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Cake for a boy is a sweet favorite toy

Of course, there are quiet boys and couch potatoes among the boys, but most of these creatures of nature are one big awl, which cannot sit for five minutes in one place. For any children’s holiday, be it a birthday or entering a kindergarten or school, these swift-footed and brisk creatures want to get cars, bicycles, rollers, skates.

In general, everything that moves, and if the speed of the gift is also good, the child is doubly happy.

What should be a cake for a boy on his holiday.

Of course, something in the creepy rosettes will not work, such baking will disappoint the kid. The boy will not say anything, but the impression of the triumph will be spoiled. It is necessary to pay attention to the boy’s affection, what he likes, what cartoons he likes, favorite characters and so on.

Some boys are happy to watch football with their dad and support their dad’s favorite team. In childhood, the majority of boys play war games, have friends and enemies, and create tanks from the improvised material — cardboard boxes, wooden boxes and other things.

Often, cuttings from a mop or spade that goes to the barrel of a tank disappear from the house.

In general, look at the preferences of your baby and create a children’s cake in the form of favorite fun. It would seem that the most difficult thing is to create heroes from a favorite cartoon, but look at them yourself, at least once.

What should be done Spongebob, who sits on the biscuit cake — it’s just an oblong piece of the same cake, just set on its side. Remember that the children’s cake does not have to be with a lot of ingredients inside.

The little ones don’t care if there are expensive nuts or dried apricots inside the cakes; the main thing for them is that it is tasty and reflects their emotional state, or rather their toys and entertainment.

The easiest way to please the baby is to create pastries in the form of a typewriter or a tank.

This will help the mastic well, as it will cover the layers of the cake and recreate the toy that is externally significant for the boy.

Such children’s cakes are suitable for babies up to 10 years, then they are already growing up and they are suitable for any type of baking, even with books, even with flowers. But even in this period, they want to remember a little childhood and to see a birthday cake on their birthday, which will remind you of children’s fun.

Consider an example of creating a children’s cake that is suitable for boys.

Soccer ball.

Almost any cake will be suitable for such baking, as long as it is dense. You should not take baking recipes that need a strong impregnation — such as honey, bird-cherry or soft «Zebra», «Napoleon» or chopped cake, too, will not work. It is best to prepare the most common biscuit, which later issue in the form of half a soccer ball.

But just because the ball also can not lie on a plate, so you should take care of the football field, or rather the cake biscuit with green cream.

What you need to buy to create a cake in the form of a soccer ball on the field, please note that this is a double portion of the ingredients and the children’s cake is prepared for a large company of children:

  • Top quality flour — 300 gr .;
  • Butter — 400 gr .;
  • Sugar sand — 500 gr .;
  • 14 chicken eggs;
  • Milk — 100 ml .;
  • Cocoa — 2 tbsp. spoons;
  • Condensed milk — 2 cans;
  • Dark bitter chocolate — 100 g;
  • White chocolate — 100 g;
  • Lemon — 1 pc .;
  • Dye green food — 1 bag (you can use a dye for Easter eggs).

We start cooking cake with cake dough.

We separate the yolks from proteins, as there are a lot of them, it will take some time, then whip the proteins with sugar (300 gr.) At a high speed of the mixer and bring it almost to a state like a protein cream. Then, also beat the yolks separately until foaming and combine them with the protein mass. Then we rub lemon zest and squeeze the juice, which we add to our dough.

Next, enter the sifted flour, in small portions, constantly stirring with a wooden or plastic spatula from the bottom up.

The dough is ready — divide it into two equal parts. In one piece add cocoa and knead again with a spatula.

Grease a deep pan with butter and sprinkle with breadcrumbs. Pour the white dough into a baking sheet and level it. Next, close the baking sheet with foil on top and put in an oven preheated to 180 degrees for 25 minutes.

We take out the cake after this time, remove the foil and set on to bake. After 15-20 minutes, remove the cake and try it with a wooden stick or toothpick.

If it is ready, leave to cool at room temperature.

We are preparing the ball, for this we need 2 forms, one with a diameter of 24 cm, the second 15-18 cm.

We repeat all the same operations as with a big cake, only now we are preparing brown dough. Both forms can be put together in the oven to save time.

When the skeletons of the ball are ready, we take them out and set to rush at room temperature.

Cooking cream of butter and condensed milk.

Mix the softened butter at low revs of the mixer, add condensed milk in small portions. Next, divide the cream into two parts (1/3 and 2/3).

We leave one large one intact, and in the second we add a green dye and beat it again.

Now all the cakes should be cut lengthwise into two parts.

Smear the “field” with cream (light) and cover with the top crust. Next comes a smooth layer from all sides of the green cream. Making the ball.

Put the first big cake in the middle of the field and coat it with white cream, then cut off the big cake in a circle of 3 cm and put the rest on the bottom of the ball, coat it with cream. We do the same with a small cake, the part is untouched, and from the second part we also bite off 3 cm throughout the entire circle.

The top of the ball is made from the remnants of the two cakes, cut them into small cubes, dipped in cream and lay out a slide. All covered with green cream, making out like a ball.

In the water bath, first heat the white chocolate, then pour it onto the baking paper, give a little thicken and cut out the shapes using a hexagon cookie cutter. We do the same with dark chocolate, but we leave it to cool down a little in the dishes in which we cooked.

After the dark part of the base, carefully we dab our ball with it and lay out the white hexagons, like on an ordinary soccer ball.

We conclude the cake with the fact that using the nozzle for a pastry bag we pass through the whole field, making weed.

We put in the fridge an hour for 3-4 and a children’s cake for the holiday is ready.

The same cake can be made with the help of mastic of three colors, having first fitted a large cake with green mastic. Then we wrap a ball with black mastic, and cut out hexagons from white and lay them on the ball, sticking with plain water with a drop of honey.

But in any case, butter cream is necessary. Try both options, but kids prefer chocolate more.

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