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Cake honey recipe at home — simple and tasty

The taste and smell of honey, for those who love this product, is an incomparable pleasure.

When the preparation of honey cake begins and the smell of sweetness spreads throughout the apartment or house, then the homework slowly but surely approaches the kitchen, wondering when they can enjoy this delicious miracle cake. In addition to those people who are allergic to bee products, everyone else is not indifferent to a honey cake with sour cream.

How to bake this dessert at home, and which recipe is best to choose, you can learn by reading a few of the proposed recipes.

Honey and its properties

Honey is not only tasty, but also very useful product, it contains all the trace elements and minerals that are so good for the blood.

It is even in composition resembles human blood plasma. This beekeeping product is so useful that negative allergies include only honey allergy and its high calorie content. For this reason, eating honey without a control is a direct road to the gym, where you will lose honey kilograms.

Of course, when it enters the dough, honey loses its healing properties, but you can eat honey cake and a spoon with a spoon to eat honey from a sundae dish.

What are the properties of honey, which very well affect any organism:

  • Honey cough cures, dissolving a teaspoon in a glass of boiled milk;
  • Also honey is indicated for diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • Some people think that giving a man a spoonful of honey every half hour can be cured of alcoholism;
  • Honey gives strength, because it is completely absorbed by the body and absorbed into the blood;
  • Increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood;
  • Reduces the possibility of sclerosis;
  • Treats for anemia.

This is not a complete list of the beneficial properties of honey, but you only need to eat natural honey, very good, if you can buy it right in the apiary. What is sold in stores can do more harm than help, because honey in beautiful jars is subjected to heat treatment and the addition of various preservatives for long-term storage.

Some more tips.

Honey can not be stored in the refrigerator, it is better to tightly close it with a lid and put in the kitchen cabinet, the darkest corner.

Honey is not given to children under three years old, and even after they begin to enter it into the diet in small portions. Although a teaspoon of honey before bedtime calms the baby of kindergarten age and also relieves enuresis at an early age.

How to make a honey cake — some baking recipes

There is a classic honey cake recipe, but many add something of their own to it and it turns out to be a cake with the best flavor and aroma. Of course, to make a cake with honey, you first need to have this natural beekeeping product in your home. It will seem to someone that it is difficult to cook this cake, since it is necessary to bake cakes very quickly, someone likes it on the contrary, prepare everything in advance, and then only collect the cake for the holiday.

All hostesses are different, therefore, to find your own honey cake recipe, which you will cook at home for your relatives, every hostess needs.

The classic recipe for making a cake with honey is not very complicated, but it does require some dexterity, since the cakes are baked very quickly and you need to get them in time and remove them from the pan.

What you need to have in the house in order to prepare a delicious cake:

  • Butter or margarine for baking — 125 g;
  • Sugar — 1 cup;
  • Honey — 3 tbsp. spoons;
  • Soda — 1 tsp;
  • Chicken Egg — 2 pcs .;
  • Flour of the highest quality — 3.5 — 4 glasses;
  • Sour cream — 0.5 kg .;
  • Sugar for cream — 1 glass.

We start to prepare the dough for the cake layers.

We put the saucepans for the water bath and drown the butter, when it is completely sold it is necessary to add sugar and honey. This mass must be continuously stirred, and look until it becomes homogeneous. When this happened, add soda through a strainer and also interfere.

Right before our eyes, the mass will start to turn white and increase in volume, when such a reaction occurs, remove the saucepan from the bath and cool it.

Remove the eggs from the refrigerator and until the dough cools, the eggs will reach room temperature. Now break the eggs and mix well, then sift the flour into the mass and also knead.

Flour should be added gradually, kneading each time with a spatula. All dough must be divided into equal parts — 10 parts — 10 cakes.

The easiest way is to roll each cake on baking paper, which, along with the dough, will fall on the baking sheet. To bake a cake you do not need to make 10 sheets of paper, all you need is three. Roll out two sheets, put one on a baking sheet and put in an oven heated to 180 degrees, immediately roll out the next cake on the third sheet.

It takes exactly as long as it takes to bake one cake. Do not forget to chop the dough with a fork in several places; this must be done so that there are no strong blisters and voids in the parts of the cake.

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When the first cake is ready in 2-3 minutes, put the second in the oven, and cut the first one with a pizza cutter in a circle or in a long line. The shape of the cake depends only on your preferences.

Roll out the fourth cake. At this time, came the second, put the third, and everything repeats again.

Of course, you can stretch the pleasure and make each cake only after the previous one has been taken out and cut off, but this can quickly become boring, and stand at the stove and wait 2-3 minutes quickly to get bored.

Also, do not fold the cakes to cool one on the other, as hot they stick to each other and the honey cake is irretrievably spoiled. When all the cakes are ready and cooled, you need to make a cream of sour cream.

To make a classic cream cream, it is necessary to pre-pump the cream through a sieve or cheesecloth, putting the whole structure in the refrigerator overnight.

How to prepare it correctly, we told in the article about sour cream for honey cake. But let’s repeat a little, beat the filtered sour cream at low revs until fluffiness, and then add sugar and continue to beat.

The recipe for any honey cake requires abundant impregnation, so making the right cake is to pour plenty of cream on each cake. Do not feel sorry for sour cream, the more it will be, the honey cake will be more satisfying, tastier and softer.

Next, trim the cakes crush in a blender or you can cook them with a wooden pestle. Liberally lubricate the sides of the baking cream and sprinkle the message ort with crumbs.

Remove baking for 12 hours in the fridge and then serve with tea.

This is a basic recipe that allows you to bake a honey cake without any additional ingredients, but you can decorate the cake and lay some products between the cake layers that do not take much of the honey taste. These products include nuts — any.

To make a honey cake more festive, you can decorate it with bees made from mastic, which can be made quite simply with 3-color mastic, or you can make an ornament out of berries or fruits.

To know exactly what products honey is combined with, to bake a beautiful and festive version of the cake, walk around the store and see what products are offered jars with bee products.

There is a recipe in which a glass of finely chopped dried apricots is added to the layer between the cake layers, as well as a recipe with nuts. In this case, bake and cream should be prepared as in the basic recipe, only after you put the cream on each cake, you need to make a sprout of dried apricots or nuts.

Consider another honey-based cake recipe that offers to prepare not one type of cream for impregnation, but two that coexist well with each other.

It is sour cream and condensed milk cream. Look at this recipe, maybe it will be most appropriate for you.

What you need to start cooking baked goods with honey:

  • 3 eggs;
  • Sugar — 300 g;
  • Butter — 50 gr .;
  • Wheat flour of the highest grade — 600 gr .;
  • Honey — 150 gr .;
  • Soda — 1 tsp;
  • Sour cream — 0.5 kg .;
  • Sugar for cream — 1 glass;
  • Butter for cream — 1 pack (200gr.)
  • Condensed milk — 1 can.

The recipe is very similar to the base, so you have to do all the same steps that are shown earlier.

First you need to boil the water in the kettle, and pour it into the pan, which will be the bottom for the steam bath. Of course, it is not difficult to do this right on the stove, but with a kettle it will turn out much faster. Now you need to beat the eggs with sugar, you need to do it with a mixer until a thick foam is formed, the better the eggs are beaten, the tastier the baking will be, and the sugar will disperse faster.

After beating, put the saucepan with sweet eggs in a water bath, when the water is already boiling and add honey, 50 gr. butter, stir and sift a spoonful of soda into the mixture. Some do not sieve soda, but this must be done, since the pieces of soda, which are very often found in a pack, can greatly spoil the taste of baking, hitting one of the pieces of cake.

When the dough is already in the bath, it must be constantly stirred with a silicone, plastic or wooden spatula so that the mixture does not stick. The water in the pan should boil, but not much, so you need to cook a lot over medium heat. The action with the first part of the dough will last about 15 minutes, after which you need to add one cup of flour, stirring constantly.

Carefully ensure that there are no lumps of flour, that is, this product should completely disperse in the mass of the previous ingredients. Then you can remove the pan from the heat and start adding the remaining flour.

This should be done gradually, all the time, interfering with the dough. After some time it will become very difficult to mix, as it will become more like a plastic mastic mass.

Next you need to cook already on a table flavored with flour or with a special silicone mat.

When kneaded dough with hands, divide it into 8 parts and roll into balls. Cover the mat with balls with cling film and carefully transfer to the refrigerator for 25-30 minutes. Then we get the cooled balls and roll out on thin cakes.

Cut the circles from the detachable cake mold on the bottom and send them alternately to an oven preheated to 180 degrees. Trimming spread on the second baking sheet lined with baking paper.

You can do the opposite, cut circles after baking, then the trim will already be baked. They must be folded separately.

But this should be done quickly, because the cakes are very thin and if you hesitate, they will begin to harden. So, how to bake cakes is up to you, since everything depends on speed.

Bake each cake separately, already round, and then cook the trim or vice versa.

When all the cakes are ready, grind the trim and start making two types of cream.

This is a basic cream and cream with condensed milk. Next, we soak the first cake with one cream, the next with the second, and so on. Creams alternate.

Sprinkle the top and sides of the cake with crushed scraps and put the pastries in the refrigerator for long-term impregnation, since the individual cakes become very fast and they have to spend time with the cream for a long time.

After 12 hours you will be able to feast on delicious pastries with honey. This recipe can be heavily piled up with a variety of creams, but it will turn out quite tasty.

Honey-based cakes may have different names: camelina, bee, dessert with honey and others, but the presence of natural honey in the amount of 2 to 6 tablespoons in the dough remains unchanged. By the way, when you start making dough and put a bowl of honey in the steam bath, the wonderful fragrance of this product flies through the apartment.

In this case, honey is subjected to heat treatment and loses its healing properties, but you don’t even think about it by sending delicate pastries with a pleasant taste into your mouth.

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