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Cake for 1 year — a holiday for a child

You should not order a special cake for 1 year for the baby in the pastry, because the child is still not supposed to give it, and if you want to surprise those invited to the feast, the little child will see this cake and begin to cry and ask for a piece. After all, everything that cooks offer for such a holiday is so colorful and brightly decorated that it will be impossible to hide from the birthday boy. You do not want to spoil the holiday to your own child.

All colorful and bright cakes will be later, after 3 years, and at the present moment it is better to make a cake for the year yourself.

The pastry may be a little unsightly and even uneven somewhere, but then a son or daughter will be able to enjoy culinary splendor with all the guests.

DIY cake for 1 year

In order to make a child a festive and beautiful cake, you need to visit only three places — this is a store for children, where you can buy your favorite baby cookies, a fruit and vegetable shop, from which you can take a couple of bananas and as many apples or pears and a children’s dairy kitchen.

It is in the dairy kitchen you can buy the basic ingredients for the cream.

If the child is not used to the usual curd and sour cream, then you should not start doing it on a holiday. Take only what the baby loves and what products he is used to.

What you need for the first birthday cake:

  • Children’s Cookies — 450 gr .;
  • Cottage cheese from the dairy kitchen — 5 standard packages (50 gr.);
  • Any kefirchik — 2 jars (Bifidok, bifivit);
  • Apples or pears — 2 pcs .;
  • Bananas — 2 pcs .;
  • Sugar or icing sugar — 100 gr.

We start to prepare baby food.

Cooking cream, whip cottage cheese with one jar of yogurt in a blender and add sugar. It should turn out fluffy homogeneous mass.

We spread the first layer of biscuits on a flat dish or parchment for baking.

We moisten each cookie in kefir and place it evenly on a dish — it is better to make a rectangle, for example 3 * 4 cookies.

Next, we coat the first improvised cake with cream, cut the banana into thin slices and spread on the cream.

In a blender, however, grind apples or pears into mashed potatoes, leaving half of the fruit to decorate.

The next layer of cookies and cover it with cream and spread mashed potatoes on top.

So alternate, making 2 layers with mashed potatoes and 2 with a banana. We cover with the last layer of cookies and decorate. We cover the whole cake with cream on all sides and sprinkle it with a broken crumb from biscuits on the side of the dessert.

Top it is necessary to decorate with pieces of fruit or take the baby’s favorite fruit puree and very carefully put it on the cream.

It can turn out very interesting color at a combination of white cottage cheese and yellow peach, red cherry or dark prunes.

You can bake an ordinary cake only using products from the dairy kitchen instead of standard milk, and instead of flour, use infant formula or semolina, but the kids do not like baking too much during this period of their lives, therefore the festive cake for them should consist of their favorite products.

The only thing that can replace kefir in a cream is whipped cream. But no more than that.

Remember that this culinary masterpiece is mainly intended for the good mood of the baby, and not to satisfy the appetite of adult guests.

You should also not make separate cakes for guests and the child, since small children are very touchy at this time, and you can spoil the holiday not only for yourself, but also for him. You will have to leave the guests whom you wanted to surprise with extraordinary pastries, and soothe your own child. Sometimes it comes to the fact that you have to give a cake that is forbidden for a child so that he calms down.

Think about what is more important for you — baby or relatives and friends.

If you want something bright on your birthday, then grind that berry to which the child got used — it will give a unique color to any cream, just instead of dyes, you can use carrot juice and beets to make the cake bright. Some types of mashed potatoes are so bright and unique in color that there is no need to squeeze even juices, but mix a fruit product with curd cream and cover a cake with it.

Any experiments with color and taste should be done in advance; in a month you should start adding some puree to the curd that changes the appearance of the curd and its taste and remember that you liked the sweet tooth. Depending on this, the birthday cake will be made.

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