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Cake from cookies without baking — quick recipes, familiar from childhood

Any hostess could prepare a cake from cookies, while all the products for this culinary product were always in the house. And to buy cookies was not difficult, since the price for it was a cheap one.

Types of cakes without baking

It would seem that what types can be for this type of treat, but they turned out to be two.

This is a cake without baking from ground or crushed biscuits and a cake made from whole biscuits. Both girls could cook both types, while already in the fifth middle school, any girl could make this masterpiece on her own for the parents to come home from work.

The girls, watching the actions of their mothers, learned to make simple types of baking. But since many parents forbade turning on the oven during their absence, the only thing that was available was a biscuit cake.

The recipes of many similar types of desserts were stored in each cooking notebook and were almost the first ones that were written from a variety of recipes. At some point, schools even taught cooking biscuit cakes in home economics classes.

Perhaps this was due to the low wages of the general population, and maybe the girls began to prepare for adulthood from school.

But in any case, in the form of homework it was meant to find and rewrite the recipe for making a dessert called a cake without baking. They asked moms, searched in culinary notebooks and even asked their neighbors. But homework always carried out and brought with them the necessary products.

What was the joy of the boys when classmates after class invited them to tea with their own hand-made cakes.

A variety of recipes for cakes without baking

Of course, the most common recipes are cakes with cream of boiled condensed milk, whole condensed milk and cream of sour cream. You can read a lot about these cakes in different articles, but let’s look at less well-known recipes that began to be prepared much later than the 80s of another century, as some products from new recipes were in short supply at that time.
But still we start with the cakes, for which you need a little pokoldovat on the stove, at least in order to cook the custard.

To make a cake of custard biscuits, we need the following ingredients:

  • Rectangular cookies are not expensive — 35 pcs .;
  • Milk 700 ml .;
  • Sugar sand — 1 glass;
  • Egg yolks — 4 pcs .;
  • Flour — 2 tablespoons.

This cake from the biscuits begins to «bake» with the preparation of custard. Since only the cream requires special heat treatment, the rest is the assembly of the treat into one whole cake.

It is necessary to prepare the cream in a water bath so that it does not burn and spoil its taste.

Put a large pot of water on the hob and let it boil. In a separate bowl, which can later be put into the bath, beat the yolks with sugar and add flour to them. Next, boil 600 ml. milk and add to the pre-cooked sweet mixture of yolks.

It is necessary to stir everything well to eliminate the formation of lumps.

Now we put in the bath preparation for the cream and cook, stirring to the required thickness. After that, the cream should be removed from the heat and be sure to cool.

Further — this is the assembly of the treat itself. We heat the remaining milk, but do not boil it, but simply make it hot. Dip cookies in milk, but do not hold it in liquid.

The maximum time that a cookie should be in milk is 3 seconds. It turns out that only dipped it all and immediately got it.

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Spread eight pieces of cookies on a flat surface of a dish or tray, creating two rows. Coat with plenty of cream.

We are also preparing the second and third cake. Then we grease all cake with the remained cream.

We have three cookies left to put in the bag and chop with an ordinary rolling pin.

Crumble sprinkle cake from cookies on all sides and put it in the fridge for 3 hours. After hardening, you can drink tea or coffee with new pastries.

The next cake without baking is yoghurt.

Now, many are trying to keep the shape, not straining from the endless workouts in the gym, so they prefer to eat cakes, the main components of which are not huge biscuit cakes, but thin layers of ground cookies.

For the basis of this cake just need to take a small amount of this children’s delicacy, everything else can be chosen almost without calories.

What is required to purchase this recipe for an easy dessert:

  • Cookies, the most common — 200 gr.
  • Fatty yogurt with your favorite flavor — 0.5 liters;
  • Instant gelatin — 4 tsp;
  • Butter — 60 g;
  • Berries — 100 g;
  • Boiled water — 250 ml.

First you need to prepare the basis for making the cake.

To do this, grind cookies in any convenient way for you. For such a small amount, you do not want to get huge kitchen appliances, so you can put all the cookies in a plastic bag and walk it with a rolling pin several times.

Then combine the crumbs with softened butter and mix well. To assemble a cake, you will need a detachable baking dish, which must be covered with parchment or ordinary cling film. Lay the foundation on the bottom of the form and level it carefully.

We put the form with the base in the freezer for complete solidification, but at this time we will deal with the main part of the cake.

Fill gelatin with boiled water and leave to swell for 20 minutes. Then put the form with gelatin in a water bath and let it heat.

Pour the yogurt into the heated gelatinous mass and mix well. We take out our billet from the freezer and spread the berries evenly over the entire surface of the base.

Next, pour the gelatin-yogurt mixture and put again in a cold place. After 2-3 hours, a very light dessert is ready to eat.

This recipe can be prepared in the summer with fresh berries, and in the winter with frozen ones. It is also possible to replace the berries with fruits loved by the whole family, which must be cut into small pieces before laying on the base.

As you can see, this recipe does not contain complicated procedures for whipping mass or prolonged preparation of the cream. Therefore, it can be prepared by any, even the smallest hostess.

The recipe, which is also based on a cake without baking, but, like the previous one, is done to preserve our own shape.

This dessert is somewhat fatter than the previous one, but it will allow you to enjoy a tasty meal, almost without prejudice to the thin waist.

The preparation will require a slightly larger amount of ingredients:

  • Cookies — 200 gr .;
  • Butter — 100 g;
  • Cream 21-25% fat content — 250 ml .;
  • Yogurt (preferably apricot) — 200 ml .;
  • Cream cheese — 175 gr .;
  • Canned apricots — 1 medium pot;
  • Gelatin — 20 grams;
  • Jelly powder — 1 sachet;
  • Sugar — 50 gr.

First, dissolve the gelatin in a quarter cup of boiled water and leave this mass for a while. As in the first recipe, we grind the cookies to fine crumbs.

Combine cookie cake with melted butter and mix well. We cover the split mold for the cake with cling film, not forgetting the edges.

Lay out the dough from the cookies in an even layer on the film. To avoid any slides, try to level this workpiece more carefully.

We put the cooked dough right in the form in the freezer for 20 minutes, and at this time we are engaged in the main layer of dessert.

First you need to whip the cream to the peaks with a mixer, and then alternately, but without turning off the mixer, add yogurt, cream cheese and sugar. Now gelatin must be heated in a water bath, when it becomes liquid, we pour it into our cream.

Beat again and pour the cream onto the biscuit base.

Cookies, poured with cream, put in the freezer for 2 hours, and at this time we are preparing a decoration for the top of the cake.

Drain the juice from the apricots, and cut the berries themselves into 2 halves and leave on a plate. A glass of juice combined with a bag of jelly and put on a steam bath. Bring the mass to a boil, but do not boil.

After the dessert hardens, beautifully lay the berries on top of the cream and pour the jelly mass. Doing this should be done carefully so as not to melt the cream.

Ready cake again put in a cold place for another two hours. After this dessert is ready. This recipe is optional for berries.

Therefore, you can use any canned berries and fruits. It all depends on the taste and preferences of the hostess.

The bulk of the housewives love to make a cake out of cookies, using it as a daily dessert or as a birthday cake.

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