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Cake made from finished cakes — quickly and reliably

In this product, everything is already done correctly and even cut into 2 or 3 parts depending on the manufacturer. In addition to the classic light and chocolate biscuits, you can find ready-made packages with different flavors. For example strawberry, lemon, apricot sponge cakes.

However, they do not differ in a large variety of flavors, as the additives are used by manufacturers as simple as possible.

But I would not buy such products, since there is almost no fruit juice in them, flavors identical to natural ones are used, but not like the juices of the above-mentioned fruits themselves. Also in this product are many special additives that allow it to be stored for a long time.

As in my opinion, I know many ways to decorate this cake from ready-made biscuit cakes, but at the same time I rarely use these recipes, as I prefer to cook with fresh natural products.

Since the cakes are pretty monotonous from all firms, the main taste quality falls on the cream and fillings for this cake. Cakes are already cut and well separated from each other, have an equal thickness and size.

Consider some recipes that are combined with any shortcakes, and differ only in the fillings.

Since I make this cake only if there is no time, then there is no point in talking about making the cake under mastic. This process is long and actually, if you make a beautiful cake, it is better if it is completely fresh and natural.

Making a cake of biscuit cakes, changing cream. But these recipes should be quick, without weighing sour cream, for a long time, cooking complex custards and other decorations.

Variants with fruit

Like any other biscuit, biscuit ready-made cakes are very good for different fruits and berries. Well, if you have homemade preparations in the form of frozen berries and canned fruit.

But if not, canned peaches or apricots are sold in any store. Now it is far from 70-80 years, when a jar of peach compote was crushed in terrible queues behind a jar.

In order to use the recipe with peaches you must take:

  • Packing finished cakes — 400 gr .;
  • Condensed milk — 1 bank;
  • Butter — 1 pack;
  • Canned peaches — 1 can (medium)

First of all, get the butter out of the fridge, cut it into small pieces and put it in the beating bowl. If you leave a whole pack, the oil can be thawed for a long time, and small pieces can soften very quickly.

Then we open a can of preservative and a part of peaches, or rather, we chop them half with a knife, into medium pieces. The remaining half is jelly with a blender. Then carefully beat the butter, add to it condensed milk and mashed peaches.

Beat again. We take out a bowl for beating from under the mixer and add peaches cut in advance.

All mix and cream is ready.

Next, we open the package of cake layers, divide them and coat each cake richly with cream. We fold the cakes on top of one another and coat the sides of the cake. To make it festive, you can leave a couple of peaches for decoration.

Cut each peach into thin slices and lay out slices in a circle.

If you have frozen pitted cherries in your home, then it is better to take chocolate dark ready-made cakes, since red cherries will look better in them.

But in principle, fit any canned fruit, which you can quickly find in the nearest supermarket.

Cake made of ready biscuit cakes «Curly Pinscher»

Since there is a variety, or rather you can buy dark and light cake layers, you can easily make a cake with sour cream, which is usually made from biscuit of different colors. This is a curly pinscher.

For manufacturing will require:

  • Light and dark cakes in one package;
  • Sour cream fat — 3 glasses;
  • Sugar — 2/3 cup;
  • Dark chocolate — 1 large tile.

Let’s start cooking the cake with brewing glaze.

To do this, break the finely chocolate and put it in a saucepan. There we also add two tablespoons of sour cream. We put on a very slow fire and deal with the cream.

A recipe familiar from childhood says that you need to whip sour cream, making it thicker, then add sugar and whisk further. The cream should turn out pretty tight.

If you come across ready-made cakes, in a package of 3 pieces, then leave the dark one layer whole, and cut the rest into small cubes, about 1 cm each. We coat with cream one layer, and then dunk the cubes in cream and spread it on the prepared surface. layer.

When the whole hill is assembled, pour it over the remnants of the cream and decorate with chocolate icing.

Leave soaked for about 30 minutes in the fridge. During this time, and the icing will harden, and the cake will soak very well.

Can be served with tea or coffee.

An exotic recipe from the store.

This cake made from ready-made cakes is in a hurry, since nothing, strictly speaking, is needed. The recipe consists entirely of what can be bought at the store, so in the recipe book it is called shop exotic.

For cooking you will need 2 bananas and 2 kiwis.

As well as the packaging of biscuit cakes and 2 cans of whipped cream. First, all the fruits are washed and clean.

Cut into thin slices. Open the packaging with biscuit, squeeze the cream onto one layer and level them, lay out both kinds of fruit, then repeat the procedure with the second layer.

For the third we make a decoration from a can of cream, and also decorate the sides of the cake with a can.

All the cake is ready, you can pour the tea in cups and entertain guests.

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