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Cake Masha and the Bear: a recipe with step by step photos

Preparing the cake Masha and the Bear from your favorite cartoon is quite simple if you arm yourself with the necessary tools. The easiest way is to order in the confectionery online store sheet, made on a special printer. But if you want to do something more complicated, you will have to remember how they molded plasticine in childhood and repeat the skills on mastic.

There is nothing complicated about it. The main thing in working with a new product in confectionery art is slowness and patience.

Chocolate cake Masha and the Bear

To make the cake “Masha and the Bear” not cause any troubles in cooking, you can purchase a round kitchen board for cutting vegetables and place a stand with a future masterpiece on it. It rotates easily on the working surface, which facilitates the design process.

A silver or gold substrate can be bought at the confectionery shop online or directly in the city of residence. There are two options in choosing marzipan: either color is bought initially, or white is bought, in which dyes interfere.

Billets and tools:

  • high round chocolate cake 16×8 cm;
  • white, green, brown (two shades) and blue marzipan;
  • powder for rolling;
  • yellow dressing (small balls);
  • pastry bag with a nozzle to create herbs;
  • rectangular chocolate crust 26×36 cm;
  • warm drinking water;
  • synthetic brushes — flat and null;
  • chocolate and green cream cheese cream;
  • Maria galetny cookies — 4 pieces;
  • Milky Way chocolate — 2 tiles;
  • food confectionery glue;
  • smooth rolling pin;
  • white, golden dyes;
  • stamp to form colors;
  • office line;
  • confectionery shovel for leveling the cream;
  • spoon for decorating martsepan;
  • cone for registration;
  • square shapes;
  • Vacuum package;
  • silicone mat.


Grease the cake with chocolate cream with a spatula, evenly distributing it over the entire surface.

Put on top of the second biscuit and repeat the lubrication. Then we place the last cake and press it a little above it with the palm so that the cream is evenly distributed.

Cut off a piece of biscuit to create a flat part of the cake. In the future, it will become the foundation of the house in the style of «Masha and the Bear.»

Lubricate the outer part of the cake, evenly distributing the cream.

Roll out two layers of yellow marzipan. Create a pattern with a special spoon.

With the help of a usual office ruler we create smooth panels of future walls.

We put the ready-made plates to the cream and press them to sit down well.

Cut the excess parts with a roller or a regular knife. They do not have to be perfectly smooth.

Roll out the brown layer. With the help of a special paddle for working with marzipan and mastic we draw irregularities.

Twist the edges down and transfer to the top of the cake, forming the roof.

Fold in the excess and distribute the confectionery clay so that it is even and tight to the future cake «Masha and Misha.»

Cut the excess in the form of rectangles.

The resulting arcs are left and crimped, forming the roots of the tree.

Cut the extreme lines on the rectangle with a ruler and form the side parts of the doorway.

On a geometric figure, we outline even lines with a ruler.

Then we add panels to make the scenery look like real.

Cut the upper part, making the door smaller and form narrow parts.

Add the missing boards and panels so that they stand harmoniously. They will stand upwards, below and almost in the middle.

We cut off the lower parts, making them narrower.

Do not forget to add a pen, because the “Masha and the Bear” cake should look believable. It is important to work out every detail.

Lubricate the yellow marzipan glue with a synthetic brush.

We fix the door and for reliability we insert a small piece of wire so that it does not fall off and stick well. The main thing is not to forget her then pull out.

Let’s work on the yellow panel with golden or light brown dye to choose from.

Using two larger and smaller square molds, we create geometric shapes. Draw with a knife thin lines of future glasses.

We roll white marzipan into a thin sausage and frame it on squares.

Grease the desired area with glue. Fasten one window to the front of the house and the other to the back.

We form a thick sausage from green marzipan and cut it into two equal parts. We fix them with the help of water under the windows so that the house looks the same as in the cartoon.

We produce flowers on white marzipan using a stamp. If desired, it can always be replaced with mastic.

Both products to create unique decorations can be made independently at home.

We grease the green areas with glue and transfer the blanks to the right place.

Square-shaped cut out the mailbox in blue. Add decorations, cutting them off with a ruler and fasten it to an empty place.

Marzipan on the door had already dried. Take a special cone and decorate it.

Draw the holes with white dye with a thin brush. We do this slowly and measuredly.

Cut out small circles in the form and add them to the flowers so that they come to life. If you can not work with such fine details and tweezers, you can draw pistils.

We cut a rectangular crust, rounding the corners with an ordinary kitchen knife.

Cover the sponge cake with green cream, smoothing the surface and sides with a confectionary spatula.

We transfer to the field a ready-made house for the Masha and the Bear cake. We put it carefully and slowly.

Roll out a small piece of confectionery clay. We form a rectangle, put a strip on top.

We transfer the finished threshold under the door. Gently press down.

We make basting on the yellow marzipan and cut corners with a ruler. On the resulting figure we outline the panel.

It is important to evenly distribute the lines around the perimeter of the treat, so that everything looks believable.

Roll brown marzipan and create two strips. We pass on them decorating spoon.

Add the usual lines, armed with a clerical line.

We transfer them to the yellow figure, forming the roof. We cut off the excess with sharp scissors.

Press the incision area with your fingers to smooth the color and remove the sharp transitions. Set the shape, forming the second floor for the Bear.

We repeat the process of decorating with the help of dye and other colors of confectionery clay. We roll a cone-shaped figure from brown marzipan.

We make an incision and form a tree with two branches.

We decorate with a miracle spoon, carefully working through all aspects so that the children’s cake “Masha and the Bear” is neat regardless of what angle you look at it.

Set the tree on the house. Where necessary, repeat the decoration with a spoon.

We make more figures and install them on the confectionery composition.

Put the cookies in the vacuum bag and roll it. We make a cut in it and wake up the baby through the hole, drawing a familiar cartoon track on the cake.

We grease with glue, creating a path for the girl Masha where she will run after butterflies when the Bear wants to play chess in the house.

Fill a pastry bag with a cream with a grass nozzle. We work with green in all areas where there is no footpath.

Then we create white flowers with a stamp and place them on the grass.

We break straws in chocolate into identical pieces. We decorate with a new decoration of a flower bed. We sprinkle balls of grass, because the Masha and the Bear cakes are experienced by experienced pastry chefs in the smallest detail.

Do not forget about the hives. We will form rectangles from small pieces of yellow delicacy.

Draw a ruler panel to add credibility.

Square small form cut out of the rolled yellow layer of the roof and fasten the top. Paint the hive with the dye and set it in the usual place.

The creation of simple decorations is the same as with the panels of the house of the Bear Misha.

We divide chocolate sticks in half, cutting diagonally and evenly. Install the fence around the perimeter of the green field. Take a piece of green marzipan and squeeze it into a flat cake on a finger.

We make notches with a regular knife, making out an incomprehensible layer in a beautiful leaf.

We fix it on the upper part of Misha’s house, making it brighter. Masha and the Bear cakes for a children’s holiday should be primarily attractive to guests.

That is why it will not be superfluous to add more leaves to the trees.

We install ready-made figures of characters from the beloved cartoon on the glade. Such children’s cakes on the plot of the popular fairy tale «Masha and the Bear» can be easily prepared at home, recalling the lessons of labor in school.

Having gotten to work with mastic, you can complement the storyline with new characters and decorate with decorations to your taste, so that the cake Masha and the Bear will please your child.

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