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Cake from cottage cheese and gelatin — without baking, without cookies

Cake made of cottage cheese and gelatin without baking, and without cookies will suit those housewives who do not have time to prepare a complex dessert, and it is necessary to make some kind of treat in the shortest possible time. Cottage cheese dessert with the addition of gelatin, usually prepared on the basis of ready-made cakes or with cookies. In our case, all these additional components will not be added.

As a result, we get a light and very tasty dessert, this cake will have a minimum calorie content.

In this dessert, most often as a supplement use a variety of fruits and berries, they can be both fresh and canned. Cooking a cake is very simple and fast, but in the end we get a very gentle and light soufflé with the perfect cottage cheese flavor.

Here will be described several options for how to make your own dessert without baking, without using cookies.

Jelly cheesecake dessert with strawberries


  • gelatin granules — 22 grams;
  • fat sour cream — 510 ml;
  • curd fat content of not more than 9% — 480 grams;
  • fresh dense strawberries — 685 grams;
  • powdered sugar — 165 grams.

The process of making dessert:

First, it is worth telling the small nuances of cooking dessert. All products can be used only at room temperature, for this reason, cottage cheese and sour cream must be removed from the refrigerator.

Now proceed to the preparation of gelatin, for this you need to take half a glass of cold water and pour into a bowl. Next, pour the grains of gelatin into the liquid and leave in this form for forty minutes.

It is worth considering that the swelling time depends on the quality of the gelatin, so it is worth considering the process and preparation time on the package.

It is also worth taking strawberries, in this recipe it is very important to use dense and ripe berries, otherwise the strawberries will not look attractive in the dessert.

We will need prepared sour cream and cottage cheese. First, sour cream is taken, it is whipped to the pomp and thickness along with powdered sugar. If there is no powder at home, then it can easily be replaced with regular sugar, but then the mass will have to be whipped up longer.

As soon as the sour cream mass is whipped, you can add cottage cheese to it and beat it again, but with a blender.

During this time, a mixture of water and gelatin, for a cake of cottage cheese and gelatin without baking and without cookies, will be ready, so you can put it in the microwave for fifteen seconds. At the end of time, the mass is obtained and mixed, and then placed again in the microwave for the same time.

If there is no microwave at home, the gelatin in the water is transferred to a water bath.

The finished gelatin is poured into a cream mass of cottage cheese and sour cream, and then the mixture is mixed and vanillin in powder is added to it if desired.

The strawberries should already be completely dry, so you can start preparing the berries for this dessert. To do this, strawberries are removed from the green tips, and then the berries are spread in any bowl or baking dish, the bottom of which is covered with parchment paper.

On a layer of strawberries need to pour out half of the cooked cream, and then you can again spread the berries. You can also divide the cream into three or four parts.

Strawberries are also used as decorations, it is enough to lay the berries on the surface, and slightly deepen them into a creamy mass.

The last step is to remove the bowl in the refrigerator chamber, the cake from the curd and gelatin without baking, and without cookies, stand there for at least four hours. During this time, the cream souffle will have time to harden, so the cake gets the necessary shape.

At the end, the delicacy is removed from the fridge and turned over onto a large dish. If desired, the dessert is additionally made with pieces of other fruits, but you can leave the strawberries in the form of the final decoration.

Light creamy dessert with gelatin and fresh fruit slices

For the cake we need:

  • granulated gelatin — 3.5 spoons;
  • vanilla sugar — 11 grams;
  • curd fat content of not more than 9% — 420 grams;
  • high-quality fatty cream (not less than 33%) — 35 grams;
  • powdered sugar — 3 large spoons;
  • pieces of fruit and berries — to taste.


  1. To begin with, it is worthwhile to prepare the curd mass, in our recipe a mass with a fat content not exceeding 20% ​​is used, it is important to pay attention to this. Grains of cottage cheese can be crushed, make it better sieve, but you can use a blender. If the house did not find these devices, it is worth referring to the meat grinder.
  2. Harvested cottage cheese is transferred to a bowl, and then 35 grams of cream is poured to it and everything is thoroughly mixed to obtain the most homogeneous mass. To this mixture, you can in small portions pour powder from sugar and sugar with the addition of vanillin. The future of soufflé for cake made from curd and gelatin, without baking and without cookies, should turn out to be homogeneous, for this reason the mass is thoroughly whipped with a blender.
  3. Now you can prepare the gelatin, it is worth considering that the gelatin mass will be prepared for a long time, for this reason it is better to prepare it in advance. Gelatin granules are poured with the amount of water indicated on the package and then left for the time suggested in the instructions. During this time, the granules swell well. As soon as time expires, the bowl is placed in a water bath and left there until the gelatin is completely dissolved in the liquid.
  4. Gelatin should cool well, only after that you can enter the gelatinous mass into the curd cream. The cream mixture is thoroughly mixed with a spatula so that the gelatin is well sold in the souffle. Sliced ​​pieces of fruit and berries can be added to this mass immediately or you can make the dessert more beautiful by putting berries in shape.
  5. To put the berries in the form, it is necessary to cover a bowl with parchment paper or cling film. After that, pieces of any fruit are placed on the bottom, one layer of cream is laid out on top. Now you can once again lay out the fruit and pour all the remnants of the soufflé. On the surface of the cake of cottage cheese and gelatin without baking and without cookies, you can put additional pieces of fruit. If you want to get a beautiful dessert, then you should lay down the berries as a whole or beautifully sliced ​​pieces of fruit.
  6. At the last stage, the delicacy is sent to the refrigerator, and then they give the souffle to froze well and take the necessary shape. For four hours, the dessert will be ready, it is removed from the fridge and turned onto a prepared large dish. The top can be decorated with fruit to taste or sprinkled with bitter chocolate.

Curd raspberry dessert with gelatin


  • curd fat 9% — 620 grams;
  • fat cream — 125 ml;
  • icing sugar — 320 grams;
  • large raspberry berries — 565 grams;
  • granulated gelatin — pack.

Cooking process:

  1. To get started is to prepare the gelatin, it is soaked in water for forty minutes.
  2. Next, prepare the soufflé, for this, the cream is whipped with powdered sugar and mixed with the curd mass.
  3. Half the raspberry berries are ground in mashed potatoes and added to the soufflé.
  4. In the souffle add gelatin, which is pre-melted in a water bath and cooled.
  5. A few pieces of raspberries are put in a bowl, filled with a layer of cream, a layer of berries is put back and filled with cream.
  6. The dessert is sent to the refrigerator until it is completely cooled. Five hours are usually enough to get a bright dessert.

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