake.

This will require 5 chicken eggs. They must be whipped in advance using a mixer, or if there is no mixer, you can use a whisk.

Next, 500 milliliters of milk is poured into a double-bottomed saucepan, 300 grams of sugar are added and beaten eggs are added. In order to make the cream thick, you can add two tablespoons of flour.

Everything is very carefully mixed and put on fire. The mixture should be cooked until thickened.

However, it is worth remembering that it does not need to bring to a boil. At the final stage, add 1 bag of vanilla sugar and half a pack of butter.

After which the cream cools a little.

Slightly warm cream smeared cakes. After that, it is necessary to form the edges of the cake, cutting them off, smearing them with cream and sprinkling them with crumb.

The top of the cake is also sprinkled with crumbs prepared from the last cake.

Recipe for making quiche cake: 4th option

This recipe will allow you to bake a fairly economical version of the Napoleon cake.

To prepare the dough will need 200 grams of butter, which is previously softened, cut into pieces. Also, for the dough, it is necessary to sift 2 cups of the highest-grade flour using a strainer.

Then the sifted flour is added to the butter, everything is mixed and pounded with a fork. Next, to prepare the cream, you need to slightly warm up 125 milliliters of water, adding a pinch of salt to it. Then warm water is added to the oil mass and it is necessary to knead a rather dense dough.

Puff pastry should be different at the same time elasticity and elasticity. Next, the finished dough must be divided into five parts, and put in a refrigerator for about thirty minutes. Then, on the table, sprinkled with flour, each part of the cooled dough is rolled into an independent cake, after which punctures are made on it with a fork.

For their baking, the oven is heated to a temperature of about 200 ° C. With the help of a rolling pin, the cakes are placed on a baking tray sprinkled with flour and baked in an oven until golden brown.

The approximate time required for baking is about 5-10 minutes.

To prepare cream for the cake «Napoleon» will need one chicken egg, 2 tablespoons of flour and 1 cup of sugar.

All ingredients are mixed. Next, 500 milliliters of milk is heated on the stove and the cooked egg mixture is added to it. All this is cooked over low heat until the creamy substance thickens.

At the very end, 20 grams of butter is added to the cream. And still thoroughly mixed.

The cream is ready and you can sandwich the cake.

To decorate the cake «Napoleon» you need to grind the last cake in a blender before receiving the crumbs. And after a layer of cream, decorate the top of the cake and sides with a crumb.

You can also use grated chocolate for decoration.

What recipe you choose decide for yourself.

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