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Cake Football — delicious and beautiful confection!

«Football» is a bright and original cake.

Such a culinary product can be cooked in a variety of versions, different variations.

Cake «ball» — perfect for celebrating the birthday of the boy. You can also bake a pastry miracle and an adult man.

This is a bright and beautiful birthday cake, you can say, a work of art. Sometimes they just make a football, sometimes they make a field.

It all depends on imagination!

This cake is usually made with the addition of mastic. According to the principle of such a spherical delicacy, you can make a «bun», and the sun, and any other object of a round shape.

For the preparation of this culinary masterpiece you need to bake biscuits, they can be both vanilla and chocolate, it depends on your taste.

Flour — 1 tablespoon
Granulated sugar — 1 tablespoon
Eggs — 5 pieces
Vanillin — 1 year
Cocoa — 3 tablespoons
Plastic bag or cling film
Cottage cheese — 350 g
Condensed milk — 6 tablespoons
Sour cream — 400 g
Butter — 1 pack
Sugar powder — 200 g.
Apricot syrup

Cake is better to collect in a rounded bowl of the type of salad bowl in order for it to take the round shape that we need.

When the cake is assembled, cover it with cling film, you can pull off the upper cakes to have a more round shape. Then put the cake in the fridge so that it froze.

Chilled cake should be smeared with oily cream in order to make it easier to apply mastic.

To make such a cream, mix the butter and condensed milk.

The result is a delicious thick oily cream. He is just needed.

Now cook the mastic.

Marmeshou sweets melt in a water bath with butter (1 tbsp. L.), Powdered sugar (1 tbsp. L.), Water (1 tbsp. L.). It turns out a homogeneous mass, you need to add dyes to it for the best cake decor.

Ready mastic to put in the fridge for an hour.

Then remove the paste from the fridge, roll it out using a rolling pin, like dough. Cut out the soccer ball diamonds and cover your cake with them.

Below you can make green grass, so the cake will look more presentable.

Put the finished baking in the fridge for a while.

«Football» can be decorated with candles or pastry fireworks, you can put on top of the desired figure. And your creation will be just great.

In the presented recipe, I suggest making a «soccer ball» in the form of a hemisphere, but you can make a whole ball.

I offer you a way to make a cake in the form of a whole ball.

So, you need to cook and put together two hemispheres.

Take two identical salad bowls. All you need to bake 3 cakes for each salad bowl.

The first is like the bottom of a salad bowl, the smallest, the second is like its middle, and the third cake is the widest, this is the top of the salad bowl.

It is necessary to measure the required diameter and bake 6 cakes, and put 3 in each salad bowl. Cover all cakes with cream, put in salad bowls and refrigerate.

Then you need to connect the two hemispheres into a single ball.

The resulting ball must be covered with mastic. In order for all the “soccer ball” diamonds to converge, you need to think about the size of these diamonds so that they converge and turn out to be a real football.

If all measurements are correct, to collect such a pastry miracle will not be difficult. Cover the finished cake with kandurin — for glitter.

This is a special dye to add radiance and shimmer to confectionery.

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