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Cake from cookies and sour cream — a quick cake for working mothers

Cooking cakes without baking can any hostess. But this is the first cake, the recipe of which is to teach your little daughter.

When the child can not yet use the stove or oven, but already wants to know and be able to cook goodies for themselves and to treat loved ones. The little hostess will be able to brag to more senior relatives that she herself made a cake of cookies and sour cream.

To spoil this type of dessert is very difficult, and you can cook it even without a knife.

So the little hostesses can be trusted to make this type of cake even at the age of three.

Cake without a knife and oven

Since there are types of cakes for which it is not necessary to chop up or grind cookies, the maximum that can happen to a baby is that it will spill milk on itself or is smeared with sour cream. And this is not very big losses compared to the pride that the baby will experience from personally prepared pastries.

What is required to make a cake of biscuits with sour cream for the morning tea:

  • Cracker sweet — 450 gr. (it is better to take rectangular);
  • Sour cream — 0.5 liters;
  • Sugar sand — 0.5 cups;
  • Ripe bananas — 6 pcs.

Still need food film, which must lay the surface on which the cake will be collected. For cooking, it is better to use absolutely flat dishes, such as a small dispensing tray.

We cover it with a layer of food film and coat it with sour cream.

You can use fat village sour cream, but the child will be hard to beat her. But you can also weigh the sour cream in the evening, putting it in the construction of a colander, cheesecloth and saucepans.

Whip chilled and weighed sour cream with a whisk, add sugar into it and continue to beat until all the sugar disperses. The cream will turn out pretty thick. We spread it with the first layer on the cling film and on the cream layer spread the crackers.

They should be laid out in an even layer, trying to avoid gaps between the cookies.

We soak the cream on top again and now we are preparing a banana puree. To make it, we clean the bananas, break them with our hands, and then remember a little with a fork, achieving a uniform consistency.

Banana puree spread on a layer of crackers, and lay out a new layer of cookies, which is covered with sour cream. So alternate until the cookies are over.

The top layer of the cake should be covered with sour cream.

You can decorate it with nuts and grated chocolate.

But if you want to completely entrust the preparation of the cake to the child, then for decoration it is better to crumble the remnants of crackers with your hands, and sprinkle treats on top. After cooking, the cake should be removed in the fridge for 3-4 hours so that the cream is well soaked in biscuit cakes.

A child will be happy to eat his creation, as well as to treat everyone around, demanding an assessment of his work.

Cake from whole cookies and cream with curd from sour cream

To make a cake on the basis of an elongated cookie, a slightly larger set of products will be required, but the culinary product itself will be much richer and more interesting.

What you need to have in the house for making houses with cream-curd cream:

  • Cookies oblong, rounded at the top — 0.5 kg.;
  • Sugar — 2 cups;
  • Sour cream — 0.5 kg;
  • Cottage cheese — 200 gr .;
  • Cocoa — 1 tbsp. spoon;
  • Butter — 100 g;
  • Milk chocolate — 100 g;
  • Walnuts — 0.5 glass.

Preparation of the cake itself will start with cooking curd-smetanny cream.

Sour cream whipped with sugar, curd skip through a fine sieve, making it more airy. You can also chop the curd in a blender, so that it is soft, and less grains remain.

Combine the curd and cream mass and beat well. The consistency of the cream should be similar to the curd mass sold in stores.

Next, add chopped nuts to the cream — half of the norm and also mix. The softened butter will also go to the cream and must be thoroughly whipped all together.

Now we have to assemble our cake, which we will make like the roof of a house.

We spread on a plastic bag a layer of cream, then lay out the cookies in two rows along the length.

Soak it again with cream and again cookies — only this time we make rows 1 cookie smaller in width. Fold, thus, a triangular cake.

That is, from the end of our cake should have the shape of a triangle, and the top is like two slopes of the roof of the house. I have 42 cookies on this cake. I make the first row of 6 cookies, and then we decrease one by one in each row.

But do not fold the logs too close to each other. Between them there should be a distance for the cream.

When the whole roof is laid out, we make a small addition to the sour cream and curd cream, or rather fill in the remains of fudge 1 tbsp. spoon cocoa, and beat again. With this mass we coat the slopes of our roof.

For the final cake decorating, sprinkle with grated chocolate and chopped nuts. We put in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours for hardening and impregnation and later served to the table with tea or coffee.

Marmalade dessert

As mentioned in many articles on our website — sour cream goes well with most additives, so you should experiment with marmalade.

To make marmalade mix you need:

  • Simple cookies — 400 gr .;
  • Sour cream with high fat content — 400 gr .;
  • Marmalade — 200 gr .;
  • Sugar — 150 gr .;
  • Butter — 150 gr.

So what should be done in order to start cooking the cake without baking with marmalade. Firstly, marmalade should be bought the simplest, of course, it will be better if it is colored. Let’s start cooking with the cream, which will become a cake cake.

First we get the butter out of the fridge and wait for it to soften. While the oil reaches the condition, we cut the marmalade in small pieces.

First of all, beat the butter with a mixer and add sugar to it, while continuing to beat.

Separately whip sour cream, pre-decanted. Both mixtures must be dense.

Then we combine both masses, putting sour cream in butter. It is better if you continue to whip.

The most convenient in this case is not a stationary mixer, since the constant shifting from one bowl to another can only spoil the cream. But if you have two special bowls for a stationary mixer, this will only speed up the process of cooking the cream.

You will have to alternately put the bowl under the whisk.

When both masses are put together, we begin to collect the whole cake.

To do this, line the cookies on a flat dish. Since I usually take the usual Jubilee, I spread the cake 3 * 4.

It turns out very impressive size cake. Coat the cookies with cream and sprinkle with pieces of marmalade, re-stack the cookies.

So we continue the procedure until the cookies are over.

I usually make 4 layers of biscuits, then coat the cake with cream on all sides, including the sides. Sprinkle the top of the cake with the remnants of chopped marmalade and the treat is ready.

You just need to put the pastries in the fridge so that the cream soaks the cookies well.

To make any cake from whole cookies become softer, and to wait for its preparation, or rather impregnation, it does not take too long, you can speed up the process somewhat. This requires in any recipe add 100 ml. milk

Milk is poured into a deep plate and each cookie before dipping it in a cake dipped in milk. Do not hold it in liquid for too long. Dipped, immediately pulled out and lay out in a row.

The treat will be softer, and it is soaked with cream twice as fast as dry.

The second secret of making any cake with cream sour cream from whole cookies is the calculation of the number of cookies themselves for each layer individually and for the whole cake. Knowing the number of pieces in each improvised cake, you can divide the cream into as many parts as the cake is obtained.

With this knowledge, the cake will be more accurate and the ratio of the thickness of the impregnation and cakes will be more correct.

Do not use too expensive cookies, as its taste in abundance of sour cream will be lost anyway, and spending a huge amount overpaying only for the brand will not justify your hopes for improving the taste of the finished dish. It is better to simply eat expensive cookies with a cup of coffee or hot tea.

Since the whole cake consists of ready-made products, you will spend most of your time on assembling the culinary masterpiece itself. Most of the time is necessary for the impregnation of the product, so it is better to make the cake on Friday evening, so that on Saturday morning to treat the kids with a treat.

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