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Cake from cookies without baking with cottage cheese and gelatin

You can make a delicious cake at home without even using the oven. It is enough just to use a cold box so that all the ingredients grapple with each other.

Today, there are many desserts that are prepared quickly and simply, and we will look at how best to make a cake out of cookies without baking with cottage cheese and gelatin.

This dessert is prepared in a few minutes, and then put in the refrigerator, where it is left for about a couple of hours. During this time, the gelatin will be able to freeze, thereby acquiring the necessary form of the cake.

Such a delicacy can be served to the festive table, usually, the dessert is decorated with pieces of fruit and berries.

Basic rules for making this dessert:

  1. Such cottage cheese delicacies can be prepared on the basis of a biscuit, or cookies are used. Biscuit is not necessary to bake independently, it is enough to buy it in the store, and then use it to make a dessert.
  2. Cakes are usually made specially in detachable forms, so it is more convenient to take out ready-made dessert, while the bottom and sides of the tank are lined with plastic wrap.
  3. To prepare such a dessert, it is better to choose a non-dry cottage cheese, the ideal option would be a product with a fat content of at least 9%. If the curd has large grains, it is easy to fix with a sieve or blender.
  4. And to make the dessert more beautiful, the cream can be tinted with food coloring or cocoa powder.
  5. Also as an addition you can use nuts, various dried fruits and fresh berries. In our case, the cake will be prepared from cookies without baking with the addition of cottage cheese, gelatin and fruit. Such a delicacy is not only incredibly tasty, but also very beautiful.

Simple baked cream cheese cake

This cake will be prepared without using the oven, since only cookies are used as layers. The cake is made from crumbled cookies, for this reason there is no need to buy cookies of a certain shape.

In the souffle is added as a base gelatin. After soaking in the refrigerating chamber, the souffle is not liquid, thereby creating a shape for the dessert.

Cookies can be absolutely any, using melted milk, cream, vanilla or chocolate.


  • high fat sour cream — 420 grams;
  • gelatin — 1.5 bags;
  • crumbly biscuits — 210 grams;
  • fat cottage cheese — 435 grams;
  • high fat cream — 85 ml;
  • dark dark chocolate — 120 grams;
  • granulated sugar — 215 grams;
  • butter — 155 grams.

Cooking method:

Initially, you need to prepare a cake cake. As a base, we chose a cookie, so the product is first crushed into a crumb with a hand or a blender, and then pour melted butter into it.

Next, prepare the form, best detachable, in which spread the prepared cookies and well tamped.

Now the form is placed in the oven for fifteen minutes to make the cake well baked. If it is impossible to use the oven, then this cake is simply sent to the refrigerator, where it is left for at least one hour.

Jelly Preparation:

In the meantime, the basis for the cake will be cooled, you can do gelatin, for this, take two separate plates, pour water into them and dissolve in a packet of gelatin powder. While the gelatin dissolves and swells, the hostess prepares a biscuit cake cream without baking, with curd cream and gelatin.

The recipe with a photo will help you to carry out all the stages of dessert preparation as accurately as possible.

Cooking cheese soufflé:

The souffle is cooked very simply, sour cream and cottage cheese are put in a bowl for it, both of these products are whipped using a mixer, then sugar is added to them and whipped again at maximum speed. The resulting cream is divided into two parts, in each it is necessary to pour the gelatin composition.

Now they put a bar of chocolate in a bowl and drown it on the fire, melted chocolate is combined with cream, and a thin stream is poured into a cottage cheese souffle. Thus, we get chocolate and regular cream mass.

Cake assembly:

The shape of the cookies should already be ready, now you can lay out the souffle on it. To do this, first put a couple of spoons of white mass, and then another couple of spoons of chocolate cream.

Formed cake until the whole cream is over, and then the form is sent to the freezer to set.

The top of the cake can be decorated if you draw a picture using a thin stick or toothpick; the dessert is very similar in appearance to the famous Zebra cake.

Cake without baking based on chocolate chip cookies


  • chocolate cookies — 320 grams;
  • gelatin — 1 pack;
  • medium-fat cottage cheese — 430 grams;
  • sour cream with a fat content of at least 20% — 425 grams;
  • milk chocolate — 85 grams;
  • sugar sand — 165 grams.

Cooking process:

Initially it is necessary to prepare the gelatin for making a cake from cookies without baking with cottage cheese, gelatin and sour cream. To begin with, water is poured into a bowl, and then a pack of gelatin powder is poured in there, and the preparation of gelatin can take about an hour.

In the meantime, gelatin will swell in water, you can do the preparation of cottage cheese and sour cream, for this curd mass is transferred to the bowl and covered with granulated sugar. The mixture is ground with a fork or spoon until the sugar grains remain in the curd, then sour cream is added to the composition and everything is thoroughly mixed.

It is best to beat the future cream with a mixer, so it will be more airy and light.

Cooking cheese soufflé:

After the allotted time, the gelatin will be ready, so you can use it to create a cottage cheese soufflé, but the mass must first be placed in a water bath so that the gelatin is sold. The mass of gelatin should cool down a bit, and then it can be poured into the curd mixture.

Mixed souffle until smooth. Once the cream is prepared, you can form a cake.

Formation of dessert:

The formation of the cake is quite simple, to begin with a special form is taken, which is disassembled. The first layer is put cookies into it, curd mass is poured onto it, and a layer of biscuits upstairs.

Thus, the assembly is made until the form is completely filled with cream and layers of cookies.

This delicacy must be sent to the refrigerator for at least three hours, during which time the soufflé will not only harden, but also well soak the cookies. If you have time, then dessert should be left in the cold all night.

Then you can get a treat from the fridge, turn the shape over and put the cake on the prepared dish. If desired, this dessert is decorated with fresh berries and fruit pieces.

But you can also melt milk chocolate and pour dessert on top, it turns out no less tasty.

Chocolate Rhapsody — cream cheese cake


  • homemade full-fat milk — 110 ml;
  • granulated sugar — 7 large spoons;
  • homemade cottage cheese — 640 grams;
  • instant gelatin — 1 pack;
  • white chocolate in a tile — 95 grams;
  • dark chocolate — 95 grams;
  • Cream of high fat content — 220 ml.

Cooking method:

To make a simple and delicious cake from cookies without baking with cottage cheese and gelatin according to this recipe with a photo step by step, you must take the milk and soak the gelatin in it. After twenty minutes, you can put a bowl of milk in a water bath, and as soon as the gelatin is dissolved, remove the container from the heat and cool the composition. It is also worth taking dark and white chocolate, breaking the tiles into small pieces, and then melting it also in a water bath.

Once the chocolate has melted, you can let it cool for a few minutes.

Cooking curd bases:

Then one part of the curd is spread into a bowl, about 100 milliliters of heavy cream and half of the milk with gelatin are poured into it. You can add three spoons of dark and white chocolate to the resulting mass.

This creamy composition is whipped at high speed using a mixer to get a lush cream. The resulting mass fit into the form.

It is better to take a split container so that you can carefully remove the cake. Now, whites of cream, sugar and milk with gelatin are whipped, cottage cheese is added to the same place and white chocolate is poured in.

The process of forming the cake:

The form is taken out from the refrigerator, then on top of the first cream, the second portion is poured, but in a darker color. The container with the cake is moved to the fridge, the mass is given to solidify well and served to the table.

It is advisable to sprinkle the dessert with cocoa powder on top. If you wish, you can make a biscuit cake and pour curd cream onto it.

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