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Cake in the form of a dog: 4 cooking options and ways to decorate

No holiday can do without a sweet dessert. The meeting of the New 2018 is not an exception and it is time to think about what will be the New Year’s cake in the year of the dog.

A great option would be a cake in the form of a dog. Such a delicacy will look unusual and spectacular.

In this article, you can find options for a cake in the form of a dog with photos and step-by-step recipes. It also describes how to decorate it.

Probably everyone knows that the symbol of 2018 will be the Yellow Dog. But how to make a cake in the form of a dog?

Here are step-by-step recipes for making such a symbolic treat.

In order to make a cake in the form of a dog, you will need a biscuit cake, the size of A4 paper, condensed milk to soak the cake, cream based on cream and white chocolate, fine candy for decoration or marshmallows. You also need to prepare the tools: a wide knife with teeth, a sharp knife for cutting the contour, a brush to lubricate the cake, a pastry bag or a syringe with special nozzles, a spatula, and parchment baking paper.

First you need to make a dog pattern, on which the cakes will be laid out. Make a pattern on A4 paper and prepare one cruciform pattern.

This will be the torso. A round shape for the head, a small oval for the ears and a middle shaft for the paws are also required.

The biggest oval will be where the dog has a tail.

  1. In a large pattern cut the first billet. Then cut the cake along with a long knife with teeth.
  2. Leftovers from the cake should be cut along.
  3. From a thin biscuit cake cut 2 parts round shapes for the head. Between them, smear cream and lay one on another.
  4. Cut one thin piece for a tail from a thin cake.
  5. To make 2 biscuit preparations of an oval form for paws. Cut them out of thick pieces of cake.
  6. Prepare 2 blanks for making ears from a thin cake.
  7. Using a special brush, spread the bottom of the future cake with condensed milk. Then apply butter cream and place the next part on top.

How to make a cake in the form of a dog

  1. Spread the tail with cream and put it on the trunk.
  2. On the other side of the body fasten the head, applying 2 round parts. The place of attachment must be smeared with cream.
  3. Fasten the ears so that one end of the ear is on the head and the other on the front paw. Then you need to cut the sharp corners of the cake.
  4. Remove the collected cake in the fridge for 60 minutes to solidify the cream.
  5. Take the cake out of the fridge and transfer it to the substrate covered with baking paper.
  6. Biscuit parts for the manufacture of hind legs should be laid left and right to the body at a slight angle. Lubricate them with cream.
  7. Remove excess dough with a knife, round sharp edges. The result should be a figure resembling a dog.
  8. The remaining biscuit and cream combine and make a homogeneous mass. From this mass to form a tail, roundness of the sides, head and back.
  9. Use a spatula to cover the entire figure of the dog with cream.
  10. Put the cake in the fridge for another 60 minutes.
  11. Remove baking paper from the substrate. For lubrication with a cream, use a sprocket attachment or an eight-hole attachment. Cool custard before use. With the help of a confectionery syringe with light movements, make patterns depicting the hair of a dog. Movement is better to perform bottom-up horizontally. Next you need to arrange your back and sides. To make a spotted doggy, you need to paint a part of the cream in a different color. To make a nose and eyes, you must use small candies or marshmallows. Doing the eyes and nose should be done very carefully so as not to spoil the whole composition.

For making biscuit cake you need:

  • 300 g butter;
  • 300 g of flour;
  • 350 grams of sugar;
  • 6 eggs;
  • 100 g of potato starch;
  • 100 ml of milk;
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder;
  • salt.

1 option cream for cake in the form of a dog for the New Year:

  • 400 g butter;
  • boiled condensed milk;
  • 300 grams of walnuts.

2 cream option:

  • 500 g butter;
  • condensed milk;
  • 200 g dark chocolate.

To make the New Year cake in the shape of a dog turn out neat and beautiful, you need to act in stages

Stage 1: prepare all the necessary ingredients for making biscuits.

Stage 2: Beat the butter, sugar and salt until fluffy. Gradually add chicken eggs, without stopping beating.

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Stage 3: mix flour, starch and baking powder. Add the mixture and milk to the egg mass.

Send in preheated to 175 degrees oven for 30 minutes.

Stage 4: start collecting cake in the form of a dog

Stage 5: beat 1 cream of butter and condensed milk. Cut the resulting biscuit in half, cut strips on the sides.

Sponge cakes do not sever.

Stage 6: cut the base for the dog from the middle of the biscuit.

Stage 7: Get 2 basics by separating the sponge cakes. Each cake to spread with cream and sprinkle with chopped walnuts.

Stage 8: cut 4 small squares from pending biscuit strips. Spread the cream and put them on the cake.

Stage 9: break into large pieces of the remaining biscuit in the cream to obtain a thick mass. In the resulting mass add nuts.

The mass should be dryish. Blind the back and front of the dogs from this mass.

Stage 10: knead with a fork the remnants of the mass to a mushy consistency. Cover the whole cake with the mixture, make it look like a dog.

Stage 11: put the cake in the form of a dog in the fridge for half an hour. Then make a second cream.

From it will need to make the «wool» of our dog. To do this, beat the butter with condensed milk.

Melt chocolate in a water bath.

Stage 12: Pour two thirds of the chocolate into the butter cream, beat with a mixer until smooth. Put 10 tablespoons of cream in a bowl and add the rest of the chocolate to it. Beat again.

The result is 2 creams. One will be used to cover the entire dog, the second for the design of the muzzle and tail. The color of the second cream and its saturation can be adjusted on the basis of their imagination and desire.

Send both creams in the fridge until thick.

Stage 13: Take the cake out of the fridge and level the surface with a thin cream layer. Apply a cream in the form of wool with a confectionery syringe with an asterisk.

Stage 14: draw the little face to the dog. For this you can use chocolate of different colors.

3 cake option for dog year

To prepare the next cake in the form of a dog, you will need:

  • 2 different biscuit cakes;
  • 0.75 liters of sour cream;
  • 450 grams of butter. 400 g will go to the preparation of the cream, 50 g — on the glaze;
  • 100 g of condensed milk for making cream;
  • 2 bananas;
  • 1.25 cups of sugar for making the cream and a third of the glass for the glaze;
  • candy for the face;
  • 2 tablespoons of cocoa for the glaze;
  • 2 tablespoons of milk for the glaze.

Cake with a dog is prepared as follows

  1. Take ready-made cakes or bake yourself according to the recipe that you like best. Cut one of the cakes into thin layers. Lay out the foundation in the form of a dog. Smear base cream.
  2. Cut the remaining cake into cubes and mix in a container with sour cream.
  3. Bananas cut into circles.
  4. Put the biscuit pieces in the cream and bananas on the foundation. Give it the shape of the body of a recumbent dog.
  5. Mix butter, condensed milk and part of the glaze and beat everything with a mixer. The resulting cream is used to smooth the surface and fix irregularities.
  6. Put half of the cream in a pastry bag and make dog hair with it.
  7. In the rest of the cream, add the remnants of chocolate glaze and mix. Get a cream of dark color. Make them ears, six on the tail and specks on the body.
  8. For the design of the eyes, use oval-shaped sweets, for the nose — a round shape. Cake in the year of the dog is ready!

To make chocolate glaze to give the stains on the wool the desired color brown hue, you need:

  • Melt a piece of butter (about 50 g) in a water bath.
  • Add 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder and stir the mixture until smooth.
  • Pour 2 tablespoons of milk and a third cup of sugar.
  • Bring to the formation of bubbles, remove the glaze from the fire.

4 variant of making a cake in the form of a dog

  1. Cut a cake blank out of the cake according to the pattern. Cut the resulting shape lengthwise into 2 shortcakes, set them aside.
  2. The remains of one cake to cut along. Details for the cake is better to do from thin pieces.
  3. To make a dog head, cut 2 parts with a glass. They will be smeared with cream and set on each other.
  4. From a thin piece of biscuit cut the oval for the tail.
  5. Cut 2 pieces from thick pieces for hind legs.
  6. Thin pieces will form the basis for two ears.
  7. Disconnect the double body for the dog body. Soak the bottom cake with melted ice cream. Then apply the cream and cover with the second blank.

Making a cake in the shape of a dog is pretty easy.

  1. Lubricate the oval preparation for the tail with cream and place it on either side of the body.
  2. The head, consisting of 2, smeared with cream, details, is located on the side opposite to the tail.
  3. Lay the ears in such a way that one edge of the ear touches the front paw and the second rests on the head.
  4. Cake for an hour to send in the fridge so that the cream froze.
  5. Cover the substrate with baking paper and put the cake on it.
  6. 2 blanks for the manufacture of hind legs to anoint with butter cream and lay on opposite sides of the body. Get a cake in the form of a dog lying on his stomach.
  7. Cut the sharp edges with a knife, rounding them. The dog figure will become natural and soft.
  8. From the remnants of the cream and biscuit to make a homogeneous mass. It will serve to smooth the head, back and sides. And also from it you need to make a sticking tail.
  9. Using a spatula to cover the entire surface of the cake with cream. This must be done before you begin to decorate the figures.
  10. Again for an hour to send the cake in the fridge.
  11. Take out the frozen cake and start decorating it. First you need to remove the paper from the substrate. For finishing it is better to apply the cooled cream and the nozzle «asterisk».

Cake decoration:

  1. Start sifting off the cream with light motions from the back of the cake. It should be planted horizontally, so that the patterns imitate the shape of the wool.
  2. For the design of the eyes, you can use mastic blue or green. 2 mastic ovals are blanks for the eyes of a dog.
  3. From black mastic roll a little black ball and cut it in half. This will be a blank for the pupils. Also for the «revitalization» of the look you need to make white balls, glare.
  4. Carefully place both eyes, keeping the finish of the cake.
  5. Blind nose of black color in the form of a pyramid and place it in the middle of the muzzle.
  6. Roll out the red mastic sausage and set it on the face as a smile.
  7. With the help of a special form, cut out an elongated flower and set it on the cake. That’s it, the cake in the shape of a dog is ready for the festive New Year’s table!

Surprise your guests and prepare an incredibly tasty cake in the form of a symbol of the coming New Year!

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