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Cake Count ruins — step by step recipe with photos at home

The ruins of the county is one of the most beautiful and tasty pastries that the hostess can do with her own hands in the kitchen. For him there is no need to buy expensive and hard-to-reach ingredients, for this reason it will not be difficult or expensive to make a cake. You can find a few dozen options for how to cook the cake «Count ruins» on a step-by-step recipe with a photo at home.

But we will describe the simplest traditional version of this delicious delicacy.

I would like to note that in this recipe for the preparation of the cream will be applied sour cream. This is the best basis for such a dessert, but if it is not possible to purchase a fermented milk product, it is replaced with butter cream with condensed milk.

Since this cake is laid out in layers, the hostess can improve its taste with the help of various fruits. Canned peach or pineapple is usually used, it comes out less sweet and not so cloying.

Traditional version of the cake «Count ruins»

Ingredients for sponge cake:

  • sugar — 300 grams;
  • softened butter — 15-30 grams;
  • low-fat sour cream — 370 ml;
  • chicken eggs — 3 pieces;
  • high-grade flour — 550-570 grams;
  • cocoa powder — 50-65 grams;
  • vanilla sugar — a pair of sachets;
  • vinegar and soda — 5 grams;
  • fine salt — 2 grams.

For the cream you need:

  • high fat sour cream — 500-600 ml;
  • lemon juice — 2 large spoons;
  • powdered sugar — 170-200 grams;
  • corn starch — 15-20 grams;
  • Milk 2.5% — half a glass.

Products on the glaze:

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  • sour cream with a fat content of at least 25% — 140-160 ml;
  • cocoa powder — 40-55 grams;
  • sugar — 120-135 grams;
  • butter — 70-95 grams.

For meringues:

  • sugar — a glass;
  • chicken eggs — 4 pieces.

Tip! To get a more interesting taste of the cake, you can decorate it on top with ice cream and chopped walnuts.

If desired, diced pineapples or peaches are placed between the layers.

The process of making biscuit:

  1. To make the cake «Count ruins» on a step-by-step recipe with a photo at home, biscuit must be baked according to the rules. It is very important to follow the cooking process and follow the recipe. For this reason, the number of products is best measured with the help of scales; if at home they are not there, then a measuring cup is used. In our dough for the cake will be sour cream, it allows you to make a thin film on the surface of the biscuit. This in turn does not allow the cake to dry quickly, keeping them moist and tasty.
  2. First you need to beat the eggs, as experienced confectioners say, so that the biscuit turns out to be lush, eggs should be whipped in a water bath, this will make the biscuit itself more porous and elastic. To make the cakes tasty and airy, the eggs must be fresh enough. You can not use a product that has already been in the fridge for more than a week.
  3. It is equally important to monitor the temperature of the mass, as the steam bath can overheat the egg mixture, and eventually the eggs curl. If this happens, the beating process will have to start again. Beat eggs for no more than forty seconds, then remove the bowl from the steam bath and add the required amount of sugar to the mass. At the same time, to make the whipping process better, sugar is added in a thin stream, right during the mixer operation.
  4. The result should be a glossy, white and airy mass that has good density. It is very important that there are no sugar crystals in it. Now in the resulting composition is placed sour cream recipe and soda, which was previously quenched with vinegar. The mixture is stirred with a spatula until it becomes as homogeneous as possible.
  5. The resulting mass must be divided into two parts, since the dough will bake two different cakes, one light and the other with the addition of cocoa. Flour in the recipe divided into two equal parts, and then pour into the prepared liquid base. It is important to mix from the bottom up, so that the mixture does not settle, a certain amount of cocoa is put into one of the cups, then vanilla sugar and a gram of salt are also placed in bowls. The dough is thoroughly kneaded again, it is very important that there are no lumps of dry cocoa and flour in it.
  6. In order to bake a cake for “Grafskoye ruins” cake using a step-by-step recipe with homemade meringue photos, you need to prepare two detachable baking dishes, they must have a diameter of no more than 24 centimeters. At the bottom of the paper is laid for baking, as well as a little parchment sprinkle with oil. Dark and white dough is poured into the containers, and so that the middle of the cake does not fall off after baking, it is worth a sharp turn a couple of times on the table.
  7. Bake these cakes for at least 40 minutes at a temperature of 150-180 degrees. While the cakes will be baked, the hostess can beat the eggs with sugar, and make the resulting mass of meringue small. Since the meringue is cooked in the oven for a long time, it is better to prepare it in advance.
  8. After baking, biscuits are cooled and removed from the mold.

Cooking cream:

50 milliliters of chilled milk are taken, 15 grams of corn starch are well diluted in this quantity. Since we still have 50 ml of milk, it is poured into a small saucepan and heated on the fire.

As soon as the milk begins to boil, you can pour the drink into it, with the starch diluted in it, it is necessary to boil the milk and let it cool.

While the milk is cooling, sour cream is taken, one hundred grams of the product is put in a cold bowl and powdered sugar is added. Whisk everything is whipped until smooth, then the rest of the sour cream is put and everything is whipped with a mixer at a slow speed.

Now two big spoons of lemon juice are added to the cream, everything is mixed, and while the starch and milk is cooling, you can put the sour cream in the refrigerator. After cooling the milk, the product is combined with cream and stirred as best as possible.

Cooking Cocoa Frosting:

In our glaze, sour cream must be used, it is this product that allows you to make chocolate icing for the cake more thick. Melted butter in a water bath, then add sugar and sour cream according to the recipe, mix everything until sugar is completely dissolved.

Add cocoa powder in the mass and mix everything again. You can turn off the fire on the stove, since the icing is ready, now it should cool slightly, but not harden.

To prepare the “Count of the ruins” cake with a step-by-step recipe with photos of homemade meringue, all the ingredients have already been prepared, so you can start collecting dessert.

Putting the cake:

  1. First you need to fry the nuts and chop them, then biscuits are cut, they are cut lengthwise into two shortcakes, it turns out in the end two white and two chocolate. The chocolate cake and the white cake can also serve as the basis for the treat, so the hostess chooses it at her discretion. The base is soaked with slightly melted ice cream, and the remaining cakes are not cut into large pieces.
  2. The base is also smeared with cream, on top of it are placed the pieces of sponge cake, which are also dipped into the cream one at a time. The cake is formed in the form of a slide, on top of it is poured over with sour cream and icing, if desired, you can arrange the dessert with chopped nuts. Thus, we got a delicious cake «Count ruins» on a step-by-step recipe with a photo at home with cream of sour cream.

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