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Cake Monastic hut with cherry with sour cream

Probably, almost every hostess knows what the Monastery Hut cake looks like, and the taste of this delicacy has been familiar to us since early childhood. The dessert has a very interesting design; if you look at it from the side, it really looks like the roof of a hut. But this cake is famous not for the fact that it is beautifully shaped, but rather for its taste and ease of preparation.

It perfectly combines sour cherries, soft and crumbly dough, as well as light sweet cream made from sour cream. Today we will talk about how to make a cake “Monastic hut” with cherries with sour cream according to the recipe from the photo step by step.

It is worth noting that for the preparation of such a cake can be used a different basis, in one recipe used puff pastry, in the other shortcake, and for the third generally cooked pancakes. At first glance it may seem that it will be difficult to make such a cake, but this is absolutely not the case.

Dessert is prepared quite easily and quickly, but thanks to an unusual decoration, a delicacy can be served at the table even on a big holiday.

The classic version of the cake «Monastic hut»

Products for the test:

  • white flour — 420 grams;
  • margarine (can be butter) — 190 grams;
  • fat sour cream — 230 grams;
  • granulated sugar — 60-70 grams;
  • ripe cherry;
  • table soda — 5 grams;
  • salt coarse — 3 grams.

Products for cream:

  • vanilla sugar or vanilla — pack;
  • high fat sour cream — 230 grams;
  • granulated sugar — 220 grams.

Dough preparation process:

To make the dough for the cake, you need to mix in a large container fat cream, the required amount of butter and granulated sugar. It is very important to use softened butter, but the product should not be heated, as the oil will become liquid.

All ingredients are whipped until a homogeneous consistency using a mixer.

Next, begin to add flour, make it through a sieve and in small portions. First kneading is done with a spatula, and then manually, you need to get a uniform and soft texture, the mass should not stick to hands.

The dough is left for an hour and a half to infuse in the refrigerator, this will make it possible to make the cake itself more tender, and as the mass cools, you can prepare the cherry filling. To do this, the cherry is thoroughly washed, and then all bones and leaves are removed from it.

If the hostess likes the slightly sour taste of cherries, then you can simply fill the berries with sugar and use them as a filling for the dough.

But when there is a need to get a sweet filling, the berries for the cake “Monastic hut” with cherries with sour cream (video) are surely cooked.

How to boil cherries:

In fact, the cooking process is very simple, for this, already prepared cherries are placed in a saucepan, then sugar is poured there and the berry is drawn into it. Next, the saucepan is moved to the fire, and the mixture is cooked no more than two minutes after boiling the syrup. Cherry mass is gradually stirred and allowed to cool.

When the berries are in the air, a thin layer of glaze remains on their surface, as it cools, it caramelizes. This is what helps keep the cherry whole and beautiful.

We do not need the remains of syrup, so the liquid from the berries is drained.

The process of making cream:

The cream is desirable to do right before it will be applied to the finished cake, the process of its preparation is very simple. To begin with, a bowl of sour cream and granulated sugar is put in, a little vanillin is added there and the mass is whipped with a mixer.

The hostess should regulate the sweetness of the finished cream herself, if the cherry is sweet, then a little less sugar is added to the cream, and when the berry is sour, more sugar can be put.

Making «logs» of dough:

To prepare the basis for the cake “Monastic hut” with cherries with sour cream according to this recipe, you must take the prepared chilled dough and divide it into fifteen equal pieces. A sausage is rolled out of each such ball, from which a wide strip is made using a rolling pin.

In the middle of such a blank of dough, the harvested cherry is laid out, do not put too many berries, otherwise the dough will begin to diverge during baking.

Dough cautiously moves the tube with a straw so that the juice from the berries does not flow out onto the baking sheet, it is necessary to fix the edges carefully so that the dessert is as juicy as possible. Such tubes bake in the oven for at least twenty minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees.

Once the cooking process is completed, you can start assembling the cake «Monastic hut» with cherries with sour cream.

Putting the cake:

It must be remembered that the dessert as a result should have the shape of the roof of an old hut, so the shape is given immediately. Also, the hostess noted that the cake is very delicate, and it is necessary to assemble it immediately on the plate on which it will eventually be served at the table.

Five prepared tubes are laid out on a large dish, all tubes should lie tightly to each other, on top they are carefully coated with cream of sour cream. The next layer is laid out of four tubes, and so on in descending order, until the tubes completely run out.

Each layer is richly smeared with cream, the more layers there are, the tastier and juicier the cake will be in the end.

When the dessert is assembled, it is covered with the remains of cream on top and sent to the refrigerator for one night, but if guests arrive soon, then three hours is enough. You can use grated chocolate, cocoa powder or frosting as decoration.

With the help of the glaze, it will be beautiful to draw improvised tile on the dessert surface.

Such a delicacy will not be a shame to serve for the holiday table, and the taste of the cake will amaze even the most refined gourmets. A similar recipe for making a cake «Monastic hut» with cherries with sour cream from Alla Kovalchuk can be found on the Internet.

In fact, the technology of cooking delicacies there is changed slightly.

«Monastic hut» of pancakes

Ingredients Required:

  • high fat sour cream — 550 grams;
  • milk for dough — 520 ml;
  • high-grade flour — 700 grams;
  • sour cherry (canned) — 320 grams;
  • vanilla sugar — bag;
  • granulated sugar — 260 grams;
  • bitter chocolate — 70 grams.

The process of making a cake:

To make a cake «Monastic hut» with cherries with sour cream of pancakes, you must first bake the base. To do this, combine milk and flour in a large bowl, fry pancakes in a frying pan from the resulting mass.

It is very important that the pancakes are quite thin. The blanks are allowed to cool well, and then the cherries are laid out in the middle.

Each pancake is rolled up in the form of a straw and placed on a plate. Thus, our blanks will be prepared for the assembly of the cake.

Next, start preparing products for the cream. To do this, put sour cream in the bowl, vanillin is sent there, and everything is whipped until a homogeneous structure is obtained.

It is worth noting that for such a dessert it is better to use a cream based on sour cream, in this case the caloric content of the Monastyrskaya izba cake with cherries with sour cream will not be so high.

But for the ladies who do not follow the figure, a variant of the usual butter or custard is offered. Then you can begin the process of assembling the delicacy, the process is not long, but everything must be done carefully.

If stacking the sticks is not close enough to each other, then the cake may eventually collapse.

On a large dish is laid out the first layer of pancakes with cherries, each layer must be richly lubricated with thick cream cream, while spreading the cake in the form of a hut. The first row can consist of about seven pancakes, and then gradually the number of blanks is reduced, only one tube is put on the top.

It is very important to use as much cream as possible, this will allow the cake to soak better and make it softer. As decoration, the cake is watered with the remains of the cream, and then sprinkled with grated chocolate, but you can also make the icing.

How to make the icing:

Preparing the icing for this dessert is not at all difficult; it is necessary to put chocolate and butter in a saucepan. Next, the tank is sent to a water bath and left there until the chocolate and butter has melted. Now the mass is mixed and poured into a pastry bag, with the help of which the cake decoration is made later.

Thin lines can draw flowers and stripes on the dessert, it turns out very nicely.

«Monastic hut» of puff pastry


  • ready-made puff pastry — 2 packs;
  • fat cream — 560 grams;
  • icing sugar — 320 grams;
  • sour cherry — 330 grams;
  • butter — 35 grams;
  • cocoa powder — 55 grams;
  • milk — 50 grams:
  • granulated sugar — 55 grams.

The process of making a cake:

First you need to defrost the layers of dough, today there is no need to knead the puff pastry with your own hands, as it is sold in stores. The layers are cut into wide strips; four layers of dough are enough for one such cake.

Cherries are laid out in the middle of each strip of dough, it is very important to sprinkle the berries with sugar and remove the bones from them.

Do not put too many berries, so that the juice does not start to flow out of the tubes during baking. These blanks are placed on a baking sheet and baked until the dough is fully prepared, and then they are allowed to cool well.

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Next, prepare the cream for cake puff pastry, for this is put in a bowl vanilla, fat sour cream and powdered sugar. This composition is whipped with a mixer at medium speed, while sour cream must be taken at least 25% fat.

The cream is whipped quickly enough, as soon as it acquires a thick consistency, you can begin assembling the cake.

First, five dough blanks are put on a large plate, everything is covered with a large amount of cream on top, four tubes are already placed on top, and they are also lubricated with plenty of cream. You need to get a kind of slide from the tubes with cherries.

You can not regret the cream, otherwise the cake will come out too dry and not sweet enough. When the last straw is put on top of the dessert, you can cover the whole cake with the remnants of the cream and put it in the fridge.

Cooking icing:

While the cake will be infused, you need to make the icing, for this, three spoons of milk, sixty grams of cocoa powder, a few spoonfuls of granulated sugar and a little butter are placed in a small saucepan. These ingredients are put on the fire and melt.

Cook the composition of at least three minutes, during this time the icing will become more dense.

Next, the chocolate mass is poured into the cornet, from the refrigerator gets the cake, and decorated with icing using a thin pattern. This cake is best left in the refrigeration chamber for at least five hours, but if you have time, then leave the dessert overnight to soak.

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