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Cake Curly Pinscher — a variety of recipes

Each housewife has his own recipe, which many used to call the curly pincher, has recipes with berries, canned fruits and nuts, but the basic rules are the preparation and laying out of the cake. Cake pinscher is one bottom cake of the correct form and the top layer folded by a hill and filled in with sour cream.

Dog breed

Who and when called this cake a pincher is not at all clear, but you can’t take it to the breed of a dog. Small friendly and bubbly puppy, which even in adulthood remains very small and igruchim. And to say that he is curly, and quite impossible, since the breed is smooth-haired.

Apparently the person who gave the name to this cake had too much imagination. Maybe the cake was named pinscher because the pieces that make up the upper part should not be cut, but torn with your hands, as if effortlessly.

And he became curly because of his appearance. In any case, this is only a name, and the cake itself is a delicious dessert for the whole family.

Different Pincher Recipes

There are many different ways to make dough and cakes, as well as to make the filling, only one thing remains unchanged — the curly pincher is soaked only with cream of sour cream, which holds the slices of the upper layer so well and soaks them best.

The basic cake recipe is Curly Pinscher.

It will require:

  • Sour cream — 200 gr .;
  • Sugar — 150 gr .;
  • Chicken eggs — 2 pieces;
  • Top grade flour — 1.5 cups;
  • Soda — 1 tsp;
  • Cocoa powder — 2 tablespoons.
  • Sour cream — 800 gr .;
  • Sugar — 1 cup;
  • Sour cream thickener — 1 tsp;
  • Milk — 2 tablespoons;
  • Sugar — 2 tablespoons;
  • Cocoa powder — 2 tablespoons;
  • Butter — 25 gr.

As always, curly pinscher begins with making dough.

To do this, beat eggs with a sugar mixer, then add sour cream. Mix well until smooth. Next, sift the flour and soda and knead again.

The dough is almost ready, now it should be poured equally into two cups, into one of which sift the cocoa powder and knead until a uniform color.

In the basic recipe, two shortcakes are baked, which are poured into a baking dish, pre-greased with butter, like a Zebra cake, that is, a spoon of one dough, a spoon of another. You can bake one big one, which will later be cut horizontally into two parts.

But many people prefer to do all the same two cakes, as they are baked faster.

It is necessary to put the cake in the oven preheated to 180 degrees and bake each cake for 20-25 minutes. To get the cakes and leave them to cool until they get cold at room temperature, you need to prepare a cream, which is also a classic cream of sour cream.

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Beat the sour cream, which is pre-placed in a fridge in a colander with gauze, and it is good for the night glass. Beat this sour cream with a mixer, and after it becomes fluffy add sugar and beat again.

Then add a thickener sour cream and beat again. Remove the cream in the fridge for 15-20 minutes, and during this time, tear one of the cakes into small centimeters of 1.5 pieces.

Put the whole cake on the dish, fluff it with the resulting cream mass and start to spread the curly layer in a heap. To do this, dip each piece in sour cream and put a slide.

Top with all the mountain pour sour cream. Put in the fridge, and cook the icing.

Mix all the ingredients for the glaze and put on the fire, it is better to steam bath and bring to a boil, stirring constantly. After the icing boiled, immediately remove from heat and cool. Pour curly cake from the top, trying to glaze between all the bends of the cake.

Put the cake for impregnation for 2-4 hours in the fridge. After this time, call the whole family to the table and enjoy the most delicious and tender cake.

With the basic recipe, everything is clear, but where and how to add different fruits and berries, as well as nuts, which will change the pastries and give it a new taste.

For example, take the basic recipe and add to the ingredients 0.5 cups of light raisins and 0.5 cups of coarsely chopped walnuts, and replace the sugar and thickener sour cream in a cream with a jar of boiled condensed milk. We also make two cakes, only one light, and the rest of the dough is divided into two parts and bake the second cake with each tablespoon, either light or dark dough.

The cream is made by whipping sour cream, and then connecting it with boiled condensed milk.

Further almost the same as in the base cake. We put one cake, we coat it with sour cream with condensed milk, we spread nuts and raisins and form a hill of torn second cake, each layer is also flavored with raisins and nuts. Coat curly pincher with the remaining cream and pour over the glaze.

And also remove for several hours in the fridge. It takes from 2 to 4 hours to complete the impregnation.

It turns out delicious curly pincher with nuts and raisins.

There is a recipe with dried apricots, prunes and nuts.

We do the same as in the basic recipe, only after we have smeared the first cake, we lay out the finely chopped dried fruits and nuts and also put these ingredients between layers of kucheryashek. Such curly pinscher is ideal for people who love these fruits inside baking.

For this recipe, you must purchase 250 gr. each additional ingredient.

For those who love cakes a little bit sour, you can recommend a seedless cherry or currant as a layer of berries. Many do not like to boil because, firstly, a lot of sugar goes away, and secondly, there is simply no place to store a large number of cans.

Most housewives freeze the berry for the winter in special packages for freezing, then when they are removed from the freezer, the berries are one-on-one and never stick together in one big room.

For those who do not know how to freeze the berry for the cake, so as not to mess with it for several hours before freezing there is a little advice. The berry should be washed, the one with the bones, such as cherries or cherries, should be rid of the nucleoli and put on a spread sheet of baking paper for a couple of three hours. Then shift into special bags with a clasp and put them in the freezer for 2 hours, then take out, shake up all the bags quickly, sorting out the berries and then put them back into the cold.

So you need to repeat 4-5 times, in this case, when you get the package in the winter, you will be able to collect exactly as much as you need, and not to defrost the entire package.

You already know everything about the pincher with layers, you can add any fruit that you like, from fresh to canned. But there are people who do not represent their life without kitchen gadgets, for example, multicookers.

The following pintcher recipe is special for them.

Pincher from the multicooker.

To prepare you need to take the dough:

  • High-grade flour — 2 glasses;
  • Sour cream — 1 cup;
  • Sugar sand — 1 glass;
  • Condensed milk — 0.5 cans;
  • Chicken Egg — 2 pcs .;
  • Soda — 1 tsp;
  • Cocoa — 2 tablespoons.

Cream and icing, as in the basic recipe.

We start cooking by mixing all the necessary ingredients. Beat the eggs with sugar until a thick foam is formed, then pour sour cream into the egg-sugar mixture and sift the soda. Next, add condensed milk.

All thoroughly mixed. Sift the flour and in small portions add to the dough, knead all the ingredients until smooth.

Then we take out our kitchen assistant, cover the bowl with butter and pour the dough. It is necessary to pour into the bowl 1/3 of the entire test. Divide the rest into 2 halves and add cocoa to one of them.

You can do as in the usual cooking, pour 1 spoon of both, or you can tilt both cups with dough over the bowl of the slow cooker and start slowly pouring out both at once. Only in this case it will take the help of someone from the family to slowly rotate the bowl into which you pour the dough.

In this case, we obtain interesting twists and turns of dark and light.

Next, set the baking mode and 60 minutes. While our miracle assistant is baking, we make a cream of sour cream and sugar and put it in the fridge. When the multicooker signals the readiness, carefully remove the bowl, cover it with a suitable size plate and turn over the entire structure.

It is possible for this to use the pan for boiling from this technology. When the cake has cooled, carefully cut off the lower part, which remained light in thickness 1.5 — 2 cm.

Put it on a dish and spread it with sour cream. The rest of the cake cut into cubes, each of which is also dipped in cream and folded in a slide.

Pour the rest of the cream on top of the cake. Then we prepare the glaze according to the basic recipe and pour it on top of the sour cream. That’s all the cake in the slow cooker is completely ready, you only need him to soak in the refrigerator for a couple of hours and you can serve it on the table.

Thus, no more than 2 hours were spent on cooking, of which 40 minutes we waited for the cherished readiness signal to sound.

Whichever of the proposed options you choose, the family and children will be satisfied with the new culinary product of the wonderful hostess and will be asked to cook this wonderful cake in every respect.

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